Being true to self is essential for confidence.

Spasht – means clarity…

Savi conducts SPASHT classes in Dharavi Slum in Mumbai…   her husband sells WADAPAV (poor man’s burger) and they have 2 daughters..

Rob who is researching on poverty comes to India and is specifically focusing on the trainn track slums…

He gets into those blankets to watch bootlegging taking place.. and finds Savi’s husband Damroo

Damroo ‘Sir.. will take you to my house to help you understand what is poverty’

Rob visits his home

Damroo ‘10000 i earn.. 2000 i have to give to goons to ensure i do not get disturbed.. 1500 about to higher ups and then 6500 i have.. so my kids go to municipal school.. and then basic costs for making vada pav around 4000..  am left with 2500. My wife has started some SPASHT but not sure how it will work..’

Savi offers tea to Rob

Rob takes some photographs..

Savi ‘Spasht means clarity…  in 2500, i have groceries for 1000, milk another 600, vegetables around 200 and then.. am saving for my kid’s education’

Rob ‘don’t you feel insecure…’

Savi ‘we are used to all this.. uncleanliness, train hazards.. our kids have got used to the noise and they know how to safeguard themselves’

Rob ‘am using a tool.. a translator and hopefully am understanding what you guys saying”

Savi ‘SPASHT will bring clarity to people on their day-to-day lives..









Am planning to track this for families and then begin focusing on how to improve income and minimize expense

Rob is excited with this…

Rob ‘Cool… I have a research fund of US$10000, am willing to put around 10000 bucks in your currency for this goal’

Savi is happy…

Damroo ‘Sir.. my liquor expense is around 1000 per month.. I get 11000.. i hide 1000 from Savi’

Savi ‘so hope you getting clarity on poor person’s living conditions in slums’

Rob ‘it is amazing country.. it has people with great tolerance power’




Solomon decides to focus on his family business of trading even after being a gold medalist in environment conversation…. till one day life takes a new turn…

Max ‘it is the 3rd year now and no rains.. absolutely no water respite’

Solomon asks Max to accompany him to his farm house

2 days later Solomon takes Max and to his surprise Max finds full greenery, water too available…

Max ‘what is this.. am surprised..’

Solomon ‘Plant trees which can have deep roots.. not the frivolous ones..”

Solomon ‘Am a mulching expert… can help you do that’

Max ‘now I realize what you do in free time’

Solomon ‘Pursuing dream begins with identifying pain points… as a child I would see such drought conditions too often and farmers vulnerable.. so decided to focus on drought remedies and over period of time also provide drought relief team to various countries..’

Max ‘cool…. a social entrepreneur you are’

Solomon ‘not sure.. but it did support at least 20 country drought situations’

Solomon ‘Startups need to address pain points and not ME TOO approach’


Success Myth

Clover is an Ace Business Man who has a track record of creating startups and selling same at higher value in span of 20 to 48 months, thereby generating huge money for self.

In one of his visits to farthest land Fiji, he comes across a group of farmers..

Clover ‘Why is it so underdeveloped?’

Farmer ‘we are contended, and may be never aspired for more’

Clover ‘but when will your family grow?

Farmer ‘they will also plough fields.. our success lies in getting meal per day’

Clover feels something is missing somewhere

He returns back to US but his mind is stuck with a thought

Success for few is just 2 meals per day and for some being seen on TV, for few being billionaires and few being peaceful..

what exactly is success?

Is it just a perception in human mind.. same holds true for failure..

what happens to money piled on our banks?

does it give self a sense of security or is it a parameter of success.

two days later, Clover creates a social entrepreneur startup


the objective is to provide 2 square meal to needy.. Anyone can donate $5 for same.  As soon at the donation reaches US$50 points, the resource who donated would get a discount of 50$ in any shopping mall.

Clover is on his way to make a social impact… He feels he should do it..

and again when asked by media

Media Personnel ”what impact will this venture make

Clover ”I can millions or billions.. but I realize success is measurable but parameters could be different. It may need to be measured by my smile’

Çlover flashes his smile..

