Have I stopped writing stories?

No…  the last few months have been busy as had been through a tunnel for a focused cause..

Setting up entrepreneur varsity within colleges.. Largely 2 and 3 tier ones as the tier 1 college/universities really get all sorts of support.

The whole focus is on collaborating with all stake holders and giving small equity to each contributors for any startup emerging out…

What exactly is PASSION all about?

It is about giving whatsoever we have and making the other person or team confident. It is not the regular escape from reality and be in some Ashram, meditating or discussing philosophy or advocating love and romance freely but rather it is all about channelizing all your energies for a cause.. a passion for that cause..

The framework started off as an article, then a venture, subsequently a process framework till I realized only theories and practicals can just get boring, so began experimenting and writing entrepreneurship stories.. pure fictional.. not related to any dead or alive… and it got excellent responses..

So will surely begin writing hopefully entertaining stories  soon…




Soft target

John ‘am always a soft target at work place.. boss only blames me.. even staff.. I guess I should leave the company’

2days later John resigns

HR ‘John.. do you know.. Am happy.. you resigned.. ‘

John ‘why?’

HR ‘we strategize and target folks who are heavy on salary.. so ensure you are cornered, till you decide to leave and then’

John ‘then?’

HR ‘next soft target’


Bhakti Shakti


The power of devotion can make anyone go crazy to stop understanding the pros and cons of a cause.

When I had conducted a small research to identify who is an idol, role model to entrepreneurs, got a very typical answer of a most real entrepreneur who could even get nearer to God oneday.

A small controversy, even God would forgive, but not the people, the media or the investors who ripped up and raked the whole past commitments and suddenly all dreams looked false promises only. An illusion, a MAYA

At backyard, again a powerful role model leader emerged.. Blind followers again.. All followed the power of belief of a change. Many experiments got initiated and largely all failed in implementation.. The illusion faded and reality emerged… God is still unknown, the futility of spending millions and billions to reach more nearer to unknown is not needed.

Again at some other backyard, the power of trade game was so high, that it damages both ends.. Just because someone gives a whip to a person for one day, it doesn’t mean the person needs to begin whipping all for sake of the whip.

The role models too may have realized they are not that powerful to actually make any change in life for anyone but only can be facilitators. No one is powerful then the UNKNOWN. As a messenger of truth, peace and hope to create models for employment opportunity, I feel, humbleness, discipline, goal focus will remain the reality for many. The UNKNOWN is UNKNOWN as no one really can see or understand it. It is the NATURE.