Startup bubbles up in Air

Startup bubbles up in Air…

With so many startups emerging all over the world.. the air gets filled with a vibrant ecosystem full of enthusiasm till reality check comes in..

Sam ”we have exhausted the last penny of the investments.. need another 100M$’

The board members look at each other and smile..

Sam ”what is your decision?”

Jack ”I have 2% equity in your loss making startup though it is valued US$750M.. so seriously speaking.. I do wish .. someone puts in 100M more to get it going”

Banker Rocky ”dear all.. we can invest.. but you need to acquire at least 4 companies more to consolidate your positon”

Sam ‘Sure.. we can…”

Rose ”seriously am not sure where we are heading.. the sentiments are not too rosy.. it seems the entrepreneurs are just not willing to boot strap with zeal any longer.. all looking out for some investments’ and only then the show goes on”

Sam ”No Rose.. we did boot strap…”

Rose ”anyways.. whatsoever is board decision.. let us go by that”

After the meeting

Sam ”Rose.. you could have been less nasty..  what about our personal quotient’?”

Rose ”it finished way back.. when you left me for Sophia.. and remember.. I did the whole lot of bootstrapping and helped you get seed funded”

Sam ”Rose.. one lesson I learnt in this game..

Rose ”what?”

Sam ”never feel shy to seek funds”

Rose ”I know.. you well”

Sam smiles




Issues for nothing

Startups have issues for nothing

Samuel ‘no money.. no further goals’

Martin the VC firm staff ‘so fully dependent on investors… why so’

Samuel ‘we believe we did our part.. a nice product.. but accelerator never helped us get clients’

Martin ‘ridiculous.. do not set such expectations’

Samuel ‘they promised it’

Martin ‘they promised good network, reach, partners’

Samuel ‘still want to exit.. can you help me sell it off’

Martin ‘great.. we do everything for you.. and you call yourself entrepreneur’

Samuel ‘sorry.. but you are just creating issue for nothing.. am just asking you our normal expectations..  you invest and ask us our exit route.. hence want to inform you.. most of entrepreneurs do say they will exit.. but really rely on venture capitalists and P/E firms only for exit.. so it is upto you’

10 days latter

Martin ‘Boy… am exiting the VC firm.. am starting my own venture.. best of lucks.. got tired to be a sandwich between entrepreneur and investors’


USA vs Indian Startups

Think anything crazy and you are sure to get invested in US if you pitch well…

Think anything which already exists but not yet introduced in India, you are sure to get invested in India

As we crib of  lack of innovations in India, does it really matter and does it really have investors seeking to invest in millions?

When I researched and kept researching the art and science of entrepreneurship ecosystem in US, Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East, Netherland, Russia, Mexico and many other countries realized that PROBING means different to different individuals who wish to be entrepreneurs

Few years back, the ones who initiated business in India copied a successful replicable not yet done model in India and Investors too didn’t mind investing in such ventures..

Same side, there were dozens of innovation holding dust in college libraries or in some houses but with no takers and most importantly because of design aesthetics no one wished to invest..

Many design schools too got opened, but creativity again needed PROBING.. international probing of what is needed to succeed so INNOVATION again needed PROBING..

Slowly and surely multiple incubators /accelerators mushroomed in India too but lack of mentors or even still the expectations of entrepreneurs shot up..

None wish to think below Rs20lacs or Rs30lacs and now there is a catch 2 situation.. Should these entrepreneurs be funded or kept informed to search jobs and learn more and then become entrepreneurs?

The number of Series A funds have dipped drastically.. So what happens to the 1000 or 10000 startups out to win the global market?

Does currency matter a lot? Absolute yes.. and conditioning mind from being service centric to product centric is more vital for developing (near developed) country like India.


Why do best of geeks perform from India perform well in US and get bogged by pressures during work in India?

It is because of consulting mindset, a thought to work on hourly basis.. and even if product investments happen, unless the best from best of institutes not as founder member, it is a risk..

As i experiment with individuals from all walks of society, the biggest challenge is motivating all to think / attempt to become entrepreneur and will they get investments? Not sure..  but what they may get is a market reach and traction to sustain themselves..

Finally what is so special about US startups?

Innovation.. and ability to identify right pain points.

Is there a clutter of no show investments in US too?

Obviously yes.. as to how many investors would wish to invest in already cluttered market and purely focus only on IT/ECOMMERCE based solutions..

There are surely many investors in India who also wish to invest in innovations in India but again a fear of non show in Series A may be detrimental for creativity, innovations in India.

My focus on accelerator program is guiding the individuals to make strong technical scalable product or service.

