Philosophy of Life

Philosophy of life is a tribute to those who just spend their life on day-to-day basis without worrying about what happens next..

Tom eats food on time regularly, exercises and ensures his blood sugar level are right..

His friend Gerald is happy go lucky and eats food, drinks properly at nights to ensure he gets dizzy and lost in fantasy

Both are great friends…

Tom ‘why don’t you take control of your life?’

Gerald bursts laughing

Gerald ‘what happens next.. no one knows.. why you worry so much?’

Tom ‘time will tell…’

Tom ‘am investing in few startups .. may get some good returns’

Gerald ‘what comes.. give it.. give it all.. I have donated everything.. only ensured the beneficiary needs to take care of me.. give me meals. give me good food and of course wine’

Tom ‘you are nuts..’

Both of them are walking on road….

and as they are talking.. they never realize they are just in middle of road..

suddenly Gerald realizes..

Gerald ‘oh Jesus.. not sure… we are gone’

Before Tom can murmur a big truck strikes both of them…

Both are dead on spot…

Sky is clear… there is a bit of crowd…and….

‘life will end.. whatsoever way you wish to protect self… or enjoy self… so why even debate on things beyond our control… ┬átry to control.. what is possible.. try not to control.. what is not possible.. and just remain smiling and grounded’

‘life shows its own path to you for sure’