Am I Dictator? (WT)

I command my hand to eat food

I command my fingers to type on keyboard

I command my legs to jog while I command my brain to listen to a music

I am the master and all the organs slave

Am I not a dictator?

Aren’t all wishing to be dictators in their own way

John was addressing a big team of sportsmen and all were in pin drop silence

Frank ‘Why are we not saying we are flexible?’

John ‘Each entity in this earth wish to be dictators. One who get away with things end up being declared dictators or leaders or managers and one who cannot, become flexible nice human beings, employee or subordinate

Frank ‘Cool.. Hence am your follower’



Blood Pressure

Cold and Cough


Doctor Jury ‘I know that ABCD is root cause for many diseases’

Doctor Padma ‘What about Eczema , Fever and so on’

Jury ‘Padma do you have any of ABCD?’

Padma ‘BP’

Jury ‘I have Asthma’

Padma ‘Why you opened this topic in this forum today’

Jury ‘Am narrating a story of a man who fought all diseases only to realize he had missed out taking care of his skin and he became old soon’

Padma ‘Whose?’

Jury “Me.. Am 40 and look like 60′

Padma ‘Oh I thought you were like my father’s age’

Jury ‘Precisely.. hence am advising you.. apart from ABCD.. take care of your skin too.. This is turmeric powder.. Apply in your body and bathe.. and also drink turmeric water’

Padma begins laughing

Jury ‘Seriously saying.. Turmeric water curbs many diseases’

Infectious Smile

A smile which is heart full, sincere, warm and flashes love vibes around makes any one voluntarily go to the person and shake hands with that person.

Dona has a beautiful smile and Sam is hooked on to her smile from day one.

Dona, the CEO of startup and Sam the office boy…

Sam ‘Good morning Mam’

Dona smiles

Sam is dumbstruck

Dona ‘Sam. leave now.. what are you staring at me’

Sam rushes to Dona’s table..

Sam shakes her hand ‘Very good morning madam’

Dona ‘Why you need to shake hands for this?’

Sam ‘I thought this is the only right way to greet you’

Dona ‘In New York City, every morning we are caught up in meetings.. so no time to shake hands.. get me a coffee’

Sam rushes to get coffee

Dona ‘Sam.. you know in US we never keep office boys.. but you are like an assistant and i feel you can grow well. Am 20 years elder to you.. Like your MOM’

Sam’s face falls

Dona “Like your sister’

Sam’s face falls further

Dona ‘Friend’

Sam’s face flashes smile

Dona ‘You are mad.. Should I remove you’

Sam’s face falls low

Dona ‘OK complete the project proposal today’ and flashes her smile

Sam ‘Ok Madam.. have a nice day’

After Sam leaves

Dona looks at the photo of her boy friend who is in Europe in an accelerator program

Dona murmurs ‘All love my smile. even my assistant.. but my heart beats only for your infectious smile’

Dona kisses the photo and gets back to work.

Some Days we score 0

Lover ‘It was a bad day.. you didn’t also hug me’

Girl friend ‘Some days we score 0’

Lover ‘Common.. do you keep track of this mathematically?’

Girl friend ‘reasons if i will not do that; I will loose track of you’

Lover ‘Means?’

Girl Friend ‘you yawn 2 times every morning. I can make out you spent 30 minutes more on whatsup. 1 yawn=15minutes’

Lover ‘and?’

Girl friend ‘if you hug me every morning. It means you hugged someone else too at night’

Lover ‘common’

Girl friend ‘your pet dog dear’

Lover ‘oh got relieved.. you are crazy and what else you count?’

Girl ‘Will let you know once i get married to you’

Taking Stance

Good or bad, taking stance is important

Henry takes a stance that he will quit smoking from today. His friend Robert laughs at that stance

Robert ‘Henry..common you ought to be kidding.. you can never quit’

Henry ‘I can.. I took a tougher stance to disown my family when they didn’t believe in my mission to start a data logging business’

Henry ‘was working in Metrology ¬†Center and one day as was collecting data in a remote hill.. Huge rains came in.. I slipped from the mountains and..’

Henry shows his dislocated leg.. he has lost one leg..

Robert ‘Am sorry to see this.. Never knew you were disabled’

Henry smiles…

Henry ‘When we loose something, we stop thinking of other losses too.. Someone said to gain something, we need to loose something… person is right.. I gained courage to start this venture which is soon getting seed funding’

Robert ‘What happened to your wife and kid?’