Clover ”trust me.. all who smile wholeheartedly without thinking of money or greed of anything.. who smile always in hardship or victory.. they are clear that success is a myth.. an imagination.. nothing else’

Clover is congratulated for his new venture by his peers



A festival is celebrated for a reason.
A birthday is celebrated for a reason
A party is given for a reason
What about an individual who believes in giving party for no reason…
Sam loved giving parties. His startup GELLWITHALL has been doing well. What is missing in his life is some good companion…
Sam meets Madhuri a bright researcher from India in one of party. She has tagged Susan the high profile socielite.
Madhuri ‘why do you squander money’
Sam ‘do you know in each of these parties, there are opportunities for networking, business deals..’
Madhuri ‘I feel.. without a purpose, life is meaningless’
Sam sighs..
Sam ‘an ageing bull with no cow at sight’
Madhuri smiles..
Madhuri ‘do you know that victory is sense of achievement. I see you look proud of your achievements in giving party.. I see you feel that you have won a battle’
Sam ‘sort of.. but till date never found an avid observer like you’
Madhuri ‘victory of good over evil.. why don’t you create this theme party?’
Sam ‘this is absurd.. it means someone will be in bad group.. some in good’
Madhuri ‘you have a vice.. i have.. no one is perfect.. why cannot we pledge to leave one vice every year?’
Sam ‘common sheer madness..’
Sam announces an attention..
Sam ‘ladies and gentlemen.. are you open to pledge giving up a vice and stay in control for 2 weeks?’
All wonder..and burst out laughing..
Rob ‘no parties for 2 week’
Sam ‘that is not done.. vice means smoking, drinking, bad mouthing, witch hunt, sitting idle, sleeping late, waking late and so on’
Madhuri ‘let us jot down a list now of all volunteers participating in this’
Soon they have 20 participants..
2 weeks latter
Madhuri is looking gorgeous
Sam ‘Madhuri.. 20 years age difference between us’
Madhuri smiles..
Sam ‘so.. what is the result.. who stayed in control. who didn’t.. need honest answers’
Madhuri soon finds 5 of 20 participants stayed in control..
Sam ‘great.. so let us have another milestone for next party..’
Madhuri ‘Sam.. am a social entrepreneur and this is an experential learning’
Sam ‘Madhuri.. you were silent on me informing the age gap’
Madhuri ‘not yet ready for any type of relation.. had bad parenting.. so’
Sam ‘but we can be good friends?’
Madhuri ‘hope so.. victory over emotions too is important to evolve as good human’
Sam ‘you are too serious’
Madhuri burst laughing..
Madhuri ‘never spill the bean of secrecy if you wish to conquer the world..’
Sam ‘like good old age.. when wars would come unannounced’
Madhuri ‘yes.. to win a lady’s heart.. a man should be a good gentleman for good old 20 years’
Sam ‘common.. i would be 65 then’
Madhuri ‘but you forget that i will be your friend for 20 years.. is it not victory?’
Sam smiles..and says cheers and gets to dancing floor and dances with Madhuri.


Sam meets Ravina in one of the parties and finds her ravishing.

Sam ‘Ravina.. you look good and very warm.. what is the secret?’

Ravina ‘be clean in heart and think good.’ she flashes her smile and leaves for her home..

Sam catches a common friend Liro and questions about Ravina

Sam ‘She seems too reluctant to be my friend’

Liro ‘Sometimes when we reach out to some one too directly.. they feel there could be a purpose’

Sam ‘means?’

Liro ‘there are many admirers for beautiful faces and they get tired listening to these compliments’

Sam ‘yes’

Liro ‘what special thing you can do to make her notice you?’

Sam pauses..

Next day Sam flashes in news paper an advertisement

‘Best smile contest.. the winner will need to pursue a social cause and be brand ambassador for a child cause’ in association with World’s reputed child care agency

Sam ‘Liro.. have circulated pamphlets to all the ones in party’

Sam gets a call from Ravina

Ravina ‘can i participate?’

Sam ‘Sure.. why not?’

Ravina and over 100 girls participate… registration is free so the response gets good…

and Ravina surprisingly looses the contest and Anne wins the same…

Ravina is sad…

Sam ‘hey.. why you feel so sad.. It was not in my hand’

Ravina ‘do you know my 6 year old kid is reluctant to be with me because she feels I don’t take care of her and my mother in law takes care of her well’

Sam looks surprised

Ravina ‘career going ladies face this problem. Sometimes the kids kept in day care schools and so on and then the bonding diminishes’

Sam ‘how it correlates to this competition?’

