Sabse bada dollar?

Once upon a time, there was this movie Sabse Bada Rupaiyyah (Money comes at top) and an entertaining story…

but how is Dollar relevant today?

Joy ”Pound is better.. more amount we get in India”

Samuel “Do you know dollar.. many CA”s actually collect dollars as hobbies in hope one day dollar will reach 100 rupee and they make a great killing”

Mark dear friend of Samuel ”I am most of time glued to monitor to check where rupee depriciates and I transfer money.. even cent savings is important”

Harry “Me too not investing these days as rupee seems to appreciate.. good lucks.. let us wait for $ to rise”

Munna “What is big deal… what rises will fall down.. what falls will rise.. or will not rise again”

James “Human values if it falls below.. then”

Munna ”will rise again..  when no money exists, love exists.. and when money exists, love doesn’t”

Elisa “common economics professors.. this is our annual meet and you are talking about Sabse bada Dollar…   Munna… you are teaching us Hindi in your own style.. coming all way from Delhi Economics department.. gold medalist.. unbelievable”

Munna sips a wine and looks upward…

“currency is so important in our life that we forget the currents in it and just succumb to it..  anyone can leave anything for it.. and when it leaves you… we remember all who were left by us because of it””



startup napkins

startup napkins for sale..

a bold picture put all over the various entrepreneur meet ups…

all look at it with laughter…

Susan the founder is smiling gleefully.

One of the investor comes to her desk..

Investor ‘Susan… not sure.. how you got funded?’

Susan ‘booked at US$300 x 10 event location simultaneously’

Investor ‘why will they ever take it.. you are not trying to promote sanitary napkins?’

Susan looks at Investor with a smile..

Susan ‘even if it is.. so what.. am also a startup’

Investor is shocked but looks at Susan in more determination..

Investor ‘what is startup napkins?’

Susan ‘one which wipes sweat from a face smoothly and surely.. try it out’

Investor tries one and is zapped

Susan ‘in built coolant.. it cools your mind.. and you can use before pitch presentation’

Investor ‘but so many napkins exist in market’

Susan shares the Investor’s mind thought in a mobile app..

Investor ‘cool’

Susan ‘your sweat is too cold…  it indicates you are running in losses’

Investor begins laughing..

Investor ‘how much you plan to raise?’

Susan ‘100K only’

Investor ‘done.. disruptive, innovative, good style.. I like it’


My brand

Each individual has a unique style or mannerism which becomes a style brand at some point of time..

Jerry was a unique creature.. At college his neck would always move automatically when he found girls moving next to him or behind him… Many a time he got knocked down too by some vehicle on road..

Jerry ‘so what.. it is my style.. my brand of admiring girls’

Moses ‘what is it?’

Jerry ‘don’t you keep saying  ‘you idiot; always’

Moses ‘ok.. so it is my style of greeting people’

Ramu ‘In India I wear only Khadi’s.. It is my style as I come from political background’

Lisa ‘this is a group discussion on evolution of brand..  have evolved self as a girl who never wears the same slippers in a month. each day of month, a unique slipper’

Tom ‘My watches change every day..’

Rose ‘is brand so important.. why do people go in for branded items?’

Jerry ‘brand gets built if product or service delivered in consistent way,. quality driven ad proves reliable’

Nancy ‘hey i am a brand in self as a reliable quality driven employee’

Moses ‘and Tom has also built a repute of being issue maker’

Sweta rings the bell and the group discussions end

Sweta ‘All have performed ok.. not too great as per our college standards of group discussions’

All students echo ‘is it so?.. what are our standards? has it been written somewhere? some guidelines?’

Sweta ‘Visit m the college quality management system links for more details’

After Sweta leaves

Nancy ‘we keep looking for external environment inputs to build brand and what about internal customer satisfaction.  screwed up college.. talk big things in press, media and internally they don’t care for students’

Sweta overhears and comes closer to Nancy

Sweta ‘Do you know our college is one of the best and we have a particular style of teaching education’

Moses ‘what is that?’

