Rajguru had a strange habit of abusing any person always

Dog, Lame, Idiot etc

One day Shiny came in his life. Shiny was a smart English graduate with proficiency in multiple languages.

Shiny ‘Raj.. why don’t you compile a dictionary of bad abuses’

Raj ‘Are you idiot of first order?’

Shiny ‘precisely.. you love to abuse so much.. Let us make this dictionary.. a starup.. the world wants to know the choicest of abuses to be given to folks.. we can categorize the words to make it look good and also have voice records put in you tube’

Raj ‘are you mad.. serious dumb asshole’

Shiny ‘wow.. so much of filth in mouth.. proceed and let us unite and make millions’

Raj bursts laughing…

Raj ‘you are real weird bimbo’

Did I smell anything?

Frank is a bootlegger who always feels that is the best business in world. His 10 year kid Dow is not happy with the environment

At school, Dow makes an experiment with chemicals
Dow ‘so this is how it smells’

All burst out laughing. His Chemistry teacher Phil is annoyed and sad.

Phil ‘Dow.. what are you trying to do’

Dow ‘an alcoholic smell potent.. which will be put in small perfume pouches’

Phil ‘are you mad?’

Dow ‘I think so’

At home
Frank is hitting his mom.. and taking the last dollar for a bootlegging business

Dow ‘Mom.. look what I did’

Mother Jane slaps Dow

Jane ‘Dow.. so you are following your father’s footsteps’

Dow ‘Mom.. I want to check if we can replicate this using natural juices’

Jane ‘are you mad.. you are asking me to get into liquor business’

Dow ‘no.. the art is to have a potent mix which is never intoxicating and absolute safe.. just an aura of liquor’

Jane thinks over it..

Next day.. Jane and Dow go to a flower and fruit garden and begin experiments.

After almost a year

Frank ‘wow.. what an aura.. where is the liquor?’

Jane ‘see this is liquorless liquor.. you know what I mean’

Frank ‘common.. don’t act smart’

Dow ‘Dad.. tell me honestly.. let us wait for few hours.. and see if you can control yourself from taking liquor’

Dow, Dad and Jane are watching a popular tv serial..

Dow ‘Mom.. Serve Dad with some warm potato fry and also bring a glass for his liquor’

Dad ‘hey..i almost forgot it.. what you guys have made?’

Dow ‘nothing much.. am launching a startup.. liquorless liquor’

Dad ‘means.. is it drug? you will be punished’

Dow ‘100% safe.. am experimenting whether boozards love liquor or love the smell’

Frank ponders..

Frank ‘you have confused me.. and all who drink’

Dow ‘PASSION ignites thinking.. am learning there.. things which no one thought / dared.. the only true entertaining story telling for you’

Frank ‘who is it dear?’

Dow ‘uniting disoriented family is one of his goal’

Small Ego’s

Rita ‘this is not done.. I feel insulted’

James ‘why?’

Rita ‘you scolded me in front of all’

James ‘remember.. if you are an entrepreneur, first learn subordination’

Rita ‘I can never become an employee’

James ‘Dear Rita, when an entrepreneur takes money from investor, it is first step towards subordination. If you take money from your client, it is again subordination. In life never ever keep small ego’s to ruin self’

Rita ‘I am seriously not sure.. I guess I never worked on my own’

James ‘we need startup founders to work themselves and not burn their money through appointed people’

Who is the Villian?

Jack ‘I am not trying to defend myself, but the economic policies led this sudden crash’

Savy ‘hey.. all entrepreneurs tell the same’

Jack ‘imagine I was running operations at 5% margin and now my service tax slab at 18%.. That too I have to first pay that 18%. Running a loss of 13% terrible, have let go the last employee today’

Savy ‘Jack.. are you planning to retire’

Jack ‘will sell off my house, repay the debts and then go gardening’

Savy ‘oh in those couple of acres of land, you took in Fiji’

Jack ‘yes..’

Savy ‘are you leaving your country for good?’

