Iconoclast disruption – Camera

A belief which needs to be broken..

A belief that an image need not be there…

If life had been so simple, we would have really wished to be away from all images.. Now comes a technology (camera ) which advances self and makes us again believe in images..

The irony of life is that as we keep striving to follow a particular set of pattern of thoughts, we universally agree to be part of camera movement…

Imagine life without a web camera or mobile camera,.. the back / front mode of camera and everything which triggers out of it… The instagram and the facebook.. or even these days in LinkedIn.. an insistence to have a phot…

Why not a nameless entity.. ?

Why then we need anyone to invest in those countless startups who advocate an image in form of advertisements or even some social security card which insists on having an image.. so what if it is a finger print and a photo?

The time to think is to go beyond an image and focus on the purposeful meaning of why a nameless entity was advocated?

Life can continue as it is even as nameless entity.. but the technology advancements insists on all of us to have some name.. some image.. some perception written and though multiple small communities may advocate life to be without an image, but image has come not as a real need but social need thanks to all the social media communities and even government to have some name around self..

So if someone feels an image is hurting to an eye.. and a disruption happens just for same..  it may just remain unwanted as that same someone will again become an image and be highlighted and in sense disrupting the ICONOCLAST philosophy again..

Technology has changed everything and even the beliefs in someway or the other..


Why do startups fail?

Startups is not about only getting right founders, right mentors and right incubators to scale up, but it is more about a research on arriving at a business model for an idea. The business model needs to be a paying one or impactful.

We find multiple startups imitating and the clones too get successful somewhere only because the investors prefer investing in safe bets.

No one risks an innovation till it is proven. This leads to innovation moved back to government funded initiatives or individuals who are seriously committed to innovations and give grants.

Almost startups globally fail as any thing in excess becomes a waste. How many startups can we have in mobility space or e-commerce or wallet or anything for matter. The unique differentiator is missing

What should be an ideal cost of experimentation?

Create a market base through need and subsequently just have 1 feature MVP (Minimum viable product feature) and push it in market.. If it succeeds, you add more modules.

Startups fail because of too much focus on either technology or marketing and the right balance is missed out.. Apart from that for strange reasons mentors/advisors are paid /not paid at all.. or even in board, may get may be 0.5% etc, so it is not a lucrative proposition for them.. So next time another startup gets into a graveyard, it is not because an entrepreneur failed, it is because the market validation was inadequate and the competency skills to scale it up needed more attention.




Curiosity to understand what follows next..

Curiousity to understand the unknown facts of life

if we probe into our soul for even 5 minutes we will realize soul wants us to be at peace.

Soul gets curious as to why it is torchored by so many affections, so many distractions, so many conflicts in mind and then add to it the technology driven friends, followers and so on…

Soul is curious as to why this rush push towards materialism when all it needs is peace


Life quality

Ram has initiated a startup Life Quality and reasons for this…

2 years back

Ram ‘it is crazy 16 hours coding, giving deliverable, how I wish someone comes up with life balance solution’

Lisa ‘I have an idea’

Ram ‘what?’

Lisa ‘each individual will need to sleep minimum 8 hours’

Ram ‘so where is the business model?’

Lisa ‘we create a sleep backlog presented in IOT watches and alert individuals to sleep once a pattern defined’

Ram ‘great idea.. let us pursue this’

present state

Ram ‘have a lot of sleep backlog.. still.. what is the solution?’

Ram’s 5 year kid comes and shuts the laptop..

Ram’s daughter ‘simple.. come out of technology addictions’



Soldiers of our body

fights when time comes

every fungus, every virus

bacteria galore

Soldiers of our body

why it does not fight the mind?

the heart which gets attacked

by various energies

To heal, To soothe

what emerges are  anti-depressant

and then..soldiers again surface

fighting side effect symptoms

Home remedies to be in nature

be in greenery, studying galore

all the niceness of life

1 hour on google

1 hour in garden

1 hour in tough karate regime or sports

1 hour of aptitude and skill development

Life would be so nice for a school kid

dream education is all about

pursuing dreams to fulfil goals.

unfortunately the curriculum never

got listeners but nevertheless a good startup model.

