Love forgives all but self

Love forgives all but self

Humans as such may fall in love with many things at same time but as the heart has to choose and leave some.. feelings of sorrow begin.. we do not wish to forgive self for not choosing the best if we realize what we chose was not the best.

Feeling Love

Smiling Love

Love rains feelings

Feelings flood Heart

Enjoy being with beloved who care for you in rainy days..



My Diary

My Diary

Opens up with a blank page

Ends with a filled page

Memories and Events

My Diary

Opens up with an empty heart

Ends will a filled heart.

Happiness and Sorrows

Love and Hate

My Diary

captures those innocence

captures those get together

captures love

all in form of photos

videos galore

My Diary

has a small little page

for you my sweetheart

as all sweethearts love

reading diaries of

their beloved.

Little Joy Little Sorrow More Joy More Sorrow

Love is beautiful till a sense of independence comes in.

It was just so beautiful for Jane a few months back when she would delightfully enjoy the candle light dinners with her husband Peter.. and one day Peter had to visit Hong Kong.  It was a painful separation as Jane and had never been separated out of her husband for many years and Peter being a co founder of a startup with base in Hong Kong had no other option but to be with his team as the start up had to raise more funds..

A few years ago, Peter was a mechanical engineer who specialized in robotics and would create miniature equipment to crop the grasses.  He then got attracted to a concept of using robotics to manage the entire irrigation process.  He got seed funding and here was in Hongkong with his team and he got surprised when he saw Li Na, an electro magnetic expert who not only looked beautiful but was like a magnet who could hold conversations and draw technology road map in one go.

Peter was surprised. He got attracted to her..  Here he had the joy of getting a good US$1M funding and at same he was more then happy to be near Li Na..

Peter ‘Li Na.. what is your family background’

Li Na looks at Peter with surprise

Li Na ‘Oh don’t ask about them.. I have a weird one.. Both my parents married of to some one else…  so all alone’

Peter ‘Single?’

Li Na begins giggling

Li Na ‘Why this question? Did you visit Hong Kong?’

Peter ‘Got busy with you guys.. and back my wife, she pines for me and waits for Skype’

Li Na ‘Oh I see… good lucks’

Next day…

Peter ‘Li Na will you take me around Hong Kong this weekend’

Li Na ‘Cool.. hope your wife gives you a holiday.. and begins laughing’

Peter enjoys the weekend visiting various places with Lina…

Night time…

Jane ‘Hey was waiting for you quite a long time.. love you too much’

She sees a delayed response

Jane ‘What is the matter? ‘

Again no response..

Jane ‘Peter.. hope all fine’

Peter ‘Yes.. All fine.. Chinese have a warm culture.. I enjoy being in Hong Kong’

Jane ‘Please take me too’

Peter ‘Hey plan to sleep’

Jane ‘I see a change in you Peter’

Peter ‘Not really.. too tired’

Next day

Peter ‘Thanks Li Na for a great weekend.. I guess we both are connected’

Li Na ‘Why you think so?’

Peter ‘Mere presence of you around.. it brings aroma of freshness’

Li Na ‘Oh really.. and what about your wife?’

Peter ‘She is also sweet.. Am in flux’

Li Na ‘What is it?’

Peter ‘Lets discuss dinner.. Can we have one?’

Li Na and Peter at a restaurant..

Peter  ‘Li Na.. have gone restless. Keep thinking of you.. Hope am not in love with you’

Li Na begins laughing

Li Na ‘Am the loveable lass whom every body loves’

Peter holds Li Na’s hand..

Peter ‘Am serious.. can we attempt a relation..’

Li Na ‘It is incorrect.. you have a wife’

Peter hugs Li Na..

Li Na is all red

Li Na ‘Peter.. please.. don’t make me fall in love with you’

Peter ‘Li Na.. is there a way to marry you here’

Li Na ‘Don’t ever understand how you guys think..  Out there your wife pines for you and here you are willing to give her more sorrow for your more joy’

Peter ‘You are mistaking me’

Li Na ‘Let us stop it right away.. Thought of you only as a friend.. I do like you as person, respect you too.. but and a big but..   I don’t mind having little joy and little sorrow’

The little joy is that we shared some good moments.. and the little sorrow is that I may be maintaining a safe distance from you from today..

