A festival is celebrated for a reason.
A birthday is celebrated for a reason
A party is given for a reason
What about an individual who believes in giving party for no reason…
Sam loved giving parties. His startup GELLWITHALL has been doing well. What is missing in his life is some good companion…
Sam meets Madhuri a bright researcher from India in one of party. She has tagged Susan the high profile socielite.
Madhuri ‘why do you squander money’
Sam ‘do you know in each of these parties, there are opportunities for networking, business deals..’
Madhuri ‘I feel.. without a purpose, life is meaningless’
Sam sighs..
Sam ‘an ageing bull with no cow at sight’
Madhuri smiles..
Madhuri ‘do you know that victory is sense of achievement. I see you look proud of your achievements in giving party.. I see you feel that you have won a battle’
Sam ‘sort of.. but till date never found an avid observer like you’
Madhuri ‘victory of good over evil.. why don’t you create this theme party?’
Sam ‘this is absurd.. it means someone will be in bad group.. some in good’
Madhuri ‘you have a vice.. i have.. no one is perfect.. why cannot we pledge to leave one vice every year?’
Sam ‘common sheer madness..’
Sam announces an attention..
Sam ‘ladies and gentlemen.. are you open to pledge giving up a vice and stay in control for 2 weeks?’
All wonder..and burst out laughing..
Rob ‘no parties for 2 week’
Sam ‘that is not done.. vice means smoking, drinking, bad mouthing, witch hunt, sitting idle, sleeping late, waking late and so on’
Madhuri ‘let us jot down a list now of all volunteers participating in this’
Soon they have 20 participants..
2 weeks latter
Madhuri is looking gorgeous
Sam ‘Madhuri.. 20 years age difference between us’
Madhuri smiles..
Sam ‘so.. what is the result.. who stayed in control. who didn’t.. need honest answers’
Madhuri soon finds 5 of 20 participants stayed in control..
Sam ‘great.. so let us have another milestone for next party..’
Madhuri ‘Sam.. am a social entrepreneur and this is an experential learning’
Sam ‘Madhuri.. you were silent on me informing the age gap’
Madhuri ‘not yet ready for any type of relation.. had bad parenting.. so’
Sam ‘but we can be good friends?’
Madhuri ‘hope so.. victory over emotions too is important to evolve as good human’
Sam ‘you are too serious’
Madhuri burst laughing..
Madhuri ‘never spill the bean of secrecy if you wish to conquer the world..’
Sam ‘like good old age.. when wars would come unannounced’
Madhuri ‘yes.. to win a lady’s heart.. a man should be a good gentleman for good old 20 years’
Sam ‘common.. i would be 65 then’
Madhuri ‘but you forget that i will be your friend for 20 years.. is it not victory?’
Sam smiles..and says cheers and gets to dancing floor and dances with Madhuri.

Daaru Shaaru (Alchoholic Humor)

This episode is meant for ony entertainment and inspirational for ones who make opportunities out of vices..

Ramu ‘This is where day begins with alchohol and night again begins with alchohol’

Brenk ‘Hey here i have come to visit the steel plant and am amused when you say this’

Ramu ‘Sir.. DAARU SHAARU… dont you believe… he gulps water and gargles…and throws it’

Ramu ‘Sir.. people gargle country liquor..’

Brenk ‘No wonder.. as they stand behind iron getting melted..’

Soon brenk is shaken up..

A fully drunk man is standing in front of bull… and inviting bull to come closer..

Ramu looks at him amused..

The drunk man hugs the bull and soon is kicked to a distance.. he is struggling with pain’

Brenk ‘Never knew this can also happen’

Ramu ‘Sir.. all these rickshaw plyers’ they too even in morning’

Brenk ‘Hope my car driver is not drunk’

Ramu ‘I will take you at night time for a visit’

Brenk is surprised, shocked to understand 95/100 drink…

Ramu takes brenk to a country side liquor den.. he finds a big rush and push.. for less then US$1 struggling to get..

Brenk ‘What is this?’

Ramu ‘They get rice free from government.. so money is left.. so take around 5-10 bottles’

Brenk is amazed as he finds a boozard collecting left over liquor and puting in teaspoon

Brenk finds the guy licking the teaspoon…

Ramu takes him to a small hut..

He finds the wife of a labor having 2 bottles of liquor.. one for self, one for her husband and chicken

Brenk ‘Will she also booze?’

Ramu ‘Are you kidding.. dont you all enjoy drinking?’

Brenk realizes back in US, he is in a party full of beer and liquor and how his girlfriend pushed him in a big pool of beer..

Brenk ‘Yes.. of course we do…’

Brenk ‘What is Daaru  Shaaru?’

A drunk guy falls over brenk

Brenk ‘He is stinking’

Ramu ‘Daaru = Liquor, Shaaru – rhyming word..  like you say Ding Dong… Beer Dear and so on’

Brenk decides to take a small peg of country liquor

Brenk finds on other side a girl and boy taking cough syrup

Ramu ‘Sir.. that too gives kick’

Brenk ‘Will this place ever come out of it?’

Ramu ‘I doubt’

Brenk ‘Can i invest here on alcohol pouches (foreign brand) and poultry farm

Ramu ‘Great idea… Sir’

Brenk finds two drunkards talking

A  ‘this country is finished…. phoooooosss   Had i been the CM i would have abolished liquor’

B  ‘you are great… country needs leaders like you… can you order 1 more bottle please’

A ‘drink today.. ok.. if i become CM it will be gone’

B ‘where?’

