Startup Death

James ”seriously I feel the product design is not in shape.. we need to think over it’

Sam ”Sir as you are the CEO, let me tell you, the backend database is miserable’

James ”can we change it?”

Sam ”yes.. in 2 weeks”

James ”excellent go ahead”

2 weeks later

James ”hey.. what happened even the existing application has broke”

Sam ”Sir.. the configuration management resource was on leave.. so our developers ended up working on same code.. and we find the new backend database is a big challenge”

James gets angry….

Sam ”and by mistake they deployed the code in production environment too”

James ”all of you are pretty careless. you are CTO.. I did not expect such gross carelessness from you”

Sam ”Sorry Sir.. however want to inform you that because of this gross mishap.. I wish to leave the company”

James “├íre you crazy?”

Before James can talk further, Sam has left the company

James calls his secretary and yells ”seriously.. startup CTO’s need to be thoroughly checked for their longetivity within company.. He just made mess and left ”

Secretary ”Sir.. why you listened to his advice?”

James ”common who would know whether he is right or wrong.. Am not technical”

James ”just give all other 4 staff 1 month salary and we will shut this mess up”

Secretary ”ok Sir”






Road Blockers

Jack ‘Who are the road blockers in this venture. We need to have a meeting and resolve the issues right away’

Kim ‘Pacey, Mike, Donald and Jessy, All are messing around the project’

Jack ‘What is their problem’

Kim ‘Internal politics. Mike feels Pacey is getting higher salary and Mike is doing most of the work’

Kim ‘Jessy and Donald are good for nothing so only Mike doing all the work’

Jack ‘Oh I see. so first road blocker is 1) good resources tend to get frustrated if they are paid less compared to ones who are less skilled or talented 2) productivity monitoring is missing 3) Project Manager is not technical and is not able to utilize weak resources 4) Project Manager not able to build capabilities of new resources and 4) There is no back up for good resource 5) good resource could be reluctant to share their knowledge’

Jack ‘Wow.. so 5 road blockers to this venture which just got funded 5 months back’

Kim ‘What you suggest?’

Jack ‘Elevate Mike and give him a rise of 40%. Explore Pacey on different project and review his performance after 3 months and ensure Mike hires a capable resource to whom Mike can transition knowledge and Mike needs to mentor the weak resources and also ensure Mike documents all the project details. I want to review it’

Jack the CEO leaves for the day..

Kim the operations head ‘Smart guy, he killed all birds with one stone but why is he soft on me’

Jack listens the last murmur as he steps in to inform Kim something..

Jack ‘Because I need a person who can do all the bad talk and handle teams when am not there. Counting on you dear”