Morning Love

Wake up dear, please go to office.

Not so soon dear, a tight hug to you, sleeping again..

Wake up dear, please go to school

Not now mummy, a tight hug to you, sleeping again.

Wake up dear, the sun is fully shining..

Not so soon dear, please make a cup of coffee, sleeping again

Wake up dear, school bus has come..

Not now mummy, please give me milk, sleeping again..

I realize neither my husband nor my kid will go to work or school

Morning Love, I also decide to sleep ..

Mummy, Daddy and Kid all sleeping

Weekdays can be dangerously lazy if at times we decide to love our beautiful sleep in the morning.

Business Model

  • Free and More Free but ensure traffic comes in to your web site. Is it really viable in long run. It is more a community based initiative which becomes a profitable venture over period of time. Major source of revenue through advertisements and market campaigns.
  • Fixed Duration retainer fee for the service provided. Subscription does happen if it becomes a need service else customers may soon be looking out for similar free products.
  • One time fee for product or service with warranty and support for a fixed duration after wards service chargeable
  • Payment of hourly rate for consulting or services offered and payable every fort night or monthly basis – the less risky, most profitable model adopted by many consulting companies where resource management over rules everything else.
  • Training services offered for on demand technology or product or services for a price and tie up with companies for placements.
  • Commissions payable for distribution / promotion of product one time or for longer duration as long as client avails the product or service.

The Network and Blogging Revenue model rely on strong networks and it is a different ball game altogether.

So when you design a business model understand what you are going to offer and how you wish revenue to move in to your startup.

Cold Love

Seeing the eyes, I could observe pain, seeing the eyes I could observe coldness. the love wished to be held with hands but also the heart was cold enough to withdraw,
if the angel wished it would bless but alas the angel didn’t wish to as it had shattered her heart..
if the angel wished, it would hug too, but alas the angel didn’t wish to hug as she wanted hug to be much tighter then her own holding her in arms and whispering sorry am sorry to make her smile and shower her happiness

the cupid which was me for once could feel that love gets bitter when you don’t shower love in timely manner.

Moral of the story : Love needs a perfect timing, else even a loving smile is negated by hate.

a fiction written as observation towards cold love.



Statue in the Sea

Raising hand, reminding us that I am in the Sea all alone only because I wished to stand out and be away from the crowd and jungle of materialism as a liberated soul.

Raising finger, reminding us that I am in the Sea watching all the ocean alone only because I wish to safeguard this from the crowd and jungle of greed as liberated soul.

The calmness of sea holds me to concentrate towards path of liberation.

Flamboyant Chris

Chris had just raised funds for his early startup around US$100000. Happy to core, he wished to spend a large chunk on infrastructure and very less on people and technology. His venture started facing money crunch in 8 months..

Soon he through his contacts again rose another round of US$100000. This time he decided to give high remunerations to his team and invested in technology but didn’t keep enough amount for marketing..

He again rose US$100000 through his contacts and pushed everything in marketing and evolving business model..

50% gone of his equity, he realized he missed on the online marketing / customer preference need based development.

He was confused.. What model really works in business.

He wished he had pitched in good finance advisors right from day 1 of his business. He had a good link with angel investors which survived him for 3 years as Chris was a good entrepreneur 5 years back, but in these 5 years he got over confident, had gone complacent hence the issue.

Moral of the story: In business we cannot afford to complacent or over confident. We are running business on some one else’s business so we need to be careful.

Perpetual Problem

Love is a perpetual problem to all where the doctor is a lover and patient too is a lover and both are in problem as there is no solution or medicine to cure love hence only love can cure love.

Can a lover recover from failed love in a day’s time? if the answer is No, then please begin finding a doctor who can solve your problem by giving love. Don’t drown in sorrow and waste your time..

A fell in love with B, B with C, C with D..  A and B realized the pains it creates and again got back and fell in love with each other..

A fell in love with B, B with A, C with A and D too with A, A fell in love with C too. Now and A and B, A and C both love.. B and C got into conflicts.. and A realized D is the one who is good and balanced, so A fell in love with D and decided to stay with D

A fell in love with B, B was in love C, A and C are friends, B doesn’t know what to do, A and C meet D, A and C both get attracted to D, but D is preferring B itself,.  B decides to go in for D so what if they are of same gender and leaves both A and C to their own fate.

A fell in love with B, B fell in love C and A doesn’t like C, A is obsessed with B, B decides to be with A and leaves C safe

A fell in love with B, B fell in love with C and A sacrifices and B remains with C only..

Love doesn’t need expressions of words, it needs expressions of emotions

A can fall in love with B,C,D,E,F,G and stay with all of them even if B,C,D,E,F,G are fighting with each other. A as a piece distributed among 4-6.

A can be forced to fall in love with B,C,D,E,F,G and will need to stay with all and the big gangs are friends or relatives..

Love is complex.. Don’t try to research on Love, only experience Love and feel the pain and pleasure.