Bottled up Startups

Bottled Up startups are the ones who are wishing to come out of their shell and explore; disrupt the world with innovation..

So there you have startup entrepreneurs; controling your cool, diplomatically smiling, being networked, being connected to seek more experiences and just being self at times is lost.. as whatsoever needs to be done is through controlled emotions.

There could be many trying to validate and confirm whether the controlled emotions do exist in an entrepreneur as eventually an entrepreneur needs to be a diplomatic person and have the product or service speak for itself.

Innovation is a perception which we feel is largely found in startup culture however MNCs and Large Corporates have begun the think-tank sessions to bring the innovation.

One of the most important trait for an entrepreneur is to understand what has bottled up and what needs to be vomitted of before the emotions burst in form of admiting a failure or before an entrepreneur realizes that only being on investor’s funds is not the right thing so in case a right team or right cofounder or right resource needed to fit into your venture success.. Do it right way… Vent out your weaknesses in the dark or write it on a piece of paper and review it again. Once confirmed, strive to overcome them and once you realize your weakness cannot be overcomed so easily.. Just get going and identify the right skilled partner to help you and grow you. It is not about face value but market value which eventually plays an important role.

Failures are part of life, it is better to understand causes of failure and take control of those rather then bottling up the causes of failures and not taking control of your own venture. This will only make you feel like a bottled up startup.

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