startup secrets

never begin approaching investors till you have not completed your product.

never focus only on seeking investments.

budget your startup with following economics



2X investments needed

X is something which can be decided by only you..

so with this economics, you realize you do need always a cofounder.

so 2 technical folks can get into initiating something, but partnering with 2 marketing folks may give better leverage

always remember.. the X component has to be as lean as possible.


Floral beauty

Joseph owns an island where he has planted roses.. A troubled relation with his wife’s sister lands him into a mess with his wife too and reasons for this mess..

A few years back..

Joseph ‘Tina.. your sister Gina does not love intimacy…’

Tina ‘Joseph… we got closer because of Gina..  I still remember your fascination for roses and Gina loves it so much.. and then you gave me the most blossomed one and..’

Joseph ‘I planted a kiss on your lips’

Tina. . ‘yes was shocked… but somewhere something ignited in me’

Tina hugs Joseph and there.. a knock knock

Gina ‘how dare you…  just move out of house.. ‘

Tina ‘he is mine’

Joseph ‘Tina.. I really love Gina.. so..’

Gina ‘just get lost’

Joseph comes to present..

With fully blossomed roses, buds all around..

Joseph pens a thought

‘Hiding our feelings behind the flower

Expressing our feelings with flower

Love blossoms so many times

Why is flower’s life so less?

Is it a lesson that flora

and love are similar?

Enjoy its warmth when

it exists as it will soon wither away too?

One of his worker comes and gives him a cup of coffee

He is seeing the birds happily moving up

He is seeing the green leaves all around

Lots of thorns strewn around

Roses looking lovely and beautiful

as his workers neatly pack it for exports



Karmic Life Cycle

Kaira is Miss Universe and enjoying her glory.. Good assignments coming up.. she is all excited with this