Love for Fantasy

One of latest release in India is doing great business and there is a rush to see the King winning over evil.

What drives us towards fantasy?

A thought that all evil should end… and good should be the ultimate victor..

As the movie ends.. all seem happy that the good triumphed over evil…

Janir ”being a brave heroic person and hitting over all evil.. what a movie..’

Neena ”but I didn’t understan why people still love folk tales’

Janir ”because if they hear real tales.. it is always good struggling a lot.. so only in folk tales.. good always wins’

Neena smiles

Neena ‘next time just make a movie of 100 vices and how each vices engulf the world and eventually how a single person single mindedly kills all the vices in human to make  it a winner’

Janir ‘are there 100 vices?’

Neena ‘more then 100.. please count what all you have right away”


Arrive at your own conclusions

God gave someone everything and forgot to tell someone why it gave everything.

God gave someone nothing and forgot to tell someone why it gave nothing

When both entities crossed road, they looked at each other with a dry smile

The one who had everything felt the one who had nothing needs help

The one who had nothing felt the one who has everything should help more

In tussle the one who had everything walked away giving the one who had nothing, nothing.

Why God destined it that way.. no one knew

One day the one who had everything was in hospital

the one who had nothing was his caretaker

the one who had everything had tears in his eyes

the one who had nothing too had tears in his eyes

the one who had nothing was happy that he didn’t get the destiny which the one who everything had.

the one who had everything felt he was helpless and had nothing as all he laid bed ridden because of all his vices, ego.. .everyone had departed him.. he was awaiting his last days..

what else he could offer to the one who had nothing but blessings





A festival is celebrated for a reason.
A birthday is celebrated for a reason
A party is given for a reason
What about an individual who believes in giving party for no reason…
Sam loved giving parties. His startup GELLWITHALL has been doing well. What is missing in his life is some good companion…
Sam meets Madhuri a bright researcher from India in one of party. She has tagged Susan the high profile socielite.
Madhuri ‘why do you squander money’
Sam ‘do you know in each of these parties, there are opportunities for networking, business deals..’
Madhuri ‘I feel.. without a purpose, life is meaningless’
Sam sighs..
Sam ‘an ageing bull with no cow at sight’
Madhuri smiles..
Madhuri ‘do you know that victory is sense of achievement. I see you look proud of your achievements in giving party.. I see you feel that you have won a battle’
Sam ‘sort of.. but till date never found an avid observer like you’
Madhuri ‘victory of good over evil.. why don’t you create this theme party?’
Sam ‘this is absurd.. it means someone will be in bad group.. some in good’
Madhuri ‘you have a vice.. i have.. no one is perfect.. why cannot we pledge to leave one vice every year?’
Sam ‘common sheer madness..’
Sam announces an attention..
Sam ‘ladies and gentlemen.. are you open to pledge giving up a vice and stay in control for 2 weeks?’
All wonder..and burst out laughing..
Rob ‘no parties for 2 week’
Sam ‘that is not done.. vice means smoking, drinking, bad mouthing, witch hunt, sitting idle, sleeping late, waking late and so on’
Madhuri ‘let us jot down a list now of all volunteers participating in this’
Soon they have 20 participants..
2 weeks latter
Madhuri is looking gorgeous
Sam ‘Madhuri.. 20 years age difference between us’
Madhuri smiles..
Sam ‘so.. what is the result.. who stayed in control. who didn’t.. need honest answers’
Madhuri soon finds 5 of 20 participants stayed in control..
Sam ‘great.. so let us have another milestone for next party..’
Madhuri ‘Sam.. am a social entrepreneur and this is an experential learning’
Sam ‘Madhuri.. you were silent on me informing the age gap’
Madhuri ‘not yet ready for any type of relation.. had bad parenting.. so’
Sam ‘but we can be good friends?’
Madhuri ‘hope so.. victory over emotions too is important to evolve as good human’
Sam ‘you are too serious’
Madhuri burst laughing..
Madhuri ‘never spill the bean of secrecy if you wish to conquer the world..’
Sam ‘like good old age.. when wars would come unannounced’
Madhuri ‘yes.. to win a lady’s heart.. a man should be a good gentleman for good old 20 years’
Sam ‘common.. i would be 65 then’
Madhuri ‘but you forget that i will be your friend for 20 years.. is it not victory?’
Sam smiles..and says cheers and gets to dancing floor and dances with Madhuri.