Enjoy the nature and technology

and become an expert in what you wish to.

All who didn’t complete education

Am there for you..

Bill did it, why not you.


PCombinator – Stored Values

Stored Values can be assigned to any variable provided you have the capacity to store values.

Fundamental truth of life is to store all your values in an array…

example A startup can store following values

PROBING (Entrepreneur, Investor, Incubator, Accelerator, Mentor, Adviser, Technology, Competitors, Suppliers, Potential Employees, Leaders, Subject Matter expert)

INNOVATING (Technology, Process, Mindset)

Acting (Probing, Innovating)

Scoping (Acting)

Setting (Scoping)

Owning (Setting)

Nurturing (Owning)

Look at the beauty of PASSION for understanding how combinators work..
Company originating of Mathematical Formulae could be a nice concept..
but the true meaning of those hidden formulae lie in understanding the maths of combinators, PCOMBINATOR for you

Nurturing (Owning (Setting (Scoping (Acting (Probing (), Innovating ()))))

So if you wish to initiate a startup, first probe and then innovate and surely act on them.. Scope them, Set them, Own and Nurture them dear

Enjoy with PASSION

Connected Transport

Naru is a road transporter and always wonders why should transportation system be connected..

His wife is an electronic enthusiast and fully focused in IoT space (Internet of things)..

Naru gives an interesting problem to Nalini his wife

Naru ‘transporters need a drink to gulp so that they do not sleep ever..’

Nalini ‘this is a myth… do you understand how road accidents happen’

Naru ‘I am telling you a practical logistic problem’

Nalini ‘alcohol testers, driver behavior patterns, diagnosing vehicle’

Naru ‘common.. do you know there are ways to defeat alcohol testers.. vehicle diagnostic is not an issue.. a cleaner always exists and spare parts available.. the most important fact is logistics.. loading and unloading takes huge time in factories… ‘

Nalini ‘I think we can have drunken patterns monitored’

Naru ‘this is the problem.. we get into too many technologies to solve simple solution.. let me explain to you’

Nalini ‘what?’

Naru ‘Truck drivers are prone to dehydration. Many truckers don’t drink enough water to avoid going to loo’s and toilet as anyways there are not sufficient toilets in highways.
AC travels also have cool breeze sucks moisture from the air and your body.

Naru ‘why cannot IoT sensors be put in’

Nalini ‘brilliant idea.. am sure western countries would be experimenting it’

Naru ‘so two pain points ROADSIDE TOILETS and DEHYDRATION these could help to minimize road side accidents and so it is time to make intelligent toilets within vehicles too’

Nalini ‘where does connected transport fits in’

Naru ‘these road side toilets will have intelligent scanners to sense speeding vehicles, will have a tower above to collate street data, vehicles moving to predict traffic patterns’

Nalini ‘interesting.. but business model looks complicated’

Naru ‘most of connected transport entrepreneurs need to have patience and need good capital backing and rather then struggling with OEM’s, come up with solutions around road side monitoring’

Naru ‘traffic monitoring will play key role and bandwidth challenges will need to get resolved for connected transport to be successful’

Nalini ‘for me IoT is here to stay.. but what is important is how IoT should be wisely used, taking user experience’

Naru ‘cup of coffee dear.. hammering you with ideas.. on sunday when we both should be relaxing’

Nalini ‘driverless vehicle will happen’

Naru ‘In India.. only in shopping malls in a predefined area’

Nalini ‘it will happen for sure’

Naru ‘hope so…’

Nalini ‘connecting people, connecting objects, objects interaction.. life of a transporter will get complicated further with too many technologies.. so hope someone focuses on creating maintenance shops.. skill development focus’

Naru is snoring..

Nalini looks up and sighs ‘hence I asked him to stop driving years back.. sleepy eyes detection sensors in making.. Innovation is just a state of mind, pushed by humans to invoke the right part of brain and link to left part of brain to make a product out of innovation. .Naru is exploring IoT only because of his blind love for me… poor hubby.. his life is simple.. but he needs to get used to technology’

Nalini ‘passion framework is all about probing and innovating.. Naru loves reading those blogs hence all this ideas keep flashing in his mind’