Sitting at the Edge

Sitting at the Edge

Could be replaced

Sitting at the Edge

Could be Fired

Sitting at the Edge

Could be Elevated

Sitting at the Edge

Could be Liberated

Life is all about taking every replacement, firing, elevation and liberation in our stride as what goes up, will come down. After every dark tunnel, light surely comes so enjoy being sitting on the edge, waiting for the big change to happen in our professional and personal life.

Love too can get replaced, it could come under a fire, love relation could get elevated in status quo of live – in or marriage or being perfect couple or you may just liberate self from existing love. So again hope for a big change for good as only Change is Constant



Bubble Gum

Mary and Rob had been child hood friends who loved to race each other with bubble gum game

One day in their youth they were enjoying this race till an old gentleman walked past them..

he smiled and said ‘Don’t compete to bloat the bubble gum. Eventually it does break.. ‘

Mary and Rob wondered at that message and got closer to the gentle man..

He smiled and said ‘Egos can be blown to a bubble to any length but finally an ego will crash someway or the other. It is like bubble gum.. given to you.. you keep bloating it as much as you wish and then crash it will break one day’

Mary ‘hey interesting observation, never realized this’

Rob ‘No wonder.. we both still remain down to earth. we never knew ego can bloat too like a bubble gum’

Gentleman ‘Nice kids, remain same always. Key to success – never keep egos’

Sunny Returns Back Home

Sunny was a hardworking individual who never knew what would hit him when he would return back home..

His wife Susan who used to be so sweet in chats would actually be not available at all at home for rest of time.

His son almost forgot him..

Sunny was trying to settle back after his long H1 B stint in US but found things changed..

He thought to himself ‘Does distance really lessens love, emotions, intimacy and realized that answer is only yes’

He felt he should have decided to be with his family rather then pursuing higher monetary goals as nothing can make an individual happy but a family or people close to them

He felt that temporary flings fine but finally strong relation and that too in person relationship alone plays key role to relation stability

Flower Bed

John founder of a growing company visits a garden in Malaysia and finds the garden properly maintained. He specifically goes and meets Garden Owner ‘Boney

Boney ‘Sir,  it is great pleasure trimming, pruning the garden, leaves and am very proud of the flower bed.. ‘

John ‘Am impressed..’

Boney ‘I always correlate human being to flowers.. Unless the plants are not nourished, they will die or not grow well. The technique of pruning can be used to provide to balance out resources and bring in a sense of equality.. No point in having trees of same species grow unevenly.’

John ‘Wow.. I learnt an important lesson.. This could lead to uneven growth and may lead to conflicts’

Boney ‘yes.. flower beds of different species need to be nurtured and treated uniformly first and then give specialized treatment as per their capability to grow’

John ‘May I ask you a question?’

Boney ‘yes’

John ‘Are you a HR’

Boney ‘Yes, used to work in a multi national but left all that and pursue my hobby gardening and decided to own up this garden and have the flowers blossom the right way’

John ‘I really liked what you said and will be in touch with you.. You are lucky, you have moved out of core work and pursuing what you love’

Boney ‘Only if we pursue our dreams, our mind and heart will love to contribute more to that effort’



Houston – a way to beat the Snow

“Chilly night, shivering cold.. leave it all behind and enjoy the super hot weather..

One thing about Houston which never changes is its hot climate..

If you are in extreme weather conditions fighting the snow, here is a way to go…”


Moses ‘Hey why you are promoting Houston?’

Jennifer “It is our campaign.. Just build loads of property in pear land’

Moses ‘Wow.. Now understood why you are so generous on Houston”

Jennifer “Sell a product with full conviction if you wish to get results’

4 months latter

Jennifer “All properties sold”

Moses “Super cool”

Jennifer “I only hope winds don’t change direction and Houston snowing some day”

Country Love…

“I am so fed up of seeing cows and buffaloes. The only solace is in seeing you, meeting you in the farm and you take care of me well Meena’  Jab was a farmer in far of county of Europe and he met Meena from India by accident..

Meena used to be from a well do family till her husband divorced her and she decided to remain in Europe.. and one day as she decided to start life afresh she met Jab..

Jab was a farmer who owned lands. Had his own processing unit too but lately he was fed up of his routine.

Meena was a typical Indian by heart, caring him, loving him but possessive to the core..

Jab ‘Meena want to leave all this and take a job somewhere’

Meena ‘What? Where?’

Jab ‘Am Agriculturist, so getting job in a college’

Meena “Where?  “

Jab ‘Singapore”

Meena  ‘No Jab.. ‘ She hugs him

Meena ‘Jab, I love this country and county and you.. please don’t do this’

Jab ‘Why ?’

Meena ‘I am happy with you being near cows and buffaloes “

Jab ‘Don’t see any reason. I can have this managed by someone else’

Meena shrieks ‘No means No’

Jab “I never see you react this way..”

Meena hugs Jab and begins crying..

Jab “What is the matter?’

Meena ‘My husband ditched me when he went to Middle East latter for a short assignment while I was in Europe.. He found a dame for self”

Jab ‘Oh so you feel I too will”

Meena ‘I don’t trust men..”

Jab “Not sure how to remove this insecurity… Ok Let us do one thing let both of us shift”

Meena “No  I love this country.. Am used to the scenic locale.. “

Jab ‘This is crazy.. No wonder.. at time men leave their wives”

Meena begins crying more…

Jab “Meena just kidding with you”

Next morning.. Jab looks at his farm and the sun rising

Jab “Marriage can bring in constraints but look at these animals, not sure if they are married or not but love a particular animal.. but I see too happy and relaxed always.. “

Meena just comes from behind and hugs him..

Meena “Why are you looking up at sky and talking.. see the birds and bees”

Jab “Yes.. some people destined to  be with greenery”

Jab begins smiling

Jab “Anything for you Meena. I know you are good lady at heart”