Emotional Fools

Troy is a modern day philosopher cum serial entrepreneurs who believes the world has more fools then intelligent or wise people.. He decides to conduct a survey of all entrepreneurs in universe..  From US to Fiji, each entrepreneur is asked a few questions.. Sample questions as below

1) Did you ever get fooled in life?

2) Who fooled you? friends, relatives, employees, beloved?

Takes help of survey groups and captures data…

Troy ‘Susan.. this survey will reveal the truth’

Susan ‘What is great deal about it… All tend to get fooled’

After a month, Troy gets 500 responses and as his questions are LIKERT based, he begins analyzing and finds most of individuals get fooled knowingly rather then unknowingly if it is linked to their friends, relatives or beloved

An individual tends to get fooled by employees unknowingly..

Susan “Any remedies?”

Troy “Don’t get carried away if someone is expecting something or the other in return of little love, care, affection, friendship or food given to you.. You can return back the same in small packages too.. Don’t go overboard.. ”

Susan ‘Doesn’t a wife expect her husband to take care of her life long and also manage daily maintenance”

Troy “If she demonstrates her affection, loyalty, sincerity and cares equally, she does need that fulfillment from her husband”

Susan ‘What if on other side, a husband demands from wife all attention, love, and even small money for his vices?”

Troy “Avoid giving money for his vices..  don’t succumb to that pressure.. else she will be ruined”

Susan “What about employees who keep demanding rise every time boss says ‘Excellent’?’

Troy ‘Small incentives like movie or treat.. Explain to your employee that he will be given an excellent career.. he will get global exposures but all this provided employee is working long term and contributes to company growth’

Susan ‘What about ones who mindlessly succumb to god?’

Troy ‘Let them succumb as in that too, they have brought in focus. But for masses to see those benefits, those people should also do something for the world..   as life is all about action and not only reaction’

Devil Human – 1

This story is fiction with no relevant to dead or alive

As believer of life, death, known and unknown the world has clusters of people who always thrived in believing what is seen, heard and spoken..  Very tough to believe on internal thought process of someone

Zombies Casper and Doran are drug peddler who believe only money can purchase anything and everything because of money. Casper realized that he was left alone in grave yard by his parent and since then, he was spectator to witch, witch craft, skulls and eagles who would hover all over the grave. Doran was a small child then.. She escaped from a witch and requested Caper for help. Casper protects her and they run away from Prince ton Grave Yard and seek hide out in NY fast lane of Queens.

There Casper gets in hand of drug peddler Rombo and he shelters them since then.

Angel and Chris are two other orphans who are in Europe and Angel has been staying in Church orphanage since her birth.

Chris parents die in a road mishap and he is also staying in orphanage since birth..

The only problem is when the orphanage suddenly decides to close its services and both are transferred to China in groups of 20 other orphans..

Angel and Chris both have been friends and their age is 12 and 14 respectively

Casper and Doran are again 15 and 11 respectively..


Doran ‘Casper – I am fed up of living in this hell of smoke and then at night sleeping in one of the graves’

Casper ‘Am thinking of avenging and plan to meet Witch Zora to let me know how to invoke demons ‘

Doran ‘I suggest we should have her magically introduce vice thoughts in human of our choice’

Caper ‘Good idea’

In China

Angel ‘Chris, am working on a magical treatment to remove vices from human..  It will need expertise of Mr Xiang the spiritual world leader’

Chris ‘Don’t dream you are too young. Let us focus on our studies’

Angel ‘You have protected me all this while and ensure we both study too’

Angel ‘Chris do you think evil exits?’

Suddenly a crow comes over Chris..

Angel shrieks

Crow just shits over Chris’s shirt

Angel ‘Now I know why Chris needs to stay clean always’ and begins giggling

As clock strikes 11 noon..  Chris finds a young couple struggling to come out of an artificial cave

Chris helps them out

Chris ‘This is only meant for one person at time.. No two person can get in simultaneously’

Both of them faint over Chris

Angel ‘Funny couple.. Not sure who they are’

Chris ‘Am not sure why this orphanage was built near such caves. Who built these artificial ones?