Sarah loves talking.. she keeps jabbing away all the time with her friends..  At county level.. .. she is just happy spending time with her friends. Her father has a big farm house and mom a house wife..  marriage age..  and by chance happened to meet Paul in one of the marriage functions and since then ensures she calls him every day. For strange reasons best known to her.. she doesn’t wish to use whatsapp

Paul ‘Sarah.. don’t you feel you can use whatsapp and chat with me.. or even facebook messenger”

Sarah bursts out laughing

Sarah ”I guess we have stopped treasuring face-to-face conversation.. the intimate phone talks without seeing each other… yes video conferencing exists.. but still am slow in typing.. I cannot type fast.. but I can talk fast’

Paul begins laughing

Sarah ‘my mom made sweets and I remembered you and gave it the monkey who comes in our farm.. of course he didn’t see me…else would trouble’

Paul ‘so you remember a monkey in me?’

Sarah ”please tell me how can I start a TALK CLUB.. all keep jabbering away till their mouth aches and then.. they get good sleep”

Paul ”here we talk of no noise solutions and you are mentioning TALK CLUB’

Sarah ”In Asian countries they have this SHAYARI (Prose narration) clubs.. so why not in US”

Paul ”they are witty humor I  guess..”

Sarah ”Please.. I do not mind coming to NY for same.. let us start TALK CLUB”

Paul ”so again becoming bold… live in wow”

Sarah ”mad or what.. you are marrying me there and taking you of there’

Paul ”spring time ok”

1 year later

Sarah ”Invite Charles.. he is a witty prose narrator and put some music too.  our fee of just US$5 seems working…   we need to have more shows.. ”

Paul ”let us scale up this further.’

Sarah ”my mom is now feeding goats”

Paul ”what?”

Sarah ”I have tamed you so much.. domesticated.. so from monkey to being goat.. you have come a long waý”

Paul ”Sarah.. common.. now am a goat?”

Sarah ”yes.. a loveable goat”


Follow on

George ‘follow on means there is always a 2nd chance in life’

Mary ‘I disagree’

George ‘why?’

Mary ‘because the bitter truth of life is we have no control on our choice to select parents and there god doesn’t give us second chance’

George ‘and what else?’

Mary ‘Scuba drivers jumping off heights. only once chance else… gone’

George ‘anything else?’

Mary ‘don’t irritate me now’

George ‘I know you didn’t get a second chance on choice of a husband so am your first and last choice?’

Mary bursts laughing

Mary ‘don’t let me take 2nd chance.. if you irritate me.. I may just take that’

George ‘a news to share…’

Mary ‘what?’

George ‘Am leaving to China to set up a startup so do you plan to come with me?’

Mary ‘common…. why this sudden career shift and radical thought process’

George ‘if life gets too set, then something is wrong.. we need to reset it again and improve our speed of growth’

Mary ‘I disagree.. why work hard, struggle when life is fine’

George ‘ok dear.. am out to China 1 month from now’

3 years latter

George on phone ‘Mary.. a surprise for you’

Mary ‘3 years you were not in touch… so I assumed you are seeking divorce so am now in relation with Harris.. I agree life gave me 2nd chance’

George ‘Mary…I had thought of giving you a castle.. our venture is a huge hit’

Mary ‘congrats George, but I feel i missed you for 1 year, 2nd year reconciled and 3rd year now am with Harris’

George ‘ok.. if you have made up your mind.. no regrets’

George shuts his mobile.. and he gets a knock at door..

George see’s his beautiful neighbot Alice for the first time at his door step..

Alice ‘Hi George, heard about you… my son has completed his engineering. can he get a job in your company’

George ‘hey we can always sit and discuss, you can come in’

Alice ‘are you single?’

George ‘why this question?’

Alice ‘I too am.. once he is settled, i don’t have much to do. my husband is up there in air well settled so…’

George smiles

George ‘you want me to begin a follow on innings’

Alice ‘didn’t get what you say?’

George ‘you are too fast and talkative.. let me first help your son’

Alice smiles..

Alice ‘a dinner with me?’

George ‘oh goodness.. why you took all decisions on your own?’

Alice ‘because I would find you all alone and you look good so thought why not attempt.. as life does give 2nd chance’

George smiles..and looks at the shut mobile…

He opens it..and delete’s Mary’s contact number from the same