A ‘will have liquor pipes installed dear…  you can even bathe in alcohol’

B ‘Wow… but dont you feel it is inflammable’

A hugs B..

A  ‘removing fear dear… all will go to steel plant to work…    all so scared of fire’

Brenk looks at Ramu

Ramu ‘dont worry sir.. do begin the business soon’

Brenk ‘Hey i was kidding’

Ramu ‘Sir.. do you have English?’

Brenk ‘What is it?’

Ramu eyes at the foreign liquor

Brenk hands it over to Ramu

Mr and Ms Devil meet Mr and Ms Human NaMoNaMo

NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo

Mr Devil ‘I am going to spread jealousy all around’

Ms Devil ‘I will ensure I will spread hatred and love all around. Imagine everyone loving everyone. Everyone hating everyone’

Enters Mr and Ms Human

Mr Human ‘Then we will only be fighting’

Ms Human ‘We will never get united’

Mr and Ms Devil laugh loudly

NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo

NaNoWriMo NaBloPoMo

Mr Devil ‘New vices will be introduced’

Ms Devil ‘New diseases will be introduced’

Mr and Mrs Human shriek loudly ‘No. Can anyone help us?’

Enters a pop up ‘Please express your sentiments and views only on the latest blogging competition. PASSION FRAMEWORK is out to help all of you’

Watch this space for exciting thriller with full of humor, suspense, horror, emotions, feelings, love and passion rolled out in a journey of entrepreneurs



This piece is pure entertainment. No correlation, inspiration from dead or alive, existing stories or future stories or present ones.

Am raising funds for my social work initiatives. Hope I succeed in entertainment and push entrepreneurship spirit further.

Who says Research leads to Doctorate Degree? I say Research leads to Entertainment Entertainment and Edu Entertainment. Education in Entertaining way..

NAMO Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.”

PASSION FRAMEWORK image is my own effort to spread entrepreneurship in just 7 dimensions PASSION



Mink used to throw tantrums as a child. This habit of his never died and it got carried forward even when he was in college. His girl friend Ana loved his style. Talented to core, he had come up with his first gaming product. On the very first day of his accelerator program..

Joy the investor ‘Mink, your product is good but lacks the depth of a simulation model’

Mink ‘So should I consider my self finished?’

Joy ‘Didn’t say so’

Till then Mink’s friend Bunny came in with coffee

Mink just took a sip and spilled it back on Bunny

Mink ‘Funny you, lucky you didn’t give to Joy, he would have felt if we cannot make coffee how can we get investments’

Joy smirked

Mink was having mischievous smile on his face..

Next day Joy threw a fit in the conference room when the projector failed to work..

Soon enough Mint was given a warning.. and within a week he got restricted

Ana ‘You have great potential but of no use.  Please change your ways else I am leaving you out of my life’

Mink ‘Go to hell’

Ana and Mink separate out

A year latter Ana bumps onto Mink

Ana is with her friends..

Mink is drunk

Ana ‘How are you doing?’

Mink ‘Thrill.. I am at top of my sky.. Just sold out my parent’s property.. they expired in accident’

Ana ‘So alone?’

Mink ‘Very busy.. too many girl friends and then loads of money left by my parents’

Ana sighs and leaves Mink

Ana starts a social work organization to take care of trauma patients..

One day she finds Mink fully shrunk bought by his friends to Ana’s organization

Ana ‘What happened to him?’

Friend ‘ He suffers from HIV.. and then you know he blew all his money so is not having a penny. Loads of debts and gambling and womanizing led to all this’

Ana slowly begins healing Mink

Mink is all weak.. and a few days latter..

Mink ‘Ana.. my time is up..’

Ana ‘Why you feel so’

Mink ‘Feeling restless.  I realized life played tantrum on me in similar way as I played tantrums all my life’

Ana ‘I feel really bad..’

Mink is closing his eyes..

Mink ‘Ana.. promise me, that if you see any teenager having such symptoms, bring them to right path’

Ana ‘Sure Mink, I observed you hence got motivated to start trauma cell’

Mink ‘Trauma is not too often,  habits like mine is dangerous. we feel we are god sent people and become proud of our beauty, wealth, power and tend to compare ourselves with hero and then one day all is lost. Laziness takes toil and we loose everything’

Ana ‘Sure Mink, will check with our state schools and gather list of students who throw tantrums and groom them’

Mink is dead..

Ana has tears in her eyes

Ana ‘Not sure if it is his fate or my failure to not help him out at right time..’

A year latter Ana gets her first round of social fund investments for tantrum healing venture..
























Why are we lost in the crowd and not wishing to come up in life?

Why do we need a kick to feel afresh?

A kick needed in life all time.

Morning coffee or Morning tea

Noon tea..

Night Wine and Dine..

Night a drink

Late night a kick..

Why we need a kick to do something afresh, to think something afresh

Oh the morning hangover. Still not got over the late night kick..

Why that tiredness after the whole kick?

Am I doped? Absolute No. Do I have a Kick to do something? Absolute Yes

Am I tired? Sometimes when you don’t find things happening the way you wish.

Should I dope? Absolute No.

Never drug self even if you are in grave problems.

Never get addicted to alcohol even if you are in sever frustration.

Life gets doped in vices. We need to get kick out of our work and our contributions to society.