Kid Abuse

One of the worst crime any person can do is to abuse kid..  a sexual abuse.. and that too by teachers..   Some times a media may be blamed for over hyping a situation but at same time, we cannot ignore the pitfalls of human psychology where in with too much of information bursting out, people are experimenting on anything and everything in name of thrill and pleasure..    It needs to stopped.. It is a fundamental duty of global citizens to create safety awareness among all your circles and educate kids, teenagers, adults, senior citizens too or even at times your pet animals in whichever way to be safe and train them on self-defence strategies.


Lord Ganesha – 2017

Lord Ganesha returns back to India and finds a huge change in way of thinking within span of 1 year..


Few years back, the construction in rural areas were happening in pockets, full swing but then with Aadhar and linking everything to Aadhar, the tile industry, cement.. every where a slump..

The CAs are working hard to file returns per month and at grass root levels, it is taxation hitting all round..

The positive strengths of demonetization and GST is that discipline process has just begun..

But the Lord is also sad that a big disparity between HAVES and HAVE NOTS have come in..    A message loud and clear that offshoring will face challenge not because of US focuses on their own unemployment issues but because of skill development..

Lord is surprised that education has become unaffordable for many and though government keeps having multiple skill development initiatives, where is the zeal to teach?

Multiple entrepreneurship initiatives have been undertaken, but the struggle to get investors continue.

All hope miraculously that Lord will solve the problem one day..

Lord Ganesha is happy that the same zeal, enthusiasm continues and the respect too exists for him as always, and as always hopes that education system may get more innovative and reach out at all villages of country and hopes individuals begin improving self further through self-discipline, modest consumption pattern and think of more savings for better future of their kids and next generation.

Lord Ganesha is the same.. Loving, Giving, Forgiving and Kind and wants similar compassion built in all.


Venture Drama

Eagle ‘What makes venture dramas a success’

Manuel ‘it is a concept where an entire venture is penned as a story and narrated as a presentation.. ‘

Eagle ‘what it means?’

Manuel ‘life as a venture begins alone and parents are our mentors and advisers. We are hand held for 9-12 months and then… the walk, talk and then running, jumping.. and then… more mentors, more advisers in form of teachers, uncles, aunts, paternal and maternal relatives and friends or even boss”

Eagle ‘what is the drama there?’

Manuel ‘adjustments and non adjustments.. both lead to dramas

Eagle ‘where is the drama?’

Manuel ‘we exhibit various emotions and unfortunately these emotions come out as drama’s so one thing is certain venture without drama will never get results and hence we have demo, pitch, twitter, facebook posts.. everything is publicized with power of internet’

Eagle ‘so?’

Manuel ‘venture drama is all about live debates on lessons learnt where founders and teams are honest enough to own mistakes over failures and discuss it out.. openly.. (voice of truth)

Good for Nothing

John is a good for nothing individual who gets into an argument with his uncle Professor Sam on the same topic.

John ‘Good for Nothing.. I am Good..  But am not getting anything.. hence am Good for Nothing’

Sam ‘John.. it means.. you are useless’

John ‘Uncles.. Good came in that sentence.. Right’

Sam ‘yes’

John ‘for nothing too came’

Sam ‘yes’

John ‘precisely.. am good but am good for nothing… Give me 100 bucks to watch latest movie and see how i take care of you and Aunty and we can celebrate using those 100 bucks’

Sam ‘you are absolute useless.. wake up’

John ‘I have seen in life.. many a time GOOD FOR NOTHING folks complete almost > 80 percent of work and then somewhere some heroes and heroines come and pad that with some frills and get acknowledged’

Sam ‘you realize that right’

John ‘yes’

Sam ‘why you cannot complete the remaining 20% then’

John ‘because my teachers never taught me things fully. blame this education system.. even after studies.. we need to go for extra coaching, join online.. every where money.. so am obviously good for nothing.. as i don’t have bucks too’

Sam ‘ok.. enough of melodrama.. let us go and watch the latest movie.. At least drive us to the theater’