Wake up Startups

Interesting graphic view by yourstory.

1) PASSION the only original accelerator concept in globe started in 1996. I got similar setback as was not sure of any schemes, and was sort of novice entrepreneur. Many opportunities would come from corporate managers wanting their row houses to be converted to training centers. I never knew what am getting too but was determined to build an eco system of profit sharing.. where each role gets an equity..

2) Landed into deep problems and got into scaling a company to a big size and again found entrepreneurs really trying to get more gains for business but employees may be paid handsome salaries but finally the spirit of entrepreneurship or innovation dies off. It is killed and soon we find Maslow Theory at work where creative folks start looking at social outlets in form of Angel Network and so on..

3) Now comes the investors.. in all fair sense they invest so they do need a huge ROI.. but then when I studied the entire eco system, realized unless we have a big brand blessings, poor roadside entrepreneur will remain poor only.. or once they become rich, will be surrounded by bankers, investors to be part of some angel forum etc.

4) An entrepreneur grows self to sell self.. penned by me.. is the reality of how we fail to make strong foundations, strong institutes and there are may be a handful not because of the present bred entrepreneur’s patience but because their forefathers struggled, made a platform, base and finally after everything available in platter, the entrepreneurs could flourish business further.. but where is the patience or perseverance left to really groom talents.. We have just a test performance score.. a day match and if the sportsman or entrepreneur fails.. gone is the time..

5) Women entrepreneur encouragement exists but where is that zeal and enthusiasm to be hard core professional without support of family and beloved..

6) Why do we need to make so much hype for something which in reality is common sense requirement.. a structure of space given to individuals to build business on an equity or price.. I advocated always since 1996 we really do not need space at all.. but free space of mind where individuals can think.. could be in forest or in nature or anywhere under sun and come up with idea and work together provided all know their strengths and weaknesses and understand equity compositions.

7) Do we really feel mentors and advisors at 0.2percent equity of whatsoever will really in right ernest groom entrepreneurs? they will but with being in their own company, comfort horizon and they may just be some small brand in the higher valuation business game of entrepreneurship.

I am an entertainer who focuses on story format to explain entrepreneurs the entire gamut of entrepreneurship.

We need to awaken self and realize that we really do not need to go to any investor or incubator if quality of services missing..
Just go to customers.. solve their problems.. sell like not a grocery shop but like a poor kid who is running in scorching heat selling water, selling toys, selling perfumes and what not in traffic signals risking life too.

Unless aggressive marketing approach not taken, no startup can really be able to build foundation.. they may be scaling ventures up, but finally boss they will need to exit, sell and move into those foundation organizations already built by some serious fore father visioners who struggled to build things for not money only but to build a society vibrant with employment and entrepreneur eco system.. so what if politics emerged then.. still focus was clear.. to build nation.. to build strong economy.

PASSIONIT Entrepreneurship Meetup

Pune, IN

We invite mentors and entrepreneurs who wish to share their insights / knowledge to budding entrepreneurs in all walks of life (IT, Clean Energy, Hospitality, Social Work, Ele…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Share with your friends, share with anyone who wishes to be really serving cause of entrepreneurship.
Am not the big wig money investor nor a most happening company nor anything..
Am only providing a framework.. a framework for entrepreneur success. for human success.
Even if one dimension fails.. entrepreneur crashes..
In this case study..
Acting, Scoping and Setting itself is challenging..
Probing anyone can do
Innovation anyone can do
But the midlevel principles gives opportunity for corruption.

Will I get investments? god knows when? 20 years of research and have built a foundation literally.. no need of hype, no need of money too in long run..
All can become successful if they realize that greed alone cannot help build foundation or need too cannot help foundation.. but what is needed is serious commitment and right strategy without vested interests to grow business.

Having said this, any government body works under stringent environment of optimizing infrastructure needs, so they could be right in their own way and it is infact good that such initiatives are happening in developing countries.
The leadership shows a vision, mission but implementation needs toughness, it needs determination.. it needs monitoring and it needs results.

CEO Talks

CEO Jack has been invited to a meetup in Houston.  He is supposed to give a presentation on ‘Entrepreneurship’

Jack finds his presentation deleted and his lap top is having problems.. He had hurriedly done the presentation, so no back..

Jack ‘I think am unprepared for the presentation’

Organization Tim ‘No problems.. with your experience.. all should be fine’

Jack is called on stage

Jack has a stage fear too.. relied on presentations all the while..