Same night.. Jane is waiting for Peter

Jane ‘Peter where have you been.. am missing you.. Do you know I actually took all our marriage photos and realized you look so handsome. I have fallen in love with you again more then ever..

Peter ‘What is so special about me.. Why you love me so much?’

Jane ‘I trust you.. I know you will never leave me ever..’

Peter ‘Is that trust never breakable’

Jane ‘God is kind to me.. Am sure it will never break.. A good news to you.. After many years.. suddenly I felt a vomiting sensation..’

Peter ‘What??? You say it is good news?’

Jane ‘Do you know the last trip a month back.. lol both of us were in great romantic mood’

Peter ‘Baby???’

Jane ‘Yes’

Peter ‘Jane I am delighted.. the bundle of joy which will come will be enough for me to balance our life all over again’

Jane ‘Did I get imbalanced?’

Peter “Not really.. you love god and god loves you.. so how can it ever get imbalanced’

Jane ‘I love you too much’

Peter ‘me too. I realize that there is something beyond a body which holds people together.. that is a pure heart and mind..’



















































Rainy day

Rainy day it was

Moist and Wet

The drop of tears

intermingling rain drops

Love was beautiful

on that sunny day

the seasons changed

and in the chilly wind

the emotions frosted

cold and hard

on that winter day

a news came..

all is over

the chapter is closed

Rainy day it was..

the drenched heart

the wrenched mind…

the soul probed

was it love

was it lust

why it happened..

on that sunny day

was mind so fickle

that in three seasons

heart got shattered

the rains stopped

a flash light glared

oh my beloved..

returned back..

to hold my hand…

the rainy day

made my day

Heart happier


“If you love someone set it free, if it returns back, it is yours else it was never meant for you”

Weapon of Tears

“Sorry Sir. I wont repeat the mistake again”

“I forgot to add the total in the excel sheet. Sorry Madam for making this mistake, I will ensure it never happens again”

“Sorry Please pardon me. I am really sorry to have behaved this way last night”

“I want to share a secret but promise you will forgive me. I had a small affair with my secretary”

“Sorry Papa. I didn’t go to school today”

“Sorry to hurt your feelings. I realized I made a mistake”

“Sorry.. Extremely sorry to have ignored you”

“Sorry..i made a mistake, the business will never grow. I realized it. I wish to shut the business down”

Now a poem..


Teary Teary Eyes

Wiping it all along

Crying all the way

Oh baby what happened

Smiling a bit

Crying a bit

whispering in my ears

Crocodile tears

Don’t worry not so real

Crying Crying Now

Me too Crying

She too Crying

Comes a teacher

What happened

Whisper in her ear

We bunked the class

to see your friend

teacher Sirow

Drop of tears

Teacher crying

crying crying

reaching principal

Sir Sir want a holiday

what for what for

To see Sirow

Crying Crying

coming out

calling Boyfriend

Got an holiday

Got an holiday

Let us picnic


Am not trying to say all tears are false :). This is just a humor.

However sometimes tears prove too costly.

In friendship no thank you no sorry

In business no thank you no sorry

Give and Take

Take and Give

Ignore Weapon of Tears if possible.


Cloud which failed to give rain

It was humid, sultry and the cloud over me; was hoping it rained but after a while the cloud moved away and rain never reached me or my city.

In our life we aspire a clean journey and in n number of occasions we see a cloudy atmosphere where we wish the outcome is known and we come out of that atmosphere at the earliest. However nothing happens and you also find the atmosphere clearing by itself.

Did you come across a troubling time in your life? Am sure all did. So have patience and wait for the right time.

Sometimes the cloud may not also give any outcome or result but till the period the cloud exists; you will remain restless.

So relax and wait till you get a clear signal by the unknown.  Don’t get depressed and dejected.


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