Search Engine

Search Engine for fuel

Search Engine for energy

Search Engine for movement

Search Engine for its reliability to give you assured results.

Human brain is such that if they research over something, it is already existing

If human imitates, they are labeled copy cat

If human innovates and no one is aware of its value, they are called mad

If others appreciate you, thunderous applause comes all of sudden

Mad person becomes sane person and if these applauses go viral

A mad person can become celebrity too and at times worshipped too

Search engine optimization can make anyone a celebrity

so what if the sane person who was labeled mad initially and got applauded later actually is caught in this web madness of twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr and next what..?

god knows some blog too

didn’t it mention search engine.. (engine is our brain and we are trying to search something there.. our identify.. our existence and so what if till then people call us MAD

MAD = My Adorable Darling too




A strong desire to achieve an object and seek security from an object.. – A perception which moves forward and manifests in form of dream, ambition, mission, vision, ideology, principles and finally leads a person to become fully passionate about that object.

In love, many a time we fail to see pros and cons.

In business too which has loads of PASSION, you may tend to get blind..

To moderate the PASSION, you need to cultivate another PASSION and it could be towards a hobby or social work.

So now we have 2 PASSIONs

What about the 3rd PASSION

Here you inner psychology is at work and you may even cultivate a PASSION for Social Media Outreach.

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linked In..

Enjoy being PASSIONIT