Story Line – 3000

My story line began with a track which had a beginning in a womb of mother..

enjoying the cushioned environment, as i emerged.. I shrieked “Hey why am out now.. ‘  whaling and crying..

All happiness around.. never knew what would hit me.. when i was washed and covered..and bought to a big mansion..

A mansion full of choice of destiny…

How can a new born kid ever think of choosing the destiny.. so I looked up.. looked at my mom and dad again with a bit of annoyance, irritation.. again whaling loudly..

It is a story of 3000th year of this universe where science has given power to build destiny of a kid by providing kid to choose it on own..

How can i choose.. and pop some chip comes into my brain.. and before I realize… I am taken through chocolates and icecreams and i can see glamor.. .and then suddenly a frightening dark road.. and tough path but full of rose garden and greenery after a while’…

Before i realize.. am thinking like an adult.. a new born baby is now visualizing various types of life

I come out of that mansion and have chosen a destiny to be with chocolates and ice creams as of now..

Zoom 3020.. Am the new chocolate hero.. who loves to floor girls with ice creams.. and as am a programmed human.. I know and realize that chocolates will melt too one day and then those dark roads.. where other programmed humans will be my competitors..’

Fiction always gives a kick..  a programmed child who can choose his destiny.. and knows where he is heading…and can take all precautions to not make mistakes…

Science is amazing…. god gave us a power to think, to choose, to follow but never made us realize what will happen next… so just visualizing a science to make a small new born think too much before the kid also completes 10 days..


At the science conference.. Albert is ridiculed.. he is told ‘enough of your crap story line’

Albert ‘If age of 5 we can teach kids whatsup, facebook and so on.. are we not giving kid a choice to choose their destiny.. What if a kid takes liking to pornography by clicking on some terms unknowingly…?’

All remain pin drop silence..

Albert ‘My name named after a great scientist.. i think that he failed in theory of everything and maximum got successful in theory of relativity… so still the door wide open…’

All echo ‘Whomsoever don’t wish to teach their kids computer or tablets or mobiles.. are free to not teach”

Albert “As i said Story Line-3000 is open for all..  Any one who is imaginative will enjoy this story.. anyone who is philosopher will enjoy it and i believe many may enjoy in time to come”

Laughing Doll

Mona has a a laughing doll who can switch on to laughing on press of a button.  One day she returns home and presses the button and finds the doll whaling loudly.. She is surprised.. How can this happen.. What is the logic behind this..?

Mona calls up the reputed brand company service desk ‘Why is she whaling?’

Call support person ‘Who?’

Mona ‘The doll’

Support person ‘Oh .. There is this clarification email from company startup founder.. Many complained the same.. it was just to check if people use the doll or not.. So the founder programmed it this way that after 30 days it will whale loudly’

Mona ‘Crazy style of seeking consumer experience’

Support person smiles..

Support person ‘The owner has also offered a cute family doll set to all of you at 40% discount’

Mona ‘So what is your guess?’

Support Person ‘All picked it up.. Only US$50 discounted price.. shipment at home’

Mona ‘Ok order for me too’

Support Person ‘The founder wants to propagate Family Togetherness’