Henry ‘She took a stance to never see me again.. She is married to some Peter i guess and son Jose is happy.. I am taking care of his hostel fees.. 10 year old bright boy’

Robert ‘What stance has he taken?’

Henry ‘To never leave people in lurch when they need you the most’

Robert smiles.. and says ‘Intelligent boy’

Henry ‘Like son.. Like father and do you know he is got his mother’s genes too’

Robert ‘How?’

Henry ‘He has learnt cooking.. A good cook . so when we spend time.. He does all the cooking’

Robert ‘taking stances in relationships are so tough.. I admire you, your son and your wife too.. You didn’t entangle self to each other.. maintained individuality and yet respect your decisions’

Henry ‘so am I cool right?’

Robert ‘Of course you are ‘IN STANCE’ and begins laughing

Cash Stripped

Is anyone cash stripped?

If the answer is yes.. don’t worry.. I have found many who are cash stripped lazing away in garden and enjoying the warmth of sun awaiting a miracle.

A big monkey came in that garden and all run helter skelter only towards the door..

A miracle dash board appears


2 days latter

The lazy garden hopper is found selling berries..

A cash stripped person comes to him and says “I have no penny’

The hopper says ‘I too didn’t but some monkey taught me not to laze around.. So Am working’

John wonders how does cash stripped person make first bucks…

Pat comes a response in mind ‘dream and conceive something.. everything else will be fine’

The Loss and Gain of Life

Samuel is a musician who loves composing new lyrics. His girl friend Julie always wonders why in a city like New York, Samuel is not able to get recognition. She suggests him to be in LA.

Samuel soon decides to go to LA and meet some prospective producers..

One of the producer Nancy takes liking for Samuel…

Nancy ‘Samuel ¬†Are you single?’

Samuel ‘Yes but have a 6 year old relation with my girl friend Julie’

Nancy ‘Samuel… I am alone and waiting for right match. i feel you are the one for me’

Samuel is taken aback..

Samuel ‘Nancy.. I think of you as my prospective employer’

Nancy ‘Samuel.. my partner.. you be my partner.. ‘

Samuel ‘What about Julie?’

Nancy ‘She is practical hence she chose you to come to LA. She will realize that it was not meant to be’

Nancy comes closer to Samuel and hugs him

Samuel leaves for the day

Nancy ‘one minute.. give me a rocking lyric tomorrow’

At home Samuel pens

‘A beginning of my life

I kept gaining all my love

Happy and Happy I was

A beginning of my school

I kept gaining all my friends

Happy and Happy I was

A beginning of my job

I gained my special friend

Special as she was

Lovely and Sweet

Special as she was

I loose her for a moment

I cry for those moment

Why we loose knowingly?

Why we loose for some gain

A beginning of my career

I will loose her for now..

i will miss her for now…

Will she forgive me?

Will she hate me?

For my gain which made her loose

Next day he returns to Nancy and gives her the composition..

Nancy ‘dear.. pathos missing..’

Nancy ‘Life is such that you gain wealth, you loose peace.. you gain health, you loose nimbleness, you don’t wish to loose anything.. you will not gain anything’

Nancy ‘so what is your decision’

Samuel ‘Life is a compromise and if there is a beautiful person like you; i don’t mind it’

A few days later

Julie see’s an email

Julie murmurs ‘Bloody I knew this.. No problems.. I loved those moments with him but need to move on.. what should i do next?

Julie looks at mirror and finds her smiling face

Julie murmurs to self ‘Dear Julie you lost Samuel but you gained freedom.. celebrate freedom with happiness’

Julie takes a car and goes to a pub and enjoys the music and keeps dancing to self..

A handsome guy comes in

Guy ‘Can we dance?’

Julie ‘Sure….’

Julie ‘what is your name?’

Guy ‘Samuel dear’

Julie ‘Oh No Not again’

Guy ‘What happened?’

Julie ‘I had a boy friend with same name’

Guy ‘Wow.. it was past.. am present’

Julie ‘you wish to gain too quickly’

Guy ‘what is wrong in it?’

Julie ‘you are loosing also too quickly’

Guy ‘whom?’

Julie ‘me.. ‘ and giggles and leaves the pub