Leave takings

Rob is an ace project manager but is saddled with an issue of continuous infrequent leave taking by his resources..

He visits a project management conference and wants to understand by eminent speaker Joy about his view..

Joy ‘do they listen to you?’

Rob ‘No.. and they threaten an exit if I ask them to not take leaves’

Joy ‘please bring sense of belonging in your team.. let them own the project as their baby and declare incentives right upfront and show them a road map.. career roadmap is important for seniors and juniors too’

Rob is silent… as the conference proceedings continue

Rob realizes that he has been giving unnecessary pressure to his staff’

Next day

Rob ‘dear all.. all leave approved.. no force.. no compulsion.. just try to complete project before end of month’

10 days later he is finding team working late hours

Rob wonders how this miracle happened

3 days before the month ends.. Manager Sana walks in

Sana ‘Sir.. project is ready.. the lead has taken leave today.. but we can have demo’

Rob ‘I trust you.. you please show demo to client’

Sana ‘thanks Sir.. am on leave tomorrow but don’t worry.. demo will be good. I assure you’

Rob smiles

At evening

Rob is sipping his wine

Rob ‘is this the reason my wife too left me.. did I try to pressure her too much ?’


Wholesome Meal

Robert visits a good restaurant on Sunday noon and orders 5 dishes

The waiter looks surprised…

Waiter ‘Sir.. it will be too heavy for you’

Robert ‘Get the food.. i will parcel the food when not eaten’

5 dishes reach the table..

Waiter keeps looking at Robert..

Robert is eating peacefully…

Waiter reaches near Robert curious to know what he is talking

Robert on phone ‘Am bankrupt today. my venture failed.. so eating to hearts content.. God only knows if i will ever be able to come to this restaurant again. i love the garlic fish too much’

Waiter has shock on his face

Robert turns to Waiter and asks ‘Everyone needs to value food as we never know when we get wholesome meal again”

Robert ‘Eating food also reduces stress :)’

Bachaoooooooooooo (save )

Hassled with nth number of go to meeting. Just for a single Entrepreneur? End objective only one task to be completed…

What am I doing here? A guy who for living has to be doing all type of roles to fund for my social initiatives..

John Baba whispers ‘Why are you bothered for society.. Relax.. Spend Weekend enjoy life.. Just be an Employee’

I deny aggressively.. ‘No I will wish to contribute to society’

John Baba ‘weekend too you will work..’

I nod ‘yes’..


I not ‘yes’

John ‘Crazy guy.. so you leave everything for some contribution to society’

I nod ‘Am balancing… get money through consulting, pay EMI and then house hold.., and finally mentoring all the ones who wish to be entrepreneurs… hopefully to resolve unemployment issues’

John ‘Boy.. don’t burn self’

I ‘Am more unhappy slogging for some one whose end objective is only for self accumulation’

John ‘All do that’

I ‘Bachaoooooooooooo  After certain point all wealth is only numbers… nothing beyond it..  Are you happy?’

John takes me to a 5 star hotel..

I ‘Again you are enticing me.. Still will remain helping folks’

John ‘Will you win?’

I ‘Do you doubt it.. if so many love me here.. why will I loose.. ‘

John baba ‘sleep now.. chill pill’

I  ‘hey all of you guys and gals.. don’t you feel something within to do something new, something more meaningful in life. If yes .. then shriek BACHAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  stress buster’

It could be me, anyone  here or you or some unknown too’

John whispers ‘I too left the routine and came here as an angel..to do something meaningful but hopefully this  too doesn’t become a routine else BACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’O’

I Scream Echoes

Lauren ‘Not sure why and how, every time I scream am bored, I get echoes of people laughing’

Psychiatrist  Moron ‘Can you calm and go back to your past.. ‘

Lauren begins sleeping

Moron ‘Don’t sleep, just close your eyes… anything you hear’

Lauren ‘College youth are ragging me.. I am bored of studies.. and all my friends laughing and asking me various questions from books.. forcing me to read book and mug them up’

Moron ‘Unusual! Why will college students ask you to mug up answers. Isn’t it good.. I thought they would have asked you to dance or sing or parade with your vests in college. This is good ragging’

Lauren ‘My father.. he forced those students to rag me…’

Moron ‘I got it now.. So your father wanted you to do well in exams’

Lauren ‘Yes’

Moron ‘Come to present.. open your eyes slowly’

Lauren wakes up..

Moron ‘Lauren we use mix of hypnosis.. and check on my name’

Lauren ‘Moron’

Lauren ‘Imagine how many rag me every day’

Lauren ‘I do agree studies can get forceful, but is there any solution. How may of undergraduates really achieve success these days.. count on figure tips.. Those days were different.  Bill to Ambani, all succeeded.. These days everything depends on college, type of university you join and so on.. I agree you have loads of pressure’

Moron ‘How can those echoes stop’

Lauren ‘Think positive and scream back ‘Am going to win.. keep laughing.. your mouth will pain but I will succeed’

3 months latter

Lauren ‘Thanks Sir, am pursuing my studies on Analytics. All echoes stopped’



My little cloud

 My little cloud, just a decade back, I was in touch with many friends and it was a very in person affair.. Then technology came in and I started building various clouds..  So a single individual became multi personality character.. It was amazing journey where  I could now be a family man, a scientist, a mentor, an entrepreneur, a researcher, a counselor, a story writer, a friend, a spiritual being, an entertainer  and have my own world of cloud for each of the roles..