Jack finds nervousness reaching his peak.. slowly he musters courage

Jack ‘what we do routine.. we get bored. and then we need to do something different. Entrepreneurship begins from there’

Jack finds the audience looking at him with high expectation…

Jack ‘hey i think I should sit and talk’

The organizers get a chair

Jack ‘and then.. one day when are in our positions.. we get surplus money and decide to invest on individuals whom we feel have potential..  Each CEO should become an investor’

Jack finds his throat dry

Jack calls for water

Jack ‘what happens when your baby crawls, walks and keeps growing.. you enjoy that phase. When in job you join companies which are grown babies.. you need to get used to that culture.. Here it is your own baby.. you are imbibing your experience, knowledge and culture’

Jack is getting stomach cramps

Jack ‘I think am uncomfortable without slides’

Audience echo ‘Carry on.. you are giving vital tips’

Jack gets confidence

Jack ‘and then…your baby grows… and in US and many countries.. baby wishes to be on own.. and it is time to move out of baby’

Audience begin clapping hands..

Jack ‘Do I ever ask returns of investment from my own kid?’

Audience is fully silent

Jack ‘A true entrepreneur would have PASSION for one’s baby.. so will not be bothered of ROI however baby needs teachers, mentors so  will mentor them coach them and soon costs on one baby keeps increasing. we tend to neglect other babies if we cannot afford money’

Jack drinks glass of water and wipes his sweat

Jack ‘Sweat equity.. and investment.. the entrepreneur decides to think the baby will support him but.. but the baby doesn’t so  an entrepreneur disowns the baby and makes profit out of it..

Jack ‘Do you wish to sell your babies?’

All become silent…

Jack ‘LIFE is a game of buyer and seller. We humans buy everything and decide to sell out if purpose completed and what remains are memories’

Jack ‘So finally the baby grows.. and keeps growing and you just remain happy with its growth with no expectations. True Entrepreneur who cares for its venture sets a vision, mission, growth too but not with an expectation to sell of the baby’;

Jack ‘hope you enjoyed my speech’

There is thunderous applause…

After the event..

Jack looks at the video

Jack ‘hey could see myself so uncomfortable… stage fright can kill the tempo.. Hope all indeed clapped for genuine reasons’

His wife Sarah smiles and says ‘CEO TALKS always have hearings’

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (Critical parameter)

  • Dispute Jurisdication
  • Arbitration clause (to avoid going to court)
  • Penalty Clause
  • Incentive Clause
  • Ownership Clause
  • Costs of travel, lodging and boarding

Susan looks at Robert and questions why all this clauses discussed before Marriage

Robert ‘sometimes we find incidents of getting sued unnecessarily hence’

Susan ‘don’t you trust me?’

Robert ‘yes.. but here am being fair.. I am just saving self and you from hassle’

Susan ‘we are in live in for 3 years now.. Just because I got this marriage issue, you have come up with this new drama’

Robert ‘do you know any commitment needs to have confidence.. else it is not a commitment’

Susan thinks for a while..

Susan ‘let us continue as we are’

Robert ‘the day you agree to sign on my terms and conditions where even you will get your equal rights, we will get into matrimony’

Late evening Robert is having sip of wine with his friend James

James ‘Any luck’

Robert ‘not sure.. she is still commitment phobic. and for me I have seen a turbulent child hood life with separated parents howling at each other.. so, let us see what happens. In Terms and Conditions two parties try to safe guard each other and then realize finally trust and ethics are two principles by which business runs, emotions run, love runs and even humans.

Terms and Conditions if signed by a novice is absolute foolishness and if signed by an experienced is meaningful..

I see so many entrepreneurs in my accelerator initiative signing those terms without understanding meaning.. All first time entrepreneurs.. so here Susan is wise, mature.. am confident in this love term sheet, she will sign that soon’

Next morning  Robert see’s a greeting with red heart.. He opens the same…

Robert reads it









Somya ‘What if i leave the venture in between?’

Rick ‘Dear Soumya, your shares need to be vested. It means in lay man term mortgaged and it would be good 4 years’

Soumya ‘whay?’

Rick ‘Dilution risks.. mitigated’

Soumya ‘can i dilute that stock every year’

Rick ‘of course we can have a schedule made.. ‘

Soumya ‘thanks’

Rick ‘why you are eager.. as you are the founder, you worked hard.. why leave.. are you not confident of the business any longer.. Am the key investor..want to know the truth’

Soumya ‘the business will grow.. it doesn’t attract me any longer.. am into next venture’

Rick ‘great.. let me know how I can help you’

Somya ‘Am at PIVOT stage.. taking client requirement, identifying real need and validating those need with my solution.. will get back to you when time is right”