Love seeks only one answer

Love seeks only one answer ‘yes I love you too’

Why is this conditional expectations seeped into mind by heart..

Julie wonders over this.. ponders over this

and arrives at conclusion that James should say ‘YES’ because she offered him job,

she offered him a good post.. and above all she offered him her heart..

James ‘you have not bought me?’

Julie is silent with a drop of tears in her eyes

James ‘at times a professional gets coaxed into joining a company on an assumption that the person could be prospective life partner but alas’

Julie ‘I was amazed by your work.. didn’t have a cofounder so offered you some equity.. and then love happened.. not my fault.. you too were loving and caring.. and those shared lunches and dinners’

James ‘you always knew I had a fiancee’

Julie is silent

Julie ‘help me solve my problem’

James ‘nothing much.. let us have professional relation.. am getting engaged next week’

Julie rushes and hugs James and plants a kiss on his lips

James ‘hey ..sorry.. I don’t like this’

Julie ‘help me out.. tell me a solution.. do not mind you being with her too and me too’

James ‘enough.. am putting my resignation paper’

James is gone…

Julie wakes up with a start…

Julie ‘will he really go ahead with his fiancee?’

Next morning… she gets a call

‘Sorry to inform.. James has committed suicide.. was harassed by his girl friend who always doubted him for an affair.. She wished him to be with her forever and it seems he wanted to get into serious relation with you.. Am his mother..’

His mother bursts into tears..

Julie keeps the phone down and rushes to James’home

James is smiling peacefully as he has departed.. with a message loud and clear in his mind

Only Julie can feel those words

‘Never become too demanding in love..which will destroy not only you but also lead to permanent uneasiness for your partner.. give space dear.. all will go well… Next life.. not sure.. will it be commitment phobic reborn entity or will I be a compulsive flirt.. god knows what.. happy wishes to you.. do remember to transfer my equity to my mother’s name.. hope you do that’

Julie leaves James home with a sad silence..

Mathematics of Emotions

A tear drop fell as Susan helplessly wondered when will George have time for her.

George ‘it is 20 drops and then the sprinkled flow.. the force was a bit uneven’

Susan ‘George.. why mathematics in this’

George the mathematician always felt everything is maths in this world.

George ‘as you lost those 20 drops.. the earth gained water. Everything balances out.. Minimum 1 million individuals in this earth may be crying every day.. it means 20 drops of water on average.. do you know the water generated.. the volumes’

Susan shakes George up…

Susan ‘George.. why am i in love with you.. you are crazy.. weird.. still not sure.. what makes me hold on to you’

George ‘bonds.. our heart has built strong bond.. the integrated bond cannot differentiate values.. hence we look unified to others.. but if we put a mathematical formulae to our love

Our love = (our physical mass) x emotions ^ speed of light

Susan ‘George.. mathematics is tough. Now you introducing science’

George ‘your mom failed to understand economics of love.. more the demand.. less the supply.. and vice versa.. hence your father seperated from her’

Susan has more drops oozing out..

George ‘if ever anyone kisses anyone.. the number of membranes which get touched.. ‘

Susan ‘common I know you are weak in biology.. don’t do such stupid talks’

George ‘infinite contacts happen during a kiss. hence binding becomes more special.. then normal eye contact’

Susan hugs George.. and kisses him on his lips

George ‘i have to now focus on abstract algebra.. everything is hypothesis..   Susan kissed george, it means she loves George.. (null hypthesis)..  now who will prove and reject this statement..

Susan ‘you.. as you have hammered me with so much maths that I know you will prove I do not love you’

George ‘funny girl.. you know I will exit and still you hold on to me’

Susan ‘because you are a special unique creature.. very simple in heart.. hence’

George ‘I used to hate divisions and multiplications.. but now I divide my love. between maths and you.. i multiply my love for maths and you by asking you more mathematical questions..

Why is it that your heart beats heavily..when you are near me?

How many beats were heavy and how many normal..

Susan has left to prepare food with a weird look

Susan has adjusted to her boy friend’s madness.. hence her relation survives..  hope all do that. for companion support.. tolerate each other’





Die Hard Lover

Samuel loves his wife tremendously. He also loves his friends a lot.. He is having a packing unit.. and one day he finds one of his subordinate sobbing.

Samuel ‘Maria why you in tears?’

Maria ‘My boy friend left me in lurch.. and am pregnant’

Samuel ‘This is bad.. Any individual should own up responsibility in love. I think, I can help you out.. Can the child be aborted?’

Maria ‘5 months.. too late’

Samuel ‘Fine.. go ahead.. and let us see what can be done’

5 months latter.

Julie, Samuel’s wife ‘Hey I see Doctor bills. Hope you are not having an affair?’