Jack ‘not sure.. but surely thinking.. it sucks’

few months later

Savy ‘you look too happy?’

Jack ‘hey got into an exciting venture of planting trees. The only regret is that I have to guarantee it’s survival for 3 years. I have to give them a replacement if it perishes’

Savy ‘seriously you are crazy’

Jack ‘a trick.. i played.. I charge them 4 times, this helps me take a replacement judgement.. I can replaced it at least 2 times plus I take watering responsibilities, so have tie ups with various water containers and also earn money from there’

Savy ‘no service tax?’

Jack ‘no.. as I do not have a company .. it is all trading.. ‘

Savy ‘so who is the villian?’

Opinion Impacts

The focus should be on development, re-development and more development. If anyone feels anguished about any decisions made by anyone else in life, the only way to reduce anguish is by leading by example. Have observed so many hate messages / jokes / image forwards on any type of incident which happens in the world. These have humor, quite funny and at times it also becomes offensive.
We should not make heroes of any incident as those incidents have multiple cascading effect globally.
Every decision which brings in prosperity to welfare of mankind needs to be supported wholeheartedly if it fits in books of law with no forceful interventions. The minute a force is applied, newtons law of each action has an even and opposite reaction unfolds.
No amount of public speaches, tweets and messages will really help if we cannot help ourselves by just focusing on our work and bother about our small little ecosystems which we need to nurture (example startup ecosystem).
Need more and more participations on my mission to focus on entrepreneurship, employment and research and anyone who wishes to start their venture, want to initiate an accelerator within their college/corporates or wish to do pure AI driven research on entrepreneurship, do revert back.
Email passionit.prakashsharma@gmail.com, phone +918390234456
skype prakash.r.sharma
Would wish to have our framework reach out globally to all parts of the world. It is a good management framework for entrepreneurship
Even if you are not interested, do share it to your next influential contact.

Money Runs

Money runs

The run for valuation,

The run for profit

Engaging customers

All those pitches

Investors galore

Show me the money

Show me the painpoint

Is this a solution?

B2C or B2B

No B2G or C2G or G2C

Show me the money

Losses mount

Fund it further

Improve your value

Celebrate a success

Show me as Unicorn

Talk the hype

Hype the story

More the comments

More the likes

Show me the money

Pressures around

Penalties around

Oppositions galore

More the trouble

Show me your patience

(Startup and Entrepreneurs need to have the patience and courage to fight all types of struggles. The ambition was yours, the passion too, success too so why not accept failures and still live a longer and again revive as after all dark tunnel, light will come and even if light will not come, you can again move back from the darkness in same path till you again come back to some light, back to square one and again start afresh. Happy friendship day..

What can go wrong?

Police has rushed to a place where the startup entrepreneur Jim has just committed suicicide

Jim ‘Mentally harassed by friends, relatives, investors and even employees. Am not having any complaints against anyone..’

The police support team creamates Jim only to find a letter

‘This is Bob.. your investor.. deploy us the 100000$ immediately as agreed upon.. from 500000$, you had agreed to payback 100000$ as consulting remuneration.’

The police reaches to the investor Bob

Police Inspector Garry ‘We need to ask you about Jim’

Bob ‘Jim.. I heard about it.. he took too much unofficial investments from us’

Garry ‘can you share us proof’

Bob gives an entire file of Jim

Garry and team observe over US$100000 paid of to Bob in addition to official investments’

Garry ‘source of money?’

Bob ‘we would pay him as consulting fee or even as advances and then when we asked for payment back.. ‘

Gsrry ‘he threatened he will commit suicide’

Bob ‘exactly.. this is what has happened’

Garry returns back to the police station

Garry ‘should I ask my son to pursue startup or not?’

Garry’s friend Kris ‘relax.. let us not take 1 bad example as population’

Few days latter

Garry ‘my son managed a 100000$ fund.. seems he is happy.. hope he works well but he does need to understand what can go wrong.. will guide him’