Trillion Vision, Million Dreams, 1000 Realities, 100 Issues, 8 Focuses, 1 Differentiator

Focusing only on the positive aspects to make some dreams come true for some set vision
1) Stop differentiating individuals on basis of religion
2) Encourage backoffices more in rural areas which in turn will boost employment
3) Have more opportunities for internship created
4) Education has to be affordable and meaningful and it makes more sense to further disrupt the same and bring in micro education systems by reducing years of graduation itself and focusing more on practical experiences for minimum 2 years
5) Industries / NGOs can help in identifying minimum 5 digitization opportunities which creates a big pool of painpoints for solving the same.
6) If import taxes curbed and more opportunities for exports identified, it will boost the manufacturing sector.
7) There should not be more alterations to GST, It may impact consumption, inflation.
8) Planning large scale infrastructure projects is not a need as it really gets meaningless if consumption pattern itself gets reduced.

1 Differentiator – Changing Mindsets.
Am piloting whatsoever is possible within individual constraints to bring in some small little mindset changes for everyone for point 1,2,3,4,5 Need more collaborators

Startups need to understand economics of running a startup

Startups need a Minimum viable product/service along with

1) Tactical guidance

2) Milestone based investments

3) Cashflow Management with balanced budgeting covering development, marketing, implementation, documentation, security, process, hardware, infrastructure.

4) Stable team composition

5) Market Linkages

6) Approach to give ROI (Return to Investors)

Valuation will happen in the journey. Many entrepreneurs begin focusing on raising investments covering huge burn rates.

Rs10lacs = US$14000 roughly.
1) Startup spending Rs10lacs/month of which Rs5lacs is management overhead.

2) Startups spending Rs2lacs/month with Rs1.5lacs as marketing overhead

3) Startups spending Rs5crores/month on technical team with 10lacs/month on marketing.

If you observe all of above examples show imbalanced budgeting. Please revisit your budgets.

I have been helping many startups understand, reduce costs and also optimize profits through market linkages. Some startups understand it, some argue, some continue.. but nevertheless unless a balanced budget not planned, no startup can ever get good results.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all friends here.
PASSION completes 22 years of its focus on grooming students from rural areas / small towns who cannot afford high cost education. We help them work on couple of internship projects and eventually they get job opportunities.
Membership fee is near free or 500 to INR 6000 bucks.

We welcome more and more students to work on real time AI projects with us.

Our startup ecosystem has been doing well, where in less then 1000US$ per month, we help set business for companies in India and includes website development, hosting project management, software development, digital marketing, sales, product promotion, HR interventions. More costs if project need larger canvas. For few we have even done it at 500$ per month.. Goal is to build a strong entrepreneurship, research ecosystem
Please revert back on 1-1 basis

We have been benchmarked as on par with top 10% accelerator programs with reference to competency development

Startup investments

A monthly investment of just US$150 to US$300 for 2 years. Many invest in stock/mutual fund/insurance..
Why not invest in startup? Life would get only better cofounding a company.

Melissa ‘this will not work?’

PS ‘it should.. as anyways no one is creating jobs and many are being laid out.. if this much also someone who earns even US$15000/- per annum do it, there is some serious issue.. it means finance management is a bit tipsy turvy an no alternate business planning in sight.. jobs will continue to get reduced over period of time.. do become entrepreneur’

Melissa ‘are you sure?’

My office is no office

Joy is a happy go lucky mentor cum trainer. With a very small office space literally to ensure folks learn and earn in most frugal way, he comes across a strange situation.

Nancy ‘it is too small.. how many employees?’

Joy ‘as many as you think’

Nancy ‘do we have freshers?’

Joy ‘you are also a fresher right?’

Nancy ‘are they working or non working?’

Joy ‘experience is not about being in paid salary or being unpaid.. it is all about knowledge gain to scale up futher’

Nancy ‘I am scared’

Joy ‘Startups are scary.. they are like horror stories where you may shriek, you may feel pressure.. you may learn a lot of self defence only to find at the end a winner emerging. Either you sustain or you move to next job’

Joy ‘An average mind psychology is what looks big seems beautiful. A very rich billionaire feels small is beautiful and historically everything which is precious is small or rare. Moral of story.. you may loose something big becausee of ignorance or not able to value small’

Employment Comedy

Employment Comedy

A leader told the other B leader that if all individuals from the community get jobs, the A leader will surely support B

B knows that really speaking jobs are not possible, but interview calls can be created, so agrees.

Now if the youth fail in interviews, it is A leader’s problem. A leader didn’t want skill development as goal.

B leader got shock when A said ‘you think am fool.. we want you to give government jobs’

B however was shocked not because of the demand but because B knows that the government key projects are going to be privatized and more unemployment foreseen so was shocked to know that how come A leader never bothered to read news papers.

Till then C leader came and said.. technology is the only way to go and he is all out for robotic process automations’

A leader ‘what is RPA?’

B leader ‘it seems a way to support unemployment’

C leader ‘dear it is to remove more people’

A leader ‘guys.. surely will not support B’

C leader ‘relax.. we can always tell that millineals are very selfish and they never thought of future employment or employable folks and public may believe it too’

B ‘this is a good point’

A ‘then I will support you B’

C ‘so is RPA approved?’

B and A Surely Yes.

C ‘will you also support startups?’

B ‘make grand announcements of all startups who can improve productivity will get funded ‘

A ‘am not going to invest ok.. my state already in problem’

B ‘dear.. colleges who start incubation centers they have to identify investors ok.. we all should follow those investors’

C ‘I know couple of reputed industry people’

B ‘excellent.. ask them to start some incubation / accelerator program’

A ‘I will support you B’

C ‘we will need 100M$’

A and B look at each other

B ‘sanctioned’

A ‘hey 1 minute.. Isn’t C from the same state where you were also staying way back?’

B ‘did you ever see me there in past many years’

A ‘No’

B ‘trust is important.. please remember we care for all folks the most’

A ‘yes.. will support you this time’

C ‘should I announce this to all’

Till then D comes in

D ‘dear all.. what about me?’

A, B and C ‘dear D.. we never try to catch you.. do not worry at all. just make some noise when we wish.. and rest will be taken care of’

D disappears..

Ishwar wakes up suddenly

His mom ‘whole time thinks of politics.. relax.. you are not cut out of it.. hence we named you Ishwar thoughtfully’