Am I at fault?

No jobs

No money for startups

Nothing at all…

Only stories and more stories

No water

No air

No space

Only stories and more stories

No happiness

No energy

No care

Only stories and more stories

I am an Entrepreneur

Is it my fault?

The oldies do not like some one being an entrepreneur

The middling folks like some one till they are invested

The youngsters crib assuming entrepreneurship is just another employment

Is it my fault?

If I got hooked on to it

With so many events

With so many hypes

With so many dreams

All talks by ones who are successful

Is Entrepreneurship similar to good old days where all wanted to be sportsmen and

families would repremind kids to not take up that.. same story around creative folks..

Is it my fault? if am creative to an extent where I keep writing stories to entertain folks… ?

Am just a pen in a writer’s hand,.. a ball smacked around by a polo stick


someday somewhere

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

from nowhere

if today was a day of failure

tomorrow will be a day of success

sun shining all the way..

so what if there is no demo day

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

without a demo day

someday somewhere

you will stop chasing investors

and begin believing in self

to do it all on your own

and emerge successful


Valuation only by returns
Valuation only by results
If people did something unique, call clapped hands
If people failed in that, all clasped hands
The ones who valued you, chickened out

Valuation is a perception
which is as simple as if you make 10% profit of 100,it means you are bound to get 100, if you sustain that 10% profit or grow the profit for atleast 5 years.

If each click you got is valued 1$, 5000 clicks, means only 5000$ worth.. but if those 5000 individuals referred 20 individual each, it means 100000 clicks.. means 100000 $ value…
So either you show huge impact or show profit.. Investors are not interested in stories as they are answerable to someone.. hence before you reach out to investors, ensure you are already successful and only if you feel investors may be needed. go out and meet them.

Soulless Entrepeneur

I sold my soul to the ones who paid me money.

I sold my dream to the ones who invested in my dream

Life as seller, thinks of life when I was just a dreamer

The ideas and illusions, the visions and missions

I kept penning all the way, sometimes some written

sometimes stolen by someone, sometimes successful

sometimes damper, just when life was picking up

acknowledging me for my talent came a wave of turmoil

the money got angry with me, the friends got non cooperative

suddenly everything gone, and at rock bottom of life

the soul wondered what went wrong, life was different

everything looked different, the bankers and friends

the ones from whom money came in, all behind

seeking everything immediately, life plays a miracle,

I chose to be an investor for self, began re planning all the way

Why should i be a pawn in hands of all?

Chose to remain different, and moved into something deeper

to understand why an Entrepreneur should stop worrying

of success or failures and continue in their dreams to make them

true. The human life as it is, what goes up, comes down,

if happiness comes in, sorrow too follow

Light glows back again.. This time preserve that light

Soulless Entrepreneurs become emotionless over period of time

Life teaches them ABCD of Entrepreneurship from scratch

A for Avoiding fake encounters

B for Blatantly saying No if required

C for Carefully managing budgets and projects

D for Dynamically Marketing what you have

Life is soulless only because the Soul is now

Marketing all of you to the world

The soul becomes a negotiator

The facilitator, the communicator

and you are being guided by your soul

to become a seller. your job is to sell

and sell what you have..

But alas love is such feeling

which you cannot sell

you can only experience

the soulless in search of soulful

unite and create a social entrepreneurship

ecosystem as love is what is needed at end of day

love cannot be purchased, love cannot be sold

but love for each other can be shared and felt

by all around, the soulless entrepreneur

wonders where life will lead, is it my story

or is it yours, or is it a fiction, who cares

as long as the soulless and soulful

get together to make new bred

Soulful Entrepreneurs.

If ever you made billions and millions

and are still all alone, don’t worry

as you still have an opportunity to find

someone soulful

If you are just not made it yet, you are at rock bottom

don;t worry, you still need to search that soulful one

to experience love and heal self first.

If you are in between, confused on whether to be

in job or start something of your own, relax

and stop worrying, you can be an investor too

and help the soulful ones or soulless ones to make them successful

as finally the soul in you too needs to get free and communicate

openly once for all that you wish to be a free bird

not in shackles of employment for ever as life is too small

plan and achieve what you wish to, today and don’t wait

for some other day..

Love fever

What can you do about a college infested with love fever

each individual in the college has a partner.

Mary the Dean is in love with Peter who is Co Dean

Peter ‘Mary.. not sure what will happen when the owner finds this issue. She is unmarried for decades’

Mary ‘simple.. let us invite her.. I firmly believe love virus grows from our college. I will invite my grandpa who is single too’

Peter begins laughing..

Peter ‘common it is an odd combination.. let us test it’

Mary calls her grandpa Henry to stay with her

Peter calls the owner Sarah to visit college and check on performances..

Sarah comes to the college and finds students in pair studying..

Sarah ‘this is strange.. Are they couples joined together?’

