Have I stopped writing stories?

No…  the last few months have been busy as had been through a tunnel for a focused cause..

Setting up entrepreneur varsity within colleges.. Largely 2 and 3 tier ones as the tier 1 college/universities really get all sorts of support.

The whole focus is on collaborating with all stake holders and giving small equity to each contributors for any startup emerging out…

What exactly is PASSION all about?

It is about giving whatsoever we have and making the other person or team confident. It is not the regular escape from reality and be in some Ashram, meditating or discussing philosophy or advocating love and romance freely but rather it is all about channelizing all your energies for a cause.. a passion for that cause..

The framework started off as an article, then a venture, subsequently a process framework till I realized only theories and practicals can just get boring, so began experimenting and writing entrepreneurship stories.. pure fictional.. not related to any dead or alive… and it got excellent responses..

So will surely begin writing hopefully entertaining stories  soon…




Stories of life

Nancy ”Stories of life is a beginning of expressing self freely…  multiple websites allow such expressions, however the unique point is”

Joy ”it is all about confessing what mistakes we committed in life and lessons learnt from it”

Fred the investor ”what is the revenue model?”

Joy ”each person makes a mistake in life..  a 0.001 cent for each lesson learnt”

Investor ”why you feel… a reader will be interested in getting into this site”

Fred ”only because… these mistakes will be expressed by very senior big wigs”

Investor ”not convinced yet.. but do begin with this idea.. and reach out to me after 1 month”

After a month

Investor ”so how many logged in”

Fred ”100”

Investo çan I see?

Fred puts it on projector

Investor is shocked

Fred ”your wife felt she made a mistake marrying you as you stopped caring for her way back.. and lessons learnt was to never marry in haste”

Investor ”common.. why you reached to my wife?

Nancy ”Sir.. no better way then to explain the impact to you”

Investor pauses and says ”still am not funding you”

In evening..

Investor reaches home and takes his wife for dinner

Investor ”do you really feel you married in haste”

Wife ýes..”

Investor hugs his wife

Wife ”why this sudden flush of love?”

Investor ”I realized that stories of life if read back, can bring in new changes to our own thought process”



Sabse bada dollar?

Once upon a time, there was this movie Sabse Bada Rupaiyyah (Money comes at top) and an entertaining story…

but how is Dollar relevant today?

Joy ”Pound is better.. more amount we get in India”

Samuel “Do you know dollar.. many CA”s actually collect dollars as hobbies in hope one day dollar will reach 100 rupee and they make a great killing”

Mark dear friend of Samuel ”I am most of time glued to monitor to check where rupee depriciates and I transfer money.. even cent savings is important”

Harry “Me too not investing these days as rupee seems to appreciate.. good lucks.. let us wait for $ to rise”

Munna “What is big deal… what rises will fall down.. what falls will rise.. or will not rise again”

James “Human values if it falls below.. then”

Munna ”will rise again..  when no money exists, love exists.. and when money exists, love doesn’t”

Elisa “common economics professors.. this is our annual meet and you are talking about Sabse bada Dollar…   Munna… you are teaching us Hindi in your own style.. coming all way from Delhi Economics department.. gold medalist.. unbelievable”

Munna sips a wine and looks upward…

“currency is so important in our life that we forget the currents in it and just succumb to it..  anyone can leave anything for it.. and when it leaves you… we remember all who were left by us because of it””



Show must go on and on and on

Movie Multiplex owner Rob is worried.. Not much traffic to their multiplexes.

They shut down a few screens..

Rob ‘these days folks open multiplex as if they are opening training centers.. In each street a multiplex’

Saira ‘movies too come in dozens’

Rob ‘that multiplex screwed our business

Saira ‘how to bring that crowd back?’

Rob ‘Show must go on and on and on.. what else.. have plays arranged now’

Saira ‘play?’

Rob ‘real time play..  stories given on spot and actors need to act.. dress.. everything in flat 2 hours.. 1 hour preparation, 1 hour play..  preparation too shown live

Saira ‘this is path breaking’

Rob ‘let us not go back to a decade earlier and you know how our marriage too was not short of drama.. ‘

Saira ‘true.. show must go on and on.. many obstacles will come.. manmade, nature.. everything.. but think disruptively.. think for sure.. business will grow for sure’



Life Baggages

I came on earth alone and realized I have few  baggage of relation already with me

was in cradle, when I got surrounded by few more new entrants and more baggage

My brain kept wondering why all this attention of me getting milk and food in time..

