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Small Ego’s

Rita ‘this is not done.. I feel insulted’

James ‘why?’

Rita ‘you scolded me in front of all’

James ‘remember.. if you are an entrepreneur, first learn subordination’

Rita ‘I can never become an employee’

James ‘Dear Rita, when an entrepreneur takes money from investor, it is first step towards subordination. If you take money from your client, it is again subordination. In life never ever keep small ego’s to ruin self’

Rita ‘I am seriously not sure.. I guess I never worked on my own’

James ‘we need startup founders to work themselves and not burn their money through appointed people’

Who is the Villian?

Jack ‘I am not trying to defend myself, but the economic policies led this sudden crash’

Savy ‘hey.. all entrepreneurs tell the same’

Jack ‘imagine I was running operations at 5% margin and now my service tax slab at 18%.. That too I have to first pay that 18%. Running a loss of 13% terrible, have let go the last employee today’

Savy ‘Jack.. are you planning to retire’

Jack ‘will sell off my house, repay the debts and then go gardening’

Savy ‘oh in those couple of acres of land, you took in Fiji’

Jack ‘yes..’

Savy ‘are you leaving your country for good?’

Jack ‘not sure.. but surely thinking.. it sucks’

few months later

Savy ‘you look too happy?’

Jack ‘hey got into an exciting venture of planting trees. The only regret is that I have to guarantee it’s survival for 3 years. I have to give them a replacement if it perishes’

Savy ‘seriously you are crazy’

Jack ‘a trick.. i played.. I charge them 4 times, this helps me take a replacement judgement.. I can replaced it at least 2 times plus I take watering responsibilities, so have tie ups with various water containers and also earn money from there’

Savy ‘no service tax?’

Jack ‘no.. as I do not have a company .. it is all trading.. ‘

Savy ‘so who is the villian?’