Peter “No.. but we feel our college is haunted since last 1 year and some love god has infested this with love virus’

Sarah ‘this is most absurd thought and you believe in it being college dean’

Peter ‘I didn’t but i fell in love with Mary at first sight’

Sarah ‘common.. you ought to be kidding’

Peter ‘Mary has her grandpa come from Sweden.. Invited us for dinner.. can you accomodate’

Sarah ‘ofcourse’

Evening time Sarah who is around 60 years comes in her best pink dress

The door is opened by Henry who wears a cow boy hat with boots aged around 68…

Henry ‘welcome MAM to our nest’

Henry ‘you look extremely beautiful’

Peter and Mary are giggling from behind.

Sarah gets conscious.. her face is red.. she never experienced such flirting atmosphere since age she left her college

Sarah ‘common .. you are flirting with me.. I don’t like it’

Henry ‘harmless flirting.. I actually feel we are made for each other’

Sarah ‘really? how you felt so?’

Henry ‘the mole in your upper lip.. and my mole in opposite side of upper lip.. if they meet.. love will blossom’

Sarah gets uncomfortable

Mary rushes to get water to Sarah

Sarah ‘I have leave’

Next day Sarah see’s a huge flower vase on her door with a message ‘I LOVE YOU HENRY’

Sarah ‘is this college really haunted? why?’

2 days latter news flash


Huge number of diehard lovers, depressed lovers, frustrated lovers, single, double, alone, together all begin providing feedback on twitter, facebook for a week induction to courses..

VIctoria college is suddenly becoming prosperous…

The owner’s nephew Jerry smiles and talks to his friends

Jerry ‘operation successful.. we had to make this college successful at all cost.. so I ensured each guy and girl, professors and co workers all fell in love.. Created situation for them.. Made the atmosphere romantic. Being the college representative, my girl friend Nancy helped me in this mission’

Nancy ‘Entrepreneurship can become successful because of love too’

Jerry ‘Let this be a secret between only us’

Nancy ‘next what?’

Jerry ‘we have got requirements from Torronto,  India and China.. some ailing colleges want our help on how to grow them fast’

Nancy ‘great.. should we seed fund LOVE FEVER PROJECT’

Jerry ‘Are you crazy? any fever doesn’t need investment.. money comes automatically to cure that fever’

Nancy hugs Jerry and coyly says ‘hence i fell in love with you in this college when I saw you’

Jerry ‘common now don’t make me believe that this college is indeed haunted’

Love and Entrepreneurship

Love needs PASSION and Entrepreneurship needs more PASSION

PASSION means Suffering.

Love needs continuous actions to keep Love Alive

Entrepreneurship need continuous involvement to keep business Alive

Love can break heart

Business can break heart too

You can fall in love multiple times

You can start new ventures multiple times

Intimate love with someone leads to a baby

Intimate love with your venture leads to a new innovation or a solution making mark to the society

So all entrepreneurs keep spirit of love high if you wish to be successful in business too

Story Line – 3000

My story line began with a track which had a beginning in a womb of mother..

enjoying the cushioned environment, as i emerged.. I shrieked “Hey why am out now.. ‘  whaling and crying..

All happiness around.. never knew what would hit me.. when i was washed and covered..and bought to a big mansion..

A mansion full of choice of destiny…

How can a new born kid ever think of choosing the destiny.. so I looked up.. looked at my mom and dad again with a bit of annoyance, irritation.. again whaling loudly..

It is a story of 3000th year of this universe where science has given power to build destiny of a kid by providing kid to choose it on own..

How can i choose.. and pop some chip comes into my brain.. and before I realize… I am taken through chocolates and icecreams and i can see glamor.. .and then suddenly a frightening dark road.. and tough path but full of rose garden and greenery after a while’…

Before i realize.. am thinking like an adult.. a new born baby is now visualizing various types of life

I come out of that mansion and have chosen a destiny to be with chocolates and ice creams as of now..

Zoom 3020.. Am the new chocolate hero.. who loves to floor girls with ice creams.. and as am a programmed human.. I know and realize that chocolates will melt too one day and then those dark roads.. where other programmed humans will be my competitors..’

Fiction always gives a kick..  a programmed child who can choose his destiny.. and knows where he is heading…and can take all precautions to not make mistakes…

Science is amazing…. god gave us a power to think, to choose, to follow but never made us realize what will happen next… so just visualizing a science to make a small new born think too much before the kid also completes 10 days..


At the science conference.. Albert is ridiculed.. he is told ‘enough of your crap story line’

Albert ‘If age of 5 we can teach kids whatsup, facebook and so on.. are we not giving kid a choice to choose their destiny.. What if a kid takes liking to pornography by clicking on some terms unknowingly…?’

All remain pin drop silence..

Albert ‘My name named after a great scientist.. i think that he failed in theory of everything and maximum got successful in theory of relativity… so still the door wide open…’

All echo ‘Whomsoever don’t wish to teach their kids computer or tablets or mobiles.. are free to not teach”

Albert “As i said Story Line-3000 is open for all..  Any one who is imaginative will enjoy this story.. anyone who is philosopher will enjoy it and i believe many may enjoy in time to come”