life can again come back

Sarah ‘am depressed with life.. it is all over’

James ‘nothing can be depressing, if we control of our mind’

Sarah ‘how?’

James ‘focus on your hobby, your work and stop thinking negative’

Sarah ‘a failed entrepreneur.. giving such advices?’

James ”there will be always ups and downs.. but if we only worry of downs.. then we will remain down.. so we need to always remember what comes down.. will come up again. life can come back again..


Am I at fault?

No jobs

No money for startups

Nothing at all…

Only stories and more stories

No water

No air

No space

Only stories and more stories

No happiness

No energy

No care

Only stories and more stories

I am an Entrepreneur

Is it my fault?

The oldies do not like some one being an entrepreneur

The middling folks like some one till they are invested

The youngsters crib assuming entrepreneurship is just another employment

Is it my fault?

If I got hooked on to it

With so many events

With so many hypes

With so many dreams

All talks by ones who are successful

Is Entrepreneurship similar to good old days where all wanted to be sportsmen and

families would repremind kids to not take up that.. same story around creative folks..

Is it my fault? if am creative to an extent where I keep writing stories to entertain folks… ?

Am just a pen in a writer’s hand,.. a ball smacked around by a polo stick


Politician turned Entrepreneur

John ”If someone can become politician after being successful business man, why I cannot?”

Maya “You are a humble, simple person and do find you assertive.. but why you wish to resign from parliament for that?”

John “Am seriously fedup of just badmouthing opposition for sake of it.. then those twitter, social media and so on… it is getting on my nerves… I want to create an intelligent bot which will close all session and display a comedy short film or comics or cartoon the moment a person is tweeting too much or ranting too much.. so imagine in parliament, if too much noise happening… a sudden donald duck or tom and jerry comic voice appearing in all mobiles”

Maya ”but they will keep mobiles off”

John ‘Make this press announcement and watch fun””

After a month

Maya ‘what happened next?”

John ”nothing much … all politicians decided to become investors in this venture.. around US$100M already collected”

Maya ”are you sure… you know what you are saying?”

John ”lol they are political careerist… you know what I am saying?  just ensure that we have second in line back up of these individuals..  am just balancing the team and wanting only those members in my team who are purely focused on welfare of people”



miney story

Mini ”why did it happen to me?”

Mom “dear child.. not sure why.. but maybe god wants you to emerge more powerful and stronger”

Mini ”promise you will seek justice from court”

Mom hugs Mini

Mom ”Mini… it is absolute unfortunate such court orders take lot of time”

Mini “I want to ask 1 question to the Judge… if it would happen with his daugher.. what decision he would give?”

Mom “Gang rape is a social problem..  justice needs to be given in just 1 week. It should be death sentence only”

Mini hugs Mom and has tears in her eyes


story of a kiss

kiss ”not sure why they named me kiss.. it is really stupid for my parents to keep such name”

friend melissa ”kiss.. relax.. nothing wrong in your name… you are KISS KISSABLE”

Kiss ‘common dont put my surname.. it is more horrible”

Melissa ”surnames are not in our hand.. name too not in our hand.. but we can change it later…. you have an option”

Kiss remains silent

After few minutes

Kiss ”I will not change it”

Melissa ”why??’

Kiss ”only because I feel it is unique”

Melissa ”yes hence all unique things will be laughed upon first or marveled.. so stop worrying KISS KISSABLE..  celebrate your name”

Kiss ”not sure Melissa.. somewhere.. we human internally love our origin and superficially we may just hate it..  so important to stop worrying too much about our name and rather think how our name can enhance a cause”


Why did Robert mary Louisa?

Robert ”I don’t know?”

Louisa ”why did you marry me?”

Robert ”was it your looks or just your nature?”

Louisa ”are you unsure of it now?”

Robert ”I guess i married you because you are a lady…”

Louisa ”common… this is an obvious answer”

Robert ”Dear… I am starting a GAY association soon.. a startup for GAY Welfare”

Louisa ”Are you…?”

Robert ”Mindset of individuals… if you think of a good cause.. people always mistake that too”

Louisa ”but are you…?”

Robert ”that is the suspense of the story title… keep guessing ”


This piece of story is absolute fiction with a social message and not to hurt any sentiments of whomsoever


a bag of life

all empty in beginning

add an item here

add an item there..

full and overloaded in no time..

remove an item here

remove an item there

trim and sleek in time

a bag of life

choose an item here

choose an item there

all cannot fit in one bag

need to discard few

need to accept few

do have some space left

the space needed to

let items breathe fully.

a bag of life


depends on us

what we treasure

what we discard