Swera ‘we don’t prefer teaching anything.. books are there. facilities available.. go read it,. understand it and if you don’t understand then teachers are needed’

Sweta walks off keeping students wide mouthed

Nancy ‘Is it her brand of being outspoken.. She tells it with such great style… no wonder she is the one who is always in multiplex where we too go an watch movies on Saturday.. Education brand of figuring out ourselves.. that too is an innovation

My goodness – Ergonomics

I opened the blog to type the content and right side section moved to left side..

Ergonomics at works..

Most of the product designers need to pay great attention to ergonomics, else any goof ups have long term impacts not on the product but the individuals using the product..

Mrs Louis ‘common don’t look at me.. and say these words.. I got this hunch because of bad form design where my head would rotate all over.. and then my neck took toll and i just could not look upward.. ‘

Mr Lobo ‘you have a good style to teach.. keep it up.. My entire wrist went for a toss trying to make those weird design shapes and for some reasons the tool bar would keep shifting all over’

Ergonomist Joe ‘It is a scientific discipline to understand human interactions..’

Joe ‘WordPress pays great attention to that’

Lobo ‘Common now you are marketing word press’

Joe ‘PASSSION FRAMEWORK wishes to thank word press so what is wrong in boldly telling ‘I LIKE IT’

Louis ‘those were the days.. these days i hate to touch keyboards…’

Joe ‘don’t worry am working on that solution too’

My baby ‘BABY’

She is small

She is cute

She is everything

what is me

love her all the way

My baby is reflection

of me…

Is it perception?

Is it wish?

Is it conclusion?

Why do we always try to see others as us? No clue..

My baby ‘BABY’ could be different too

She could be groomed differently

She could be nurtured differently

using bit of me, bit of others..

as finally all wish to have their babies healthy..

Entrepreneurship , Project execution is all about team work.. and all need to realize that babies will need nourishment from multiple resources.. .so all of us need to stop being too possessive about our babies.. and let us babies get exposed to ways of life..

Sooner the better..

Wishful Nothings

Sony ‘What I wish, I never get What I don’t wish, I always get’

Bob ‘Why you have to wish. I never wish anything but I always get what I want’

Sony ‘Tell me the secret’

Bob ‘I put that want in a secret diary and then plan to get that’

Sony ‘What is your present want?’

Bob ‘I have 2 wants’

Sony ‘Which?’

Bob ‘I know you are struggling to get into the top most accelerator’

Sony ‘Yes.. my concept is good, but doesn’t attract investors But what is your want?’

Bob ‘We know each other from these meet ups ‘

Sony ‘Why you diverting from question’

Bob ‘You as Cofounder and You as my beloved’

Sony blushes

Sony ‘Smart guy.. nice style of proposing’

Bob “Am serious. The day I saw you, you were put in my secret diary. tell me what is your answer?’

Sony hugs Bob and kisses on his cheek

Bob ‘Saw.. I get what I want as I believe in that belief that I will get it’

Sony ‘Am now confident of my success too’


Meet Sona with her latest fashion design

Sona ‘It is just a short pant.. then a knee cover and with a top.. which is sleeveless on one side, full sleeve on other.. and ok there is a bit of navel show.. and of course a big heel shoe to match’

Joseph ‘Am amazed.. what is all this?’

Sona ‘It works out well if someone has good figure’

Sona ‘Another style is just a tight T shirt… which is always bright.. sleeveless.. and a  loose denim coat over it.. and faded jeans which could be torn in knee part’

Joseph ‘Am amazed sometimes you leave your knee closed.. then you tear your clothes and make knee open… tell me.. tell me what is STYLE statement’

Sona pouts her lips, narrows her eyes.. and glances into Joseph’s eye

Sona ‘Style statement is not about what we wear, it is about how we promote what we wear..’

Joseph ‘What else?’

Sona ‘Have torn a bit of pant from behind too’

Joseph ‘This is too much’

Sona ‘Dear joseph.. these torn clothes are being picked up at US$1000.. so relax..’

Joseph’s eye pops up

Sona ‘My life style startup is rocking’