Vegetable Woes

Prank has inherited gift of understanding vegetable languages.. He has strong passion to be in garden and observe vegetables talking to each other

Tomato 1 ”god made me juicy, red with so many seeds in it.. ”

Tomato 2 ”we all will be thrown or cut. Why our life is so small”

Tomato 3 ”just the other day found onions being thrown by those farmers.. more supply.. less demand.. not sure why farmers imitate each other and keep having same crops”

He moves to the farm where onions are growing

Onion 1 ”so tired to make all cry.. but no one understands that the bacteria’s and virus attack us when cut and not used”

Onion 2 ”why were we not born as humans or animals or even tree’.. why a vegetable..  Have seen a lady telling that her mother-in-law has become a vegetable.. bed ridden.. means vegetables have no purpose,,.. no mission.. no one values our mineral content too. I heard a lady telling to her husband.. don’t become a lady finger.. most of times skinny and not erect at all’

He moves to lady finger’s farm land

Lady Finger 1 ”many love me and cut me in bits and pieces.. not sure why those white seeds inside me..  sometimes soft.. sometimes erect.. not sure how people select me.. do they want softness or they want stern ness or they want a mix of both??”

Lady Finger 2 ”dear.. women want a mix of both… and men too… hence we are lady fingers…  the ones who can hold their beloved with mix of both love, affection and sternness too if men go wrong”

Prank burst laughing….

His girl friend Sarah comes in

Sarah ”Are you mad? who said vegetables talk…

Prank ”wait a minute…”

After few minutes

Sarah ”common.. don’t play mischief.. why you made me into a potatoe of all things?”

Prank ”potatoe is the favorite item and put in all food.. hence…”

Sarah ”please… make me a human again”

Prank ”promise me.. you will eat vegetables regularly and respect it.. for what it provides us”

Sarah ”please.. will do that”

After few minutes

Sarah ”Are you magician too?”

Prank ”A botonist.. please.. now don”t ask me how you got converted to potatoe..”





Call of Nature

Jay ”hey call of nature is such.. it is uncontrollable always ”

Manoj ”self control dear.. most important”

Jay ”am developing an app to find the nearest toilet in vicinity”

Manoj begins laughing

Jay ”common.. we find vehicle parking important.. we find hotels and malls too plotted.. why not toilets?”

Manoj ”folks use malls to go for loo only”

Jay ”do you know our country will 1 billion population.. inspite of all those cleanliness drives  really do not understand how many really use public toilets?”

Manoj ”why?”

Jay ”call of nature is my initiative…

Lively moment

Lively moments are ones where you can actually feel the pleasure of being in that moment and totally engrossed in those moments, leaving all woes, sorrows, futuristic thoughts left behind. You are enjoy that moment because you really participate in that moment..

Participating in an endeavor alone makes a difference.. so please do participate in whatsoever activities or ventures or programs you are associated with.


Noisy Sounds

Alisa shrieks ‘get lost’

Rohan shrieks ‘you too get lost’

their kid Tom shrieks ‘both of you get lost. I need to study’

When Rohan reaches office, he finds the pitch presentation deleted by his secretary Louisa

He shrieks ‘What the hell is this.. we are struggling here for Series A fund and you have deleted my hard work’

Louisa ‘you could be having in email id or google drive’

Rohan ‘don’t teach me technologies now.. I need to rework

As he is working, Alisa calls him ‘I just got a call from home, Tom has consumed some pills’

Rohan rushes to his home…

Tom is subconscious and with foams in his mouth.. His care taker Susan is looking shocked..

Rohan ‘why the hell you not taking him to doctor’

Susan ‘Police case.. just cannot do anything’

Rohan calls his family doctor home

Family Doctor Jackson reaches home and Alisa and Rohan are curious…

Jackson see’s Tom and then pricks Tom with a needle..

Tom shrieks and gets up…

Jackson ‘Enough of acting.. study now’

Jackson ‘did you both fight today?’

Alisa and Rohan sheepishly nod ‘yes’

Jackson ‘Now he is just acting and hope he doesn’t really commit suicide one day’

Jackson ‘Noisy Sounds no one likes.. learn to chill pill in life. No point grumbling’

Problem Solver Woes

John “You came out of problem just yesterday

You are back into an issue today

Why does problem follow you?

Why does issue attract you?

A problem solver in you keeps you always surrounded by problems”

Look at Nancy who keeps all issues asides, keeps swimming to heart content

Look at you Rose, so worried, so tensed.. always a wreck.. you look more beautiful then Nancy.. just chill pill

Become a lazy bone for today and take rest.. happy weekend.

Rose ‘John why you wish me to relax?’

John ‘Nancy feels you have become too boring and both of you are my left and right arms without whom I cannot run this Media startup hence’

Rose ‘do you love folks being lazy in your company’

John ‘Media people need to look always fresh’

Rose ‘ok will try’

Rose returns after a while, extremely beautiful and goes for a swim

John ‘Never knew i would get two beautiful women to solve my problem’

A waiter comes in and gives a cold drink to John and asks ‘what is the problem?’

John ‘mind your business’


Service Woes

Rose is a Service Manager who loves to address customer complaints and is researching on Service Woes

She comes across a group of researcher’s working on operation research..

Rose ‘Shortest distance of travel saves huge money to anyone who is commuting.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘Loading problems too exist…’

Rose ‘Am working on an algorithm for providing shortest distance of approaching influential people through semantic analysis’

Researcher 2  ‘Why?’

Rose ‘Most of service resolution happens through right service design but unfortunately the key stake holder is never aware of the problems in first place’

Researcher 3 ‘Example?’

Rose ‘Assume you research so many things.. and even few get proven.. who finally decides which research to be implemented? ‘

Researcher 4 ‘Committee’

Rose ‘Precisely.. I am creating an analytic around email approvals.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘My head is reeling.. does it mean to get approvals, we need to check shortest route’

Rose ‘yes.. Service woes multiply only if stakeholders are not aware of the service woes in first place’

Researcher 2 ‘Example?’

Rose  ‘Check the UK Metro trains.. Jam packed.. As good as Mumbai Locals.. Check the trains in Jersey city.. On weekends the maintenance causes down time.. to reach particular destination it may take 40-50 minutes.. ‘

Rose ‘The commuting travel woes are never notified to stake holders..So is it not right if some algorithm emerges to check on train loads and track that and on basis of which increase or decrease frequency of trains.. same applicable for buses too’

Researcher 1 ‘excellent idea.. load balancing for mitigating service woes’

Rose ‘So let’s get going’

4 months later, Rose pilots with her friend in Singapore and finds the loads too heavy…

Rose ‘It is dangerous.. No vehicles allowed in roads and train loads optimum.. What next’

Researcher 2 ‘May be they need to plan more train routes. redundant routes.. and…  hey why we thinking so much’

Rose ‘Problem Solving is all about long term solution.. No short cuts.. No short term solutions.. If you wish to make impact’

Office Nap Woes

If I were to rest on your lap you would get shocked.. but if I were to rest on a garden desk in scorch heat.. the by passers would be shocked and I were to rest on a office desk, boss would be shocked.. hence now there is very little choice left for a normal office goer to decide where to take a nap and has no option but to rely on the loos of the office for same

John baba is confused he feels sleepy after continuous work