Logic of Life

We don’t see the dirt which oozes out of body when we wash our body

We do analyze a problem and try to resolve them and even probe why it happened.

We accept the dirt or toxins which come out of our body as part of nature

We don’t accept abuses or bad behaviors which come out of us occasionally as we feel it is not normal.

We do analyze our behavior pattern over period of time and try to even seek counselors

If we realize that we are mere products and have a product life cycle and if we realize the unknown force gave us the power to re-invent ourselves and come up with new releases at pre-decided interval and we may have some releases succeed and some fail and we accept a fact that bugs may remain and bugs will be solved too but are we as product worth enough to be utilized by few or may or the entire world. What type of product we wish to be? Long term, Short term or keep re-inventing and remain a continuous brand is where logic of life exists. If we stop re-inventing, we will soon perish.

So re-invent self without think of what our patterns exist and what defects emerge due to that and if people accept us as we are, we are surely a winner.