John ‘yes uncle.. give me 100 bucks first’

Sam hands over 100 bucks

John ‘Uncle.. eating popcorn is bad for your health.. You should drink only plain water..  I will unfortunately have to eat the whole lot.. If you wish you can pay additional 50 bucks and we can go for a buffet dinner’

Sam ‘crazy boy.. start right away.. go and ask Aunty to dress up.. Sunday time.. Movie time.. Enjoy’

John ‘All movies too are good for nothing as you will loose 150 bucks soon’

Sam ‘return back.. now the money.. we will cancel going out’

John ‘Am kidding Uncle..  let us zoom past’

Fooling (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Mischievous Tom always loved fooling his near and dear once since child hood. Now in college one day he just stands in front of class room with a board ‘ON STRIKE’

Students ‘Why so?’

Tom ‘Madam Julie hates me for not doing anything hence’

Students ‘but why are we punished?’

Tom ‘Madam Julie has to accept my terms that I will continue to love her till i complete graduation’

Students look dumb struck at each other and begin laughing

Julie comes near the class and is shocked at all laughing, giggling and finds Tom in his dashing best standing with the board..

Julie ‘Come lets get to class’

Students ‘Madam Tom has some conditions imposed.. Do you agree with all of them’

Julie ‘For today i agree as we have to complete our syllabus.. All terms agreed. Tom please grow up; get into the class’

All the students roar in laughter.. and get to class

Tom is dumb struck staring at Julie Madam

Julie ‘Tom.. I have a younger sister.. i plan to have her married to you if you study well’

Tom’s eye dumb struck and all students dumb struck and again all burst to laughter

Julie ‘Tom and my sister Anne are perfect. They can have a start up to introduce innovations in college

Tom gets excited..

All the students echo ‘This is partiality. You have special soft corner for Tom and he has already declared only if you love him till end of the college term, will he allow us to attend class’

Julie looks at Tom and Tom has a sheepish smile

Julie bursts into laughter and says ‘Boys and Girls.. even I was kidding.. I have no sister and it is time Tom grows up and focuses on studies then focusing on teachers.. I am much elder to all of you and am married too’

Tom’s face falls low

All students burst into laughter

Julie ‘i love all of you and also feel Tom can do well. I will love him if he studies hard and comes up in life’


Jose ‘A good entrepreneur is one who knows to milk work from his staff’

Jenny ‘Jose.. Miking.. is it a right usage of word’

Jose ‘I know you may feel a bit conscious about it.. but Jenny you are my co founder..a technical resource.. am just grooming you to help you understand that it is important for you to make best utilization of resource. ‘

Jenny ‘I didn’t like the work Milking’

Jose ‘Am sorry Jenny.. I didn’t mean to hurt you or our staff’

Jenny ‘do you really feel a good manager should extract good work from staff’

Jose ‘what is the use of a manager who needs coaching and direction on continuous basis’

Jenny ‘do we milk from our parents, teachers for our growth?’

Jose ‘yes.. the terms is a bit hard.. but unfortunately.. you know how the world is.. someone or other is out to milk someone or the other?’

Light the Brain with a Pen


My hand shook for a while

struggling to hold it

the As B’s and C’s

My hand practiced it

All the while

Alphabets to Words

Words to Sentences

Sentences to Prose

She just felt it

as if words were real

the emotions, ethos

the passion and humor

She lit my brain with her

mercy to gift me to write

and keep writing

She showers me with

her magic of improving

thinking and rethinking

a combination of words

rhythm to prose

to stories to entertainment

she is my inspiration

behind me supporting me..

Now the million dollar question  – who is she?

An angel, a girl friend, a wife or a fiancé or is it some unknown up in the sky.. a star or a planet or is the mother universe?

“Blogger Baba and Babies – Love all who love your writing.. John baba does it, Carol baby does it… I do it, Mary does it, Cathie does it.. Joy does it.. All love the ones who love blogging..

After all entertainment is ever green