Ravina ‘ i wanted to start a mother-child bonding school ‘

Sam ‘this is really good cause’

Anne over hears Ravina

Anne ‘let me talk to sponsors and I feel this is good cause’

Ravina ‘in life money is important, family too but all mothers will aspire their kid to be bonded to them.. fathers too have similar issues’

Sam ‘let us have this as family bonding cause’

Anne ‘great…will share this news with my PASSION Buddy’

Sam ‘who is it?’

Anne ‘the one who creates stories.. to tell.. ‘

Sam ‘are those real?’

Anne ‘fiction.. but so what.. he is my buddy and thinks and conceives the stories after great research’

Ravina ‘great… will he invest?’

Anne smiles

Anne ‘he will.. one day for all such causes.. but till then.. let us build our traction first.. lets get going’

Sam ‘Anne.. what made you join this contest?’

Anne ‘i thought it would be good to work with a reputed brand for a social cause and now I met up a mother who loves her daughter.. good to see such love.and binding’


Joe ‘Profit is Revenue – Cost’

Nancy ‘Profit is Love – Hate’

Sam ‘Profit is Knowledge – Education’

Their social entrepreneur lead Rahul who is leading the Profit Perception Program addresses the 3 students in their group viva

Rahul ‘Why did you think of different answers?’

Nancy ‘Because helping society needs PASSION and it needs selfless love for the purpose and hate the impediments which cause barrier to meet the cause. One should not keep raving and ranting that change should happen. We should be the hange facilitator. ‘

Nancy ‘Profit is to use our education properly and gain knowledge and use that to solve the problem’

Joe  ‘keep close tab on costs and also ensure each cause becomes self sustained activity. that is the real commercial profit’

Rahul ‘Am happy and impressed.. all of you pass the viva for Social Entrepreneurship studies’

Rahul ‘the purpose of joining charity is to help people or a cause but most important to have it self sustained not through grants but social businesses’


Small Relations Big Meanings

Philip is a relation builder and his venture is around the same..

Philip gets an assignment in Lobo’s house to unite the family. It is given by Lobo’s elder daughter Maria

Philip visits the family…

Lobo ‘who called you here?’

Philip ‘m friend of Maria’

Lobo ‘Is it the 7th person.’ and begins grinning

Lobo ‘She has so many boy friends.. I lost track’

Philip ‘She looks after your family. Please respect her as person and she is your daughter’

Lobo’s wife Jane comes in..

Jane ‘you look handsome.. Are you Maria’s boy friend?’

Philip smiles..

Philip ‘want to give you one message’

Till then 4 more sisters come in…and look at Philip and he finds 2 more brothers coming from sports and tagged by 2 dogs

Philip ‘what is your latest worry?’

All begin narrating their woes ‘I want to give fees, i want to join sports, I want to be model and so on’

Philip ‘just be silent and listen to me’

Philip ‘sometimes in life we make some one scape goat in our family to take care of small relations like interacting with house maids, property matter, utility service etc and then.. one day you realize that person becomes indispensable to us’

Maria smiles..

Philip ‘who is your family decision maker’

All look at Maria

Philip ‘take ownership of responsibilities. She is grown. Awaiting her match.. Am not her match.. She has a need too. If it 6th of 7th friend with whom she is be it’

All feel a guilt..

Philip ‘relation builder.. my project.. you too can contribute.. I unite families.. charge 100 bucks and eventually when my team grows.. I will refer families to volunteers and will just take 20 buck as commission’

Philip “Small relations have bigger meanings. Whether it is in business or family of friends.. never be in touch with only key resources.. build friendship and love for all around.. and see the miracle’

All smiles

Lobo ‘Boy.. Are you single? do you love Maria’

Philip smiles ‘I am in love with so many.. but am not Maria’s cup of tea.. leave her alone.. She loves Joseph.. and he is waiting for her’

Philip leaves from the family and while in metro., he remembers how is entire family left him when he got bankrupt (Wife, Kids..and even his pet dog who preferred to stay with his ex wife’

Philip smiles and looks at sky ‘Is love or unity really required these day.. real ones? everything is available virtually’

A pop comes from whatsup “Hi dear.. I want to kiss you’

Philip smiles at the message… ;and responds ‘Virtual life creates so many small relations and each of those may be virtual but somewhere love exists,. care exists. feeling exists.. without repentance’. How you define boundaries, that makes friendship a success’

Pop comes a message ‘don’t give lecture.. i want to kiss you’

Philip ‘Most welcome’

A kiss icon returns back