If any issue happened in that cloud, only that group may be aware of that happening, so literally I partitioned self to so many slices..

The human brain has capacity to have multiple clouds in it..  The brain needs rest, so need to ensure 6-8 hours of active sleep..

Is there a need to compartmentalize life or can it be a single cloud in which all the individual cloud world merges.

Many love to keep their life straight forward… but most of successful beings in this earth are multi faced not by their own choice but by compulsion of nature..

Why would a celebrity want to expose his or her personal life to the world?

So next time when you see tears in your eyes, check on which cloud got burst that day..

If you have smiles in your eyes, again reassess all the clouds..

Finally for a life balance, all clouds need to be nurtured and each need to rain happiness and sorrows on regular intervals to make you feel grounded…  If it only rains happiness, you will not enjoy the essence of how sadness looks like and vice versa if you always remain gloomy, you will soon loose your smile for ever..

Love Cloud is all about lovers who can share their first love experiences and Nancy the author is penning her last draft to propose this project to an Investor.

Nancy feels it is a great thrill to have love and romance narrated in different style to pep up heart always..

Peter her boy friend is rocking away to glory at a disco and calls up Nancy

Peter ‘Nancy, come join here.. don’t think too much.. your brain will burst’

Nancy ‘Your Social Life Cloud.. be happy there..’

Peter ‘Nancy I miss you..please come soon’

Nancy joins Peter at Disco

As both dance…

Peter ‘Nancy – this cloud is not too bad. It is stress buster..’

Peter hugs Nancy

Nancy ‘Sometimes it is not bad idea to cross over and have clouds merged’

both begin laughing and dance closely…

Nancy ‘I will pen down my first experiences with you on my opening launch’

Peter ‘Sure.. hope to have millions of love stories shared for everyone’s reading.. will give mills and boons a run for money’

Both begin laughing.











Milan was a hypnotist who could heal individuals through hypnotism.

He had initiated a brain healing school which was doing reasonably well until Melissa came to his school.

She was 28, brutally abused by her fiancé, a beautician by profession, she had scars of abuses in her mind and would shriek at mere touch of a human. She would not wish to bathe as it hurted her body and she preferred eating only green vegetables. A cabbage like life. She used to be a pleasant personality girl but the continuous abuses by her uncle, then her boy friend and her present fiancé took toil on her and she is now a compulsive man hater.

She shrieks when she see’s Milan..

Milan puts her on a couch and asks her to remember her past..

Milan ‘go to your child hood life. see the school, your house…’

Melissa moves to her past and she sees the soiled bed where she was abused.. Her uncle was ruthless. He knew she didn’t have a father. so.. and then she looks at the class where a boy kissed her with force’

Milan ‘Dear Melissa – an abuse over, dream of a bath full of honey, nectar.. feel the dirt being removed.. enjoy the bath.. full of roses’

Melissa experiences this bath and see’s the dirt being moved out of her body.. She feels as if a snake is just moved out of her body..

Melissa is sweating…

Milan ‘Go to your teen.. did you see anything special.. some loveable experience’

Melissa visualizes her teacher who hugged her closely and took her for a dinner.. She enjoyed it so much..

Melissa volunteered to be teacher’s girl friend…

Milan ‘Any experience where you find yourself hating self’

Melissa realizes she had lied her teacher’s wife that she treated her teacher as her elder brother..

Melissa is now visualizing the forceful angry love making when her teacher realizes that Melissa is spreading rumors about him to his wife and wanting him to split from his wife..

Milan ‘Melissa – hit your self.. punish self.. imagine you are hitting self till you are tired…’

Melissa experiences herself hitting her own body…

Milan ‘wake up Melissa.. you have punished self for your crime.. now just feel relaxed’

Melissa is full of tears…She realizes that what she did was also equally wrong…

Milan ‘Melissa – your fiancé… just hit him all over.. you hate him.. you hate him as he left you when he found you psychic’

Melissa is full of tears.. She realizes how she hit her fiancé badly visualizing him to be her uncle..

Milan ‘Melissa hit your fiancé

Melissa is in tear.. she murmurs ‘I love him too much. I cannot stay without him, I am hungry. He used to feed me so well’

Milan ‘wake up Melissa – eat ice cream..”

Melissa opens her eyes and finds Marlo her fiancé next to her..

Melissa holds his hand tightly and says ‘Promise you will never leave me’

Milan informs Marlo that Melissa is recovering..

Marlo ‘In life abuses can ruin the mental frame of mind and just try to oscillate between past and present and visualize beautiful objects around which will make happy and also punish self if you did some mistake and visualize the same’

Hypnotism can be used to help people come of their problems too..


Being where you are – sometimes advantageous

Just a few moments ago, all was unknown and just now all got known. When we known now then why we worried for those moments. take life as it where it is easy. A great personality was asked question “how can you sustain pressure?” he said “just being where you are as the world continuous to move around you, become a receiver and transmit only when needed. All planets do the same. Satellites don’t. Food for thought

Reactions to the big personalities comment
Who said so? Investor X
Who felt that is being static? Entrepreneur Y
Who remained neutral?  Accelerator Z

A big reaction
Only Sun remains static all others move
The speed is what plays an important role. Expectations from entrepreneurs are to have good speed without derailing from the path.

How many agreed? Investor x and accelerator z