Pause your Life once in a While

Pause your life once in a while

Live your life way you wish once in a while.

Why be in rat race, if we are not a rat

Why be in cat fights, if we are not a cat

Why be in street fights, if we are not a goon

Why be in politics, if we are not a politician

Pause your life once in a while

The fresh breeze of air

The soft brown mud waits for you

Enjoy those walks and stop worrying about life

once in a while

Enjoy those moments once in while

busy birds as we are, life is not a train

which necessarily moves to one destination,

our soul and speed of thought moves

faster then what we really do

so pause a life once in a while

and then move in life the way you wish

Life doesn’t create fuss

we create fuss with our own lives.

Smart City

Smart City creators

1) An intelligent bus which will never collide with any vehicle

2) A vehicle which will never go beyond speed levels

3) A toilet available ever 200 meters with ecofriendly lighting and an inbuilt security and e-ticket to avail the service

4) More noise coming out of the society.. an auto alarm voice being heard ‘control noise.. control noise’

5) An organic compost creator in each house to recycle wet waste

6) A 5 minute signal for crossing the road (not seen in any developing country or not in use)

7) A centralized health record system for tracking your health history..

the list goes on an on as many entrepreneurs getting into creating smart cities

Magician Speed

Troy is a magician by profession. His wife Jenny hates him for the same.. Reasons ‘many a time when she is cooking, he would tend to have the knives or spoons disappear. Her son Joy too is learning magic.

Troy ‘why you still stay with me?’

Jenny ‘because of Joy’

Troy ‘Am about to perform one of the breath taking magic.. going under the train’

Jenny gets terrified

Jenny ‘Troy .. please don’t do stunts.. think of Joy what happens to him ‘

Troy ‘dear.. relax.. nothing will happen’

On the event day.. there are over 100 participants watching the show.. each have paid US$500 ticket..

On track of Boston – New York.. a high speed train is coming…. Troy lies straight…and all get fully tensed..

As the train moves over Troy…. with great speed.. all shriek….

Troy has disappeared….

For 5 minutes there is pin drop silence…and all feel the game has ended and the Troy has vanished..

Soon from behind a 10 feet giant comes and shrieks ‘TROY RETURNS BACK AGAIN’

Huge cry all over.. and the audience is frightened

Troy removes the mask.. and there is a huge clap…

Troy returns home.. and finds no one in house…

Troy ‘Jenny where are you… where is Joy…’

Pin drop silence…

Troy goes to bedroom and is shocked… His wife and kid are lying dead…

Troy reads the letter

‘Magician Speed cannot be matched by anyone but the magician itself.. I am fed up of living life of uncertainty and could never really cope up with your profession. I tried to warn you, explicitly tell you that I hate magics but you are obsessed and I don’t want my kid to lead same life.. so we are leaving as a magic to you.. I am sole responsible for my and my son and my husband Troy should not be punished’

Troy bursts out in tears ‘A magician – an entrepreneur or a small time business.. Never understood my magic would cause my family to perish.. and as he is tears.. he suddenly finds the bodies disappear

Troy is shocked….

and from behind both Jenny and Joy come and shake Troy

Troy shrieks

Joy ‘Dad.. how was my magic?  I wanted to teach mom magic so had this trick accomplished’

Troy ‘for a moment i thought my life had sunk.. I realized we should not do magics which may be too dangerous for self or family’

Jenny ‘good you realized… what is your next magic?’

Troy ‘Bringing water from a barren land?’

Jenny ‘Interesting.. will it really work?’

Troy ‘Wait for the show dear… and hugs his wife and kid

Traffic Signal Truths

Joy and Mary were in their 4th year of marriage. Both had established a protocol to discuss at least for 10 minutes on diversified topics to build their knowledge. Today’s topic is Traffic Signal’

Joy ‘This whole thought of green signal amuses me. Why should some one else get green signal and I wait patiently during red signal’

Mary his wife ‘Red signal makes us learn patience but I hate when we zoom fast again trying to speed up to get continuous green signals and finally just one screeching brake.. Why so much hurry?’

Joy ‘At this late night, we decided to converse today on traffic signal. This habit of ours to discuss on diversified topics is helpful for us to clear life perspective’

Mary ‘Yellow signal gives us a pause, but it happens so suddenly that we need to realize self that we have press our brakes’

Joy ‘All wish the red signal to be of lesser duration and green for larger duration.. But we never realize that god gave us all these colors to be used fully and evenly and balance life and not focus only on specific color for too long’

Next morning Joy is in his car rushing to office. He see’s a green signal but suddenly finds a very beautiful girl crossing the road.. He puts the break.. and looks upward ‘Sometimes for good reasons we need to pause too. The girl flashes a million dollar smile and thanks Joy

Joy returns home and hugs Mary and murmurs ‘I still remember that beautiful face?’

Mary ‘Who?’

Joy ‘She just came in front of my car and.. i had to put brakes.’

Mary ‘I love you for being true to me in this relation’

Joy ‘It is better to be truthful then to be faithful in any circumstances of life as faith brings in trust and truth and trust both contain ‘TRU’


Nancy ‘if i goof up today, i will need to optimize self for better management’

Freida ‘Means?’

Nancy “Am bad at time management. Spend 10 minutes talking away with friends when I have breakfast leading to delay in reaching office”

Freida “Me too around 10 minutes keep interacting during tea time and lunch”

Enters Rob who is the founder of this startup where Nancy and Freida overhears the interaction…

Rob ‘Dear friends… it is not important to count your time but what productivity you give in time spent”

Rob “Productivity = total time spent / work efforts executed.. Optimization is have lesser resources used and improve the productivity”

Nancy “Fine tuning work to reduce cycle time is also optimization”

Clarity in Chosen Path

Life is a circular much like the earth or is it a network diagram where you have various options to choose and finally you reach your destination? 

Logically it should be a network diagram.

So initial early days, you are being guided to choose the path by your parents or guardians or teachers and now you realize the other path looks rosy or better choice for you.

How do you jump from 1 track to other? Thumb rules of network diagram, you cannot jump without reaching the node and then connecting through that node to the track you wish to move on.

Let us take a simple example

I travelled to be an IT professional and mid way realized I could do better in Film Industry and so chose to reach to the node where I completed all my formalities with the company as well as mitigated a few personal risks and then decided to take the risk to divert from that track to reach the track where all creative folks are travelling to reach some destination. Hip Hip Hurray, I moved on to that track..

                                                        IT track

      Guardian track           ————————————————                                  



                                                       Film Track

but now midway I realized, I could still remain in IT industry and also in Film Industry.. Is it possible?  Balancing on two tracks?

That is possible only if you become too competent in one track and that track itself decides to sustain you but you are tilting towards film track.  Technically not possible.

Moral of the Story: Don’t try to balance too much as there will always be imbalance. Perfection to move on two tracks simultaneously comes with experience and after lots of falling and coming up again to move on the track.

Network diagrams are used in Project Management to understand critical path (Path which takes longest time to reach your goal)

The more you shift from one focus to other, the more your path is getting longer. You are in critical path.

We are a single train and not two trains who can move on two different track simultaneously, hence we need someone besides you, someone who understands your speed, balances and then both of you traveling in two different tracks and still appearing as one and reaching out to common goal.