Unspoken Truth

Nancy ‘the only truth I know is that am jobless today’

Rob ‘am hungry today’

Claudia ‘am not able to school today’

Arif ‘am lost and confused on where I move forward’

Rose ‘this will not stop.. till a solution comes’

Bob butts in to the zoom call…

Bob ‘we are not sure of what happens post november too.. post elections’

All burst laughing

Arif ‘why is it so funny?’

Claudia ‘am still in school, so am not aware what happens post November.. maybe school reopens’

Rose ‘the unspoken truth is that all of us are being tested for our patience, consistency, persistence, compassion and passion to do something when nothing is available’

Bob ‘next what?’

Nancy ‘let us collaborate, co-create, work and spin off more opportunities.. ‘


Life Metrics

Life Metrics

Life is not what we do everyday, it is something which you begin from someday to make a positive impact on society.
The more we focus on that with tangible output, the more we know that we are going in the right direction.

Some takeaways
a) The best gift we can give to a person who is stuck in problem, is to let that person realize that thinking about a problem should not be the focus, but thinking of ways to solve the problem more important. Being a good listenor helps.
b) Sometimes we may feel we are totally broke, with no sight of money.. The solution lies in taking up any job to withstand that situation but at same time be determined to push your goals and remain attached to those goals to fulfill it.
Through our framework, am helping individuals who wish to rethink, re-invent, build themselves again and cherish, nurture their core dreams and passion.
Do not pause, Do not wait for the right time. Time is present.. and it just fly’s before we realize it. Just get going right away



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Folded Hands

Julie ‘this is what used to happen in India.  No one used to ever shake hands for wishes’

Ajay ‘yes.. and we would not also hug people earlier’

Rony ‘and.. I believe you used to use loads of water with garlic, ginger, turmeric and drink’ at least once every says as Kada’

Julie ‘are we going the old India way’

Ajay ‘corona virus has taught us social distancing’

Rony ‘yes’

Julie ‘now with zoom and google calls.. what we can do is visualize love’

Ajay ‘Indian’s are highly emotional.. A war.. and all talk of boycott..  A patriotic message from leader.. and all will even stop boycotting’

Julie ‘isn’t is fical mindedness’

Ajay ‘no.. our love to take care of people has made us be united for so long inspite of so many divisions.. but unfortunately we too began hugging etc as wishes’

Rony ‘isn’t hugging cool’

Ajay ‘yes.. pre corona virus.. now everything looks so distant.. though I do miss hugs from my girl friend who is staying at her home town’

Rony ‘with folded hands..I request Corona Lord to vanish from earth soon’

Ajay ‘me too..’

Julie ‘me too’

Iqbal suddenly jumps in zoom..

Iqbal ‘what are you guys talking’

Julie ‘to hug or not’

Iqbal ‘hey hug is a cool gesture.. during Eid we used to wish.. but now..’

Julie ‘Pray Lord Allah to have Corona exit from earth soon’

Iqbal ‘Insha Allah’


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We for Work

Susan ‘ why do we need to say We instead of I at office. My boss scolded me for using I too often’

James ‘I reflects self praise’

Susan ‘but no one else works efficiently, in fact hardly anyone works’

Suddenly there is network connection issue.

Susan calls up network support  engineer and resolves the issue

James ‘did you fix the issue’

Susan ‘yes I resolved it’

James ‘but I heard you call support engineer’

Susan ‘yes he resolved it’

James ‘hence the importance of WE.  It is team work,  During appraisals feel free to use the word I as you are supposed to get appraised for your own work.. else ‘WE’




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The challenges we have is to understand what to see and what not to see.


(It is an attempt to be voice of every Indian, every immigrant who faces hurdles, wishes to get back to job or wants to start a venture..   We have been trying to understand how USA-INDIA can collaborate for better relation and opportunities.


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What to do if suddenly sacked from job? jobless?

James ‘relax dear.. no need to worry too much.’

Jane ‘hey.. this is not done.. COVID and everything crashed’

James ‘even employers are not having fund to sustain their business’

Jane ‘what to do?’


‘What needs to be done by individuals who have lost jobs or are not able to get alternative jobs soon?
a) Stop getting too tensed of this situation
b) Plan – Plan-B and this means think of a startup spin off. This needs to be done sooner then thinking too much.
c) Collaborate with individuals who can support you on this initiative.
d) Keep all options open (job, freelancing, consulting, entrepreneurship)
e) Build skills
f) Write research papers
h) Re-brand self and emerge stronger person
One of reasons where all have obstacles, impediments is because all of us got into an habit of spending and government too encourages it as GDP impact exists. However please save money to sustain self for months, 1 year or whatsoever as market remains uncertain. Today we talk of relaxed clampdown, maybe on 1st of July, again a forceful clampdown. Nothing is certain, but only what we can do to save self. Am encouraging multiple seniors to collaborate, explore their dreams, thoughts, vision for self and others. Last but not least, be thankful to all clients, employers, well wishers, friends, family who remain supportive to you in whatsoever ways. Reach out to me for discussions.


April Tweets

Anne ‘Why Tweets now all of a sudden’

Prakash ‘nothing much.. I put in each and every visible white space to all, to stop having fear and focus on work’

Anne ‘why?’

Prakash ‘if you are rich, have sources of money, then sitting at home. too cool else it is just drain of money supporting shelterless, homeless all because of one fear ‘corona’

Anne ‘but it is fatal’

Prakash ‘nothing is more fatal then no food, no shelter or no clothes. please wake up dear all and revive self to identify small opportunities.. digital marketing, content writing, technical documentation.. whatsoever and create small job opportunities’




India and social distance relevance

India and social distance relevance
We may have celebrities, politicians and even the educated mass working towards goals of social distancing, however in India, we have multiple millions of people staying in small houses, where over 6 to 8 individuals stay in 100sqft premise or even there are many jobless youth staying 4-8 per apartment.
It is time where all need to realize what the Unknown wishes and begin probing, self realizing and become humble, peace lover, devoid of hatred to each other and truly understand secularism and also understand no one is above God. It is neither a punishment nor a reward, but an opportunity to collectively work towards cleaning our souls. Symbolically it is the respiratory organs which get impacted. Everything is close to heart.

Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), an organisation set up by Kennedy Odede, who was born and brought up in Kibera and their models to mitigate virus risks are really good examples to learn.
Nature’s miracle is in having all hate messages replaced with care messages.
The small little contribution we can do is to have an awareness given by us to all our maids and home care individuals to take care of their family. Help them get masks & basic amenity for their cleanliness