stop crying

Farida ”do not worry.. every thing will be postponed”

Saira crying still..

Farida ”why?’

Saira ”exams are meant to end early… so again keeping tension for next 20days nightmare”

Farida ”I can understand… I too am waiting for court verdict on our little shop which was gutted and court yet to hear out… and give us the insurance amount so that we can build some small shop again”

Saira ”how is it linked to exams?”

Farida ”god gives us endurance test..  all need to go through it.. patiently”

Saira ”outcome?”

Farida ”all positive if remain focused on the test… else gone”



Twist of Fate

Jenny ‘am fedup trying to fend for self.. want to take job soon’

Mary ‘am fedup of routine.. want to do something different’

Jenny gets a call

Mary ‘why you look tensed?’

Jenny ‘I just got a call that my startup has a potential buyer.. 1M$.. and I need to work as employee in it for 2 years.. ‘

Mary ‘cool.. I too have an offer to cofound a company’

Jenny ‘it is great.. we both have got something different’

2 weeks later

Jenny ‘Mary.. how come you are my workplace’

Mary ‘even for me it is a surprise..  Gary tookover this company.. and he has asked me to cofound it’

Jenny ‘oh I see. so am an employee to you now’

Mary ‘weird as it looks.. yes..’

Jenny ‘did I make a mistake by selling company too soon’

Gary smiles

Gary ‘chill pill… you have got your own money.. and now work too so just get going’



Reckless Horror

James and Charlie are brothers in love with Susan and Della who are twin sister.

One day when they decide to go for a night party, their life changes..

James ‘shit.. she is dead..’

Charlie ‘I told you to drive slowly’

Susan ‘these brothers have landed us in mess’

Charlie ‘shut up..  he didn’t do it intentionally.. just 140 miles.. ‘

Della ‘we may need to put her in our car and throw her somewhere’

All carry the body and put her behind …

James moves towards graveyard and stop the car

Charlie opens the car back.. and shrieks..

Susan shrieks loudly..

The body has disappeared..

Della asks James to drive back home…

at home as they watch TV they observe ‘a gruesome accident had taken place in same location at 3pm and the girl’s face matches the body’

Charlie ‘it is spooky.. it means she warned us not drive rashly’

Susan ‘is her soul lingering on that road’

An echo is heard ‘yes.. I will warn each rash driver to not drive recklessly and play with human lives’

Charlie ‘this is weird’

A shrill laughter echoes all over ‘Next time remember to drive slowly’

Happy Returns

HAPPY RETURNS are a group of social crusaders who get into society where there is severe social problems and resolve them.

The lead James is an active researcher who decides on the society and the group moves to that society and begin tackling problems.

James, his girl friend Lara, his dearest friend Bob and Bob’s girl friend Monica are part of this group. There are 10 other members..

One such location is Jurasa in farthest location in Pacific Islands where the society has problems of illiteracy, and employment..

James and their group collect funds through crowd funding site and manage to reach Jurasa by a boat. The island has 5000 families.

James ‘it is so beautiful.. but alas look at the kids.. each kid look eager to study..’

Jurasa head Somela questions James

Somela ‘why have you come.. we don’t need education’

James ‘why?’

Somela ‘we don’t want this group to leave this island.. it is a rare community.. we have community kitchens, community entertainment.. everything together..’

James ‘why not community education?’

Somela ‘education makes us loose our innocence’

James is shocked by the statement

Somela ‘what we learn.. is not from books but from nature.. Nature teaches us everything.. the rhythm of life’

James ‘so what will you teach us assume you guys don;t want to educate even your kids’

Somela ‘sharing.. we teach you to share…  check on our houses.. no one keeps money individually.. all collect and give it to me.. I decide who needs what..  each person is happy’

James ;but how is it possible in our city’

Somela ‘hence stop worrying about us’

Till then a group of kids snatch away the tablet which James has..

James ‘hey will teach you click photo’s

Somela ‘no pictures allowed here’

James ‘why?’

Somela ‘look at eyes of the kids.. all you see is ocean.. fully flowing.. check in your eye.. what exists.

James ;’right now you’

Lara ‘hey come we have to rush…;

James ‘what happened’

Lara bursts out crying..

Lara ‘bob and his girl friend.. both eaten away’

James is scared

Somela ‘Happy returns group core member dead?’ and begins laughing…

James ‘this is absurd’

Somela ‘relax buddy.. no one has eaten your friends.. it is a rumor out in world, we eat humans.. but actually’

Till then Bob and his girl friend come well dressed

James ‘what is this?’

