Strange Ways of Life

Sony is an Ace Musician who has everything going for her. One day a bright young guy Rob who is having a business plan to scale up visits Sony..

Sony ‘hey.. I am planning some initiative soon’

Rob ‘Wow.. here is a perfect plan and seek guidance and if possible you can also be a founder’

Sony remains silent…

A month latter

Rob is surprised that Sony already had a similar plan of action for self..

Rob wonders at ways of life and is pondering over the happening…

Sony has tied up with an ace production house and the plans look similar.. Ron is not having funds at all.

As he seems dejected, he also realizes that life is always strange..

He doesn’t loose hope on his own initiative and comes up with a soulful song

“Strange ways of life

Strange ways of life

once a pauper

now a king

life treats you

as you treat self

sometimes harsh

sometimes soft

Strange ways of life

friends little friends

money can roll in

roll in always

but true friend

treats you with love

as strange as it would be

as strange ways of life

never stops a support

to friends who wish to grow

all it says, express openly

you wish to grow

a true friend will grow you self”

The album has a mood of emotion, sadness, played with guitar and Sony has a drop of tear in her eyes…

Sony calls Rob up

Sony ‘will you work for me?’

Rob ‘Sony..why not.. you and your company should grow much bigger.. Am an entertainer.. sometimes happiness, sometimes sad.. did you feel sad’

Sony ‘i felt you are telling me my story’

Rob ‘who can forget words, who can forget moments.. life is all about moments… come let us party’

Rob takes Sony to a road side joint

Sony is cautious of who is watching her..

Rob ‘relax Sony.. life is not about only ambition, growth, success, status.. It is also about human, values, ethics and friendship. I wanted to show you the hard route which your parent could have taken to make themselves successful// so in life always remain successful and keep growing but sometimes make small mortals happy just by being friends.. No expectations whatsoever.. I don’t want to loose a friend.. I don’t mind loosing a business woman’

Sony’s face pales

Rob leaves and rushes to catch a Metro

Swine Flu challenges Ebola (Devil Human Part…?)

Swine Flu “Am spreading fast”

Ebola “Me too”

Swine Flu “Heard a Mexican family saying historically when they wore less clothes, i never attacked them”

Ebola smiles..

Ebola “Same I heard in Africa too.. crazy folks.. hope they don’t want to walk with less clothes later”

Swine Flu “We are on mission dear.. the war has begun”

Ebola “LOL.  Yes… sometimes I pity humans too”

Swine Flu “What can we do.. we were destined to replicate”

Ebola “Why did we have this property of replication”

Swine Flu “Look at my name.. Am called H1NI or A and so on”

Ebola begins laughing

Ebola “On one hand we have social media entrepreneurs wanting to do viral marketing etc and on other hand whole lot of researchers wishing to curb and eradicate us..

Swine Flu “Absolute selfish.. In this earth human do not want any other animal, bacteria, virus to live peacefully.. who would wish to replicate logically..  we were made that way right”

Ebola “Yes.. on one side all talk of replication and on other side they want to just kill us”

Swine Flu “Ok.. hope god sorts this confusion am thoroughly confused…”

Ebola “Me too”

Swine Flu  “I feel some good humans still exist in earth..”

Ebola “Me too feel same”

Swine Flu “God has made such a beautiful ecosystem.. but guess what.. do you know someone took decision to not allow some animal to be killed too ”

Ebola “Is it so?”

Swine Flu “What next.. a few animals remained hungry for days.. ”

Ebola “Poor animals”

Swine Flu “Good news is now again that decision has been removed”

Ebola “Strange is this universe.. from beginning all need to fight for their survivals”

Strange Feelings

“Hey at times I wonder we were just sworn enemies the other day and now we are friends. How do you feel interacting with me?” Jose questions Jack..

Jack ‘Absolutely fine.. Just identified all pain points in our relationship and realized you didn’t love me to dominate over you emotionally and you didn’t like me giving advices to your competitor Andrew”

Jose “Hey so you compromised on your own relationship with Andrew”

Jack “No I explained Andrew that we can work on any other non compete venture so left at that. Do you know when my wife left me all of sudden one day. I was clueless where I went wrong”

Jose “What happened?”

Jose ‘After analyzing I found, she is more happier with her friend circles, wants independence and wants to start something on own. I felt let me give her freedom. I was sad, depressed, angry but gave away her to her independence. She is happy. She appreciated me the other day as being a nice human. It is a strange feeling, appreciation from someone who forgot you, disliked you and now remembers that you were not that bad’

Jack ‘Yes in this business, no one is enemy and same way in relationships no one is bad or good, it is just our perception and our own nurturing which can make the relationship strong. Own the relationship and you will remember that all strange feelings will turn out to be pleasant experiences”