Soon happily prancing, I was seeing the nature in different colors, wondering why it happens

Teachers coming and going in crammed little classes teaching me maths and science

history, geography, environment and English. Life literally had a baggage to carry

A school bag moving over shoulders.. sometimes on head.. sometimes dragging

Life was all about going to school and adding baggage of teachers, information and books.

Soon found life was getting complex.. It was not as simple as it would be

Sometimes I would get easily.. sometimes nothing.. and again a baggage of pride and loss

Life became a bit colorful.. teenage galore.. dressing to impress..

beautiful little girls.. all around.. wondering  why they whispered.. why they giggled

Why they missed me.. not for love.. but for forgetting I too existed

Shy and timid.. the baggage of so many more strangers in my mind..

Heart was getting full… Brain too crammed with more higher studies information

Watching Movies.. again those stories crammed into mind..

Simple Living.. in mountains.. watching nature… was it possible

God put me into urban busy life where  I got used to various transports

and carriers of life and then some new relation built

Some love and losses, Some hate and wins.. life had by now so many baggage

I could not think or dream of carrying on my own

Some vomited on me.. I too vomited on others.. my stories

their stories and again an emotional baggage of binding and love

Career coming.. more competitors.. more colleagues.. all the more stories

all the more truths.. all the more bitter lessons of life

Saving money.. assets.. built.. sometimes facebook.. sometimes twitter

Seeking source to vomit.. unwinding baggage

All the more.. more information.. more data.. and my life was crammed

I searched for light.. I found it was me only.. the light of truth

Truth that life is a lesson of baggage to understand what remains at end is only garbage of us..  What remains longer in mind of people is our baggage of stories.. Something good

Something real.. something unique…

Unique Experience… a startup for you to rewind your past and vomit it all..

So what if am a dust bin or an info bin.. I am your bin.. dear

my lovely Angels.. if we can vomit all in front of god

if we can unleash all in media

Why not try to reduce our baggage of waste

the one which is of no use to us and paste an Instagram

of our  unused data .. be it book or hoardings

boarding or item.. all for sale

Past memories as stories for sale too

If anyone wishes to separate out from us

Just put a board ‘Separate soon but carry your baggage too

all your memories. all the stories.. everything around you

if you can.. and if you cannot.. do not overload self

and me by bringing one more entity in form of baggage or

clutter of baggage to overload self all over again


Some story writers love humor.. some love compassion

some love thriller and some love romance

I love PASSION as it is my baggage created by me

as a baggage planet full of stories and philosophy of life

and experiences of a human who by default is an entrepreneur

being put under valuation test by unknown and then so many others

and who knows when.. I will be valued truly..

Don’t you all feel you need to be valued rightly by all around you?

I do love your smiles and include them in baggage of love.






Startup Nation

A nation vibrating with enthusiastic investors, enthusiastic startups and over enthusiastic government policy decision makers with an equally vibrant set of advisors and mentors willing to push themselves to the nation..

Comes a question from an entrepreneur

‘will I get debt or equity?’

Pat comes an answer ‘low interest rate debt…’

Entrepreneur ‘Am only seeking equity partnering’

Pat comes a question ‘How much?’

Entrepreneur ‘can dilute 10 to 20% for 1M$ funding’

Pat comes a question ‘how have your done this valuation of your company which is just 9 months old’

Entrepreneur ‘check on my traction.. won best innovation award.. got recommend by best of companies.. also the traffic to our site.. and many things’

Pat comes a question ‘where is the revenue?’

Entrepreneur ‘it will… we are getting multiple offers from investors.. please confirm if you are interested else let us not waste each other’s time’

Pat comes an answer ‘we are not looking for innovation, disruptive ventures.. we are looking for some proven business model.. like say ‘

Entrepreneur ‘this is the problem of this nation.. only imitations.. folks love.. anything innovative lies in some research lab waiting for market..’