Samuel ‘Maria’s boy friend left in lurch.. so she is giving birth to his kid’

Julie ‘that is sad.. what next’

Samuel ‘What you suggest?’

Julie ‘Plan to adopt that kid?’

Samuel ‘Was thinking so.. I know you too have conceived lately’

Julie ‘Let us adopt it’

Samuel visits Maria

Samuel ‘Maria… can I adopt her?’

Maria ‘She is my kid.. how can I part from my kid.. Sorry Sir’

Julie comes in..

Julie ‘It is fine Maria.. but we will be her guardian in school to give her a father’s name’

Maria bursts into tears…

Maria ‘I actually plan to leave this town’

Julie ‘I suggest leave the kid.. and we take care of her’

3 years latter

Maria ‘Mam i want to take the kid back’

Julie ‘Sure Maria.. how are you doing?’

Maria ‘Fate is bad.. my second boy friend too duped me..’

Samuel ‘Love is Responsibility and hope people understand this and Love for Employee too comes with responsibility only.. relax.. we will appoint you in our other branch. you be with your kid and we take care of both of you’

Operation BOP

Touch their heart dear and feel their pain

Touch their soul dear and feel their anguish

At times they eat, At times they wash

An occasional bath, An occasional praise

In heat and rain, toiling for the day

To choose between food, clothing, shelter

Where is a need for an education?

Tears come in plenty.. it floods the heart

Empty stomach, urge too comes in

A fulfilling sex to only find another responsibility

in womb coming soon as bundle of joy

A change in law, brunt felt

Election time, money pours in

Health is taken care of

Soon all disappear as NGOs come in

trying to help in way they can..

but emotional, psychological,

physical damage and easy pray to

exploitation, BOP oh BOP

will I ever go up in ladder

No rest, if at all it happens

it happens in jail or in

general ward of hospital bed

Too many squabbles, Too many robbery

gangster here and there… Love too happens

almost frequently.. but where is the time

Half earning go in liquor

Other half goes in food

No savings.. No enjoyment

A Big TV displays

Entrepreneurship for BOP growth

Sales and Penetration need to happen

I need to purchase those items

Sometimes network marketing

Sometimes force

Sometimes cajol

Am I a victim of life

or god sent me in BOP

as part of my fate

and just when i become rich

I forget those roots and try to be away from BOP

Am i you or Am i Me

Life is nothing but a cell for me

Sometimes someone preaches something

I believe that.. someone changes that

I believe that,

I believe all who give me loaf of bread

as I have stopped believing in myself

and believing that i too am god’s gift

to do something good for society

Am I this blog writer who thinks too much or Am I his belief that I can do something well.

Am I Operations BOP where Prime Minister to President keep moving all over globe

in search of funds for me to grow me..

But I remain where I am as no one wished to grow me in first place.

Either for job or for grant or for mileage of success, I am used, thrown, re-used

just like the garbage in the dust bin which is supposed to be recycled

Where is my freedom but in those stinky loo’s which needs to be cleaned

Where is my security but in those small little huts which can collapse any time

I hope for a change.. A change to happen all over..

A up down pyramid can never happen

Operations BOP needs like minded professionals to bring new meaning to BOP

to educate the uneducated, to bring smiles to those exploited, left over victims

of abuse and domestic violence..

Bravo Operation BOP..

Who cares for such blog but a few

Intimacy is needed and all I can do is kiss all of you passionately not your lips, not your body

but your soul to wake it up and enjoy spirit of social entrepreneurship which all investors

attempt, struggle and try to get returns out of BOP projects.  It can.. It will and it surely will be

but with BOP people only taking ownership for that success

Stop It

Stop the tantrums

Stop the strikes

Stop the outbursts

Stop the tears

Stop the noise

Stop the pompous

Stop the dramas

Any kind of impediments or obstacles leads us to lesser progress and more headaches.

Your work can be done peacefully, singly by you alone and you can humbly show your achievements for a better growth if you learn to be associated with right kind of people and environment.

How we can identify that environment?

Simple.. Just check if any of above points happening too often on recurring basis continuously.

Just put a stop to that…


I am from Kabul

Javed was a happy go lucky peasant in Kabul till one day he got devastated with War..

Javed goes back to old days….

Javed ‘Hey the camel never wishes to get up… what could be the reason’

Saira ‘I believe it is too tired’

Javed ‘We provide camels to Saudi Arabia for the races and hope the camel recovers’

Saira ‘I really feel pity for the camels.. they toil and toil and the end result is death in brutal way at times’

Javed has drop of tears..

He realizes that he is in past…

Javed ponders ‘If being innocent was a fault or being killed mercilessly was a destiny.. Everything can be resolved if the intent is right..  “