Happy Holi

Sweety ‘this is absolute ridiculous that I have to carry now your baby.. the startup venture on my lap just because you feel, investors will be happy that am owning this venture’

Jax ‘dear Sweety, as an Investor, I have never failed. For some strange reasons this startup entrepreneur refuses to listen to me.. hence through my sister’

Sweety ‘what if Bob denies including me in his venture’

Jax ‘My dear sister… he is a nice human.. continuously believes in his project.. however for strange reasons.. he is not interested in taking our offfer’

2 months later.
Sweety ‘Am getting married to Bob’

Jax ‘are you kidding… I wanted to own that venture.. and you were just a tool for same’

Sweety ‘Jax… In India, there is a myth around this story demon Hiranyakashyapu and he was so egoistic, he wanted everyone to obey only him.. His sister Holika had a boon that she will never get perished in fire.. so he orders his sister to help him out fight a young boy Prahlad who is pious, but staunch devotee of god’

Jax ‘then?’

Sweety ‘she burns out.. the boy remains unaffected.. some angel saves him’

Jax ‘what you wish to convey?’

Sweety ‘No hostile takovers or employer dominance or relationship dominance every works out… I started loving Bob and he is working on this startup to bring in lesson’s learnt from great stories.. so he ended up narrating me about Holi day’

Jax ‘what is it all about?’

Sweety sprinkles colors on Jax

Jax ‘little sister.. are you nuts.. colors in USA’

Sweety ‘dear brother.. enjoy colors of life.. stop being egoistic and be humble.. angels usually should not depend on VCs. It really sucks when investors end up talking to startups in a way.. that they are beggars. Have seen so many deals.. where nothing really happens.. but egoistic pursuits.. or they go overboard investing in loss making startups.. strange is case… better sense needed’

Jax ‘god bless you.. when is the marriage?’

Sweety ‘April 1’

Small matters

Lucky ‘why is it that you want me to remember you always?’

Alia ‘because God says if you remember God every day, God will try to remember you too every day’

Lucky ‘does it really matter?’

Alia ‘try this out.. in all ernest faith, remember someone.. surely one day that someone will come back to you’. It could be money, happiness, love, energy, studies… whatsoever small matters.