Somela ‘in this island boy-girl friends not allowed.. only marriage’

Somela ‘both of you get ready too’

Somela marries both the couples off

Somela ‘Marriage is an institution meant for binding two people..  it is a commitment.. We teach commitment’

James ‘we will stay with all of you for few days. we too want to give back something to this island’

Somela ‘what?’

James ‘education.. so please now as we listened to you.. let us share what we have’

Next day onwards each person in that island begin learning elementary education..

10 years latter

James ‘what a weird island it was.. it still gives me shock waves.. we got married there.. the folks learnt zealously and at end of that education, nearly 200 kids offered to be with us’

Bob ‘and today they are starting an industry in that island’

Lara ‘and I am the CEO of that group’

Maria ‘and me the CFO’

Bob ‘never knew life could give opportunities even in a nomad island’

James ‘all of them are members of Happy RETURNS’ today.

Finding Investor

Entrepreneru “Knock Knock Knock, Can I share my idea with you? Have reached million hits. Where are you?, Why you disinterested?””

Investor  “”Why me first, Am willing to be second”

Entrepreneur “Strange are the ways of life, when individuals prefer being second partners to individuals and not the first co founder’

Investor  “Boy.. In life when you have money, all wish to invest in you.. when you don’t need money, all will wish to invest in you.. but when you need money, you need to work hard dear and be in news, bring in news, do whatsoever to build your brand and once you are successful, am there with you for ever”

Entrepreneur :”Who can invest on me?”

Investor “I believe i know someone who is interested in making similar product.. you can check with her”

Entrepreneur visit’s second Investor’s office

2nd Investor “I liked your idea.. We are almost mid way invested in another similar venture so am sorry”

Entrepreneur is heart broken… sitting near sea shore

A journalist captures his photo  with a dog sleeping besides him…

Next day Entrepreneur is surprised with a new item

“Only LOYAL FOLKS can take your BUSINESS AHEAD – Finally only the Dog remained with him when he is depressed”


Entrepreneur is furious.. goes to that company who sells Pet Animals

Entrepreneur ‘Here am struggling to get invested and you are ridiculing me further”

The CEO hears the confusion and comes in…

CEO “Dear.. we just felt it was a nice pleasant natural photo so took a snap of it. Of course we can compensate you for being a model”

Entrepreneur “How much?”

CEO “Since the time we released this today, i got enquiry from budding entrepreneurs struggling in various accelerators and incubators.. this is as per what i gathered from them.. Over 100.. so you are big hit.. can pay you US$10000 ”

Entrepreneur looks zapped

Entrepreneur “To reach to such units, I was moving door to door and now i get the same amount without any equity dilution”

CEO “Life is complex, Situations Weird.. we never know when the money would pour in.. so be patient and may be the sea got  sad or that street dog got sad looking at your plight and slept besides you”

Entrepreneur “I will adopt that dog.. He is my true loyal supporter and investor.. i will make him my co-founder”


Anger Control

“Throw a ball up in the air and learn to catch the same with 2 hands and then 1 hand..

Take a cool bath and listen to a soft romantic music.

Throw pebbles in sea or river and see the water splashes

Write a blog or the state of mind in piece of paper

Read phrases of literature you like and adore

Think of any idea whatsoever ridiculous and google it.. Keep googling it. Never know you may just attempt to start business of your own

Look at some beautiful faces on net”

Sandra “Dear Boy.. wake up from dreaming. I know you are a cool guy and writing all this to cool my temper’

Samuel ‘Sandra.. in life anger comes as reaction or actions but what remains after that is only a damage to one’s own health whether it is physically or mentally so why be angry with life’

Sandra ‘Any short cuts?’

Samuel ‘Just go to toilet now’

Sandra ‘why?

Samuel ‘just go dear.. leave your mobile phone, ornaments, watch, pins, knives, scissors, blades everything, sandle every thing’

Sandra ‘why?’

Samuel ‘Realize that when you be in 5-5 room all alone, with nothing you begin feeling suffocated, a jail like feeling.. you will begin respecting your body all the more and your mind too and stop being angry with life’

Sandra ‘thank goodness you just told me and not implemented this on me’

Samuel  ‘Am not psycho dear.. go and get me a big glass of orange juice as i settle to watch the latest serial ‘TEMPORARY LOSS’

Sandra ‘what is it?’

Samuel ‘It is a show in which a person is asked to loose one member from their family and pick one person any stranger into their family’

Sandra ‘t is weird.. ‘

Samuel ‘they make the new stranger ask the person to do 5 things and if they do it according to the person’s satisfaction a gift given’

Sandra ‘wow.. ‘

Samuel ‘and do you know what?’

Sandra ‘No?’

Samuel ‘no member from that family should loose temper on the new person else the family looses’