Demise of life leads to giving aways everything and leaving behind our memories, moments, act, deeds and properties… everything left behind…

it gives a soul to again connect with God…

same is demise of a startup..

everything left behind.. it gives a soul to again connect with world and decide what needs to be done next…

same is demise of an individual at a company when resource leaves the company..

it gives you opportunity to start afresh again…

so do not get sad or morose over anything… life will continue again…

it never ends… it is just another milestone round the corner, which you may need to again achieve..



did java

did .net

did php

did everything

same old syntax

old wine in new bottle

shake me up… someone

skake me to do something

which I love

sipping cup of tea

programmer life

all in loop

all in if condition

exit and exceptions

all part and parcel of

programmer life

bugs and issues

all inbuilt in programmer”s mind and heart..




H – Hey.. had enough of this…  if a country doenst need skilled resources.. god bless them…

1 – if country doesnt have skilled resources… then am there to skill them… so reach out to me

B – Between us… why is there such a hue and cry about creating employable skilled resources…  if resource is good, they will never be jobless.. and if resource is bad..then they need to get trained… and if resource is mediocre… dear… those days have gone …

no longer there will be need for quasi agents, middle men… everything from source to consumer….

Joy ”hey.. harris dont speak way”

Harris ”adapting innnovation and turning around is where future lies..”


County Woes

Ralf is a county lead and is always worried as to why there is a bias globally towards metro/city upliftment and county remain behind..

One day he goes for an international conference on County development.. He meets an Indian county lead too (Sarpanch), Manish

Manish ”we do get US$150000 roughly for village development annually…

Ralf  ”amazing… what is population?”

Manish ”2500”

Ralf ”cool..” and he opens up calculator”

Ralf ”hey < 500 bucks in Rs for each person allocated per month”

Manish begins smiling..

Manish ”Sir.. it goes for panchayat development, sometimes school upgradation, roads.. so many factors exist”

Ralf ”in my county.. US$30000 roughly annual income per family”

Manish ”cool..”

Ralf ”however am also struggling for education amenities”

Manish ”what exactly you do… and where we can improve our family income too?”

Ralf ”education budget is low also here”

Manish ”is education system going to collapse soon?”

Ralf ”no… education system will not collapse, but style of teaching should.. something entertaining..  the students need to get real grasp of value of education ”

Manish ”water is also a problem there.. .imagine only 35litres of water per individual per village in areas which have scanty water.. or even lesser then that.. it also includes water for pets, cattle and so on”

Ralf ”dear.. I know the struggle.. have been in India.. I have a suggestion”

Manish ”what..?”

Ralf ”did you read PASSION…”

Manish ”what it means?”

Ralf ”strong desire to achieve an object and seek security from that object… this is what the blog keeps highlighting always”

Manish ”so…”

Ralf ”why cannot you try to influence corporates to adopt your villages and even Individuals can.. and this will help bring in more money to system… and overall prosperity… yes whomsoever adopts.. will be have 50% or 100% rebate in tax”

Manish begins laughing..

Ralf ”think over it”

1 year later on skype…

Manish ”Sir..  I could not influence the tax reductions.. however 2 high networth individuals have begun sponsoring many of our activities.. so we are now confident.. this model will work…”

Ralf ”thank PASSION for the same…  always remember everything is in our hand.. we need to improve selves”

Manish ”what about your county”

Ralf ”have retired from that role.. nothing much.. working on village implementation policies.. and will share with you”

Manish ”Sir.. do visit my village.. and I will ensure you are hosted well”

Ralf ”Manish… whatsoever be the case any county of world definitely hosts their guests well”

Manish begins laughing

Hubby woes

Hubby ”darling… why are you so engrossed in your startup.. so much that you do not even bother to spend time with me”

Wife ”darling… the startup is trying to build an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool to give tips to women about how to ensure their husbands or boy friends begin loving them all over again”