Money Runs

Money runs

The run for valuation,

The run for profit

Engaging customers

All those pitches

Investors galore

Show me the money

Show me the painpoint

Is this a solution?

B2C or B2B

No B2G or C2G or G2C

Show me the money

Losses mount

Fund it further

Improve your value

Celebrate a success

Show me as Unicorn

Talk the hype

Hype the story

More the comments

More the likes

Show me the money

Pressures around

Penalties around

Oppositions galore

More the trouble

Show me your patience

(Startup and Entrepreneurs need to have the patience and courage to fight all types of struggles. The ambition was yours, the passion too, success too so why not accept failures and still live a longer and again revive as after all dark tunnel, light will come and even if light will not come, you can again move back from the darkness in same path till you again come back to some light, back to square one and again start afresh. Happy friendship day..

Winning Edge

Maria ‘I am just fedup of this whole rigomore of politics. Just want to exit party as I feel am not capable of handling it more.. The recent defeat’

Nancy.. an ace political advisor ‘dear.. the opposition focused on nationalism and won’

Maria ‘is caste, color, creed, religion still playing role for votes’

Nancy ‘unfortunately it does.. and then the employment of our own citizens’

Bob the opposition party lead calls up Maria

Bob ‘Maria.. agreed we both have different political view.. but please come for celebrating my victory’

Maria puts the phone down.. as she remembers her past

Maria was a good writer, a blogger, a journalist deeply in love with Bob till one day Bob decides to be spokesman of an upcoming political party. Maria feels this is not right for him.. Both have difference of opinion and she seperates from him only to find herself getting an offer from a major party to be their PR. Soon because of her strong writing, content.. she becomes party leader and though Bob keeps loving her till date, still because of ideology difference..

Maria wipes her tears and attends Bob’s winning party

Bob ‘Maria.. how much I knew you would come’

Maria ‘have put up my papers’

Bob ‘what.. just a mere defeat and you moved away’

Maria ‘I am still trying to figure out.. what I wish to do in life. ‘

Bob ‘why don’t we unite’

Maria ‘our ideologies differ’

Bob ‘winning edge dear.. may be internally we both may be having same views’

Maria ‘seriously.. why all this’

Bob ‘look at the perks available to be a politician… never we can get as common citizen’

Maria ‘Bob… is it the only reason you have become a Minister’

Bob ‘Maria… am always there for you… enjoy the party’

3 months later

Bob ‘Maria.. you never told me .. you made an app to resolve issues of people’

Maria ‘it is funded venture..’

Bob ‘I can easily acquire your venture’

Maria ‘not possible.. it is funded by the major party

Bob ‘common.. 1 million downloads and 50000 problems solved..’

Maria ‘you too solve problems’

Bob ‘you know it is so busy.. have to keep traveling overseas’

Maria ‘political intention towards people most import.. good bye’


Me too is a concept, where in we imitate an object / objective as it is a proven model. It gives us sense of pleasure, security and feeling of togetherness. What happens when a Me too individual begins bring in differentiators?

Soon the group feeling is gone, now there is a spirit of competition. Again the left group get into Me too mode and begin building the same features…

The same Me too goes for a toss if someone wishes to really do something unique which is not yet proven.. Here the Me too becomes You only.. and only you need to prove that your solution is unique.. It can be tiring, real hard to convince group of people that you are doing things right. It could be like breaking head against wall.

The moment the solution begins getting accepted, there will again be multiple Me Toos emerging saying ”we all along knew this would work.. we knew this would fail.. we always cautioned… we always cared and so on”

So it is our choice …. should we be ME TOO or should we be the first innovator of any crazy thought to convert that thought to a reality.’


Sony loves collecting ideas and which better way then to use standard survey questionnaire method…

In her survey campaign she comes across James a journalist

Sony ‘James… is there a way by which I can collect 10000 ideas in a single day’

James ‘Simple..  Put a problem statement and ask solutions.. Best solution gets 10000 provided the resource gives a workable solution and can demonstrate the solution’

Sony ‘cool. my problem statement is as follows’

How to complete any project within time and budget with a guaranteed success?’



She came on her own to express her problem

She expressed that it does not have solution..

He expressed that any problem can have a solution.

She responded ‘How?’

He asked her the problem statement

She responded ‘I cannot cope with failure’

He responded ‘failures are nothing but proofs that you actually attempted it.. ‘

She remained silent

He responded ‘just attempt and then keep attempting.. and stop worrying of counts.. enjoy the process of attempts’


Next term

Sam ‘am fed up of giving that paper.. failed 5th time.. is there a solution to get a degree’

Jignesh ‘:) 5th year.. going strong… no solution.. just doesn’t go inside my head’

Mani ‘this is going to not end.. am dropping out of college if I again flunk exam’

Nancy ‘you guys are lucky.. as your parents are there to support. for me in California, here in LA.. I will have no options but to commit suicide if I flunk.. my parents have taken huge loan’

Professor Gib is hearing these conversations sitting on other side of garden seat..

Gib goes near their sit..

Gib ‘Hello.. why do not you guys utilize time and start something of your own’

Nancy ‘we are failed entities.. almost gone’

Gib ‘you may have one common thread’

Nancy ‘friendship’

Gib ‘make a friendship barometer which will put various episodes of your life and how you folks were with each other in thick and thin and get going’

Jignesh ‘cool..  but who will do it.. None know coding.. we are extremely pathetic’

Gib ‘draw a story board.. what all the barometer needs and then get going’

All of them get in serious discussions and realize that emotion quotient is most important for being friends..

They rush to Gib and ask one question

‘Why do we fail Sir.. Always? we feel we will not be able to work on this project too’

Gib ‘do you know why you fail?’

All echo ‘Why?’

Gib ‘you do not like to attempt.. you feel lazy to think.. you do not like what you are doing and then… all will remain failed creatures’

Jignesh ‘Any solution?’

Gib ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK feels Dream alone can make a human begin probing and Reality of life will make a person innovating…  so begin probing self as to what you lack and innovate self…  Do not mug entire paper.. attempt to get only 50. Learn 5 chapters out of 10.. perfectly.. and think of getting 60 marks.. you are sure to get 45 at least’

All ponder

6 months latter

Nancy ‘where is Gib Sir.. Want to thank him.. this time I passed..’

All ‘yes we too… where is he.. he gave an important lesson of life..

aim for only what you can do.. if you really feel incapable and get going.. you will get a clear road ahead’



Fragile Mind

Louis ‘even after being in college for so many years.. I get confused at times in class.. teaching to bunch of intelligent students’

Mark ‘class preparation most important for teaching’

Louis ‘why do we tend to get confused?’

Mark ‘as a psychology teacher.. I can inform you..  what we wish in our mind and heart.. we only follow that..  no mater who pursues you in your decision making process.. it is your mind and heart which took decision.. so do not hold some one else responsible for your mistakes’

Louis ‘you are getting serious Mark.. agreed we split 2 years back.. but it was because you were confused with life’

Mark ‘do you know the embarrassment of calling it quits in same college.. bunch of common group friends… ..  you just walked away because you felt I was seeing Julie.. the teacher who left college way back’

Louis ‘enough.. next session class begins.. am going to class

After Louis goes..

Mark murmurs ‘is there any solution for a person who has fragile mind ?’

Lord Buddha is smiling peacefully.. in one of beautiful frame..

Louis returns back from her session

Louis ‘let us both do meditation.. I guess that is the only solution’

Mark ‘you are mad.. hence I split from you’

Louis ‘you are weird.. hence I split from you’

Both are meditating awaiting some strength to their fragile mind.