Pat comes an answer ‘ROI most important’

Entrepreneur ‘and do you know bankers.. they never take risk at all.. hence government too needs to give guarantee to them for such investments to startups’

Pat comes an answer ‘passion needed by entrepreneur’

Entrepreneur ‘passion.. it is a big joke.. passion without fund sounds good in blog only.. passion with funds sounds good for creating startup eco system’

Pat comes an answer ‘passion without funds.. there is a proof.. 25 years of genuine focus on passion.. started as a story when passion word was correlated to some dating sites and then passion became a concept to groom freshers, then entrepreneurs.. rejected by World Bank to be an unrealistic proposition to aggregate incubators, accelerators, startups, entrepreneurs and developers and then it got into stagnation..

Ahead of times.. MADE in INDIA.. till 2006 happened.. suddenly Incubation Concept and Accelerator eco system mushroomed over a period of time.. As usual Nation imitated developed Nations till even the Nation Leader woke up to build Startup Nation Policy..

PASSION as brand, PASSION as news letter..  Did all till it became a PhD framework.. PASSION FRAMEWORK and now a blog… and much earlier a brand also put in a vehicle..

PASSION is not about just being involved in a venture.. it is about the pain and learnings which comes out of the experience similar to PASSION of Jesus Christ.. and interestingly when PASSION got probed.. it was found that is a fable a popular one way back multiple centuries ago.

So dear viewers PASSION has a history.. a strong history of entrepreneurship experience and I chose to focus on writing blogs in story and poem or entertaining format.. only to facilitate and cover all dimensions of entrepreneurship life cycle.

Of Late, the blogs are of a bit serious nature.. but then behind every happiness, there is a story and behind every mission, there is a purpose and behind every vision, there is a dream and such dreams never come regularly.. just once in a while’

So all investors in Startup Nation need to realize that disruptive innovation is not necessarily technology driven, it can be management driven too.. but where are the takers for investing or believing in such initiatives?

This is also a real story.. not a fiction..




Alphabet – journey of story writer

This is story of a boy who always felt why Alphabets needed to do any communication. It can eyes, ears, nose… anything which can convey expressions much better then alphabets..

Light Ling  began his journey struggling to writing alphabets

Madam Susan ‘Am fedup of you, why you get confused between L and J, why between 9 and 6’

Light Ling ‘Madam.. am sorry… words get jumbled.. i just cannot’

Susan ‘you are almost going to complete your schools.. how will you manage?’

Light Ling takes out a piece of paper and hands over to Susan

Susan ‘wow this is beautiful.. you depict how an individual is just about to drown in water and in second sequence.. you should him determined to fight the battle and swim up..  third you show a struggle and fourth you should a helping hand pushing him up’

Susan ‘just beautiful.. it means each person needs a guide tutor, god parent. a help.. these days an Angel too’

Light Ling ‘Madam.. i can convey stories in drawing format.. just cannot understand words.. you know because of school rules.. some how got pushed but not any longer.. Am not going to give my final exams’

Susan ‘how you managed to pass these exams’

Light Ling ‘you know that well’

Susan smiles

Susan ‘i know you are famous to draw some image which depicts right answer but wonder how you do it for 50 questions’

Light Ling ‘people learnt alphabets.. i learnt images..photo depicts true state of mind..if skillfully taken’

Susan ‘what next’

Light Ling ‘am joining blogging class and now learning alphabets more seriously’

6 months latter

Light Ling has managed to write his fist blog and then he follows with a script

Light Ling shows script to his ex teacher Susan

Susan ‘wow now my champ has begun writing too’

Light Ling smiles sheepishly

Susan ‘you have power of imagination.. just use that.. spread your knowledge to the world’

Light Ling shares a verse with her

‘if god is seen, i would not have come to you

I came to you, because I felt you are my angel

If you would have not told me to write

I would have only read someone else’s stories

you held my hand and taught me a lesson

that images can convey story..

alphabets give meaning to that story”

Hence i salute you my teacher for small learning you gave in my life

‘a painter plays with his paints

writer plays with words

and a fusion of words and paints

makes the depiction more stronger more real

hence presentation skill sets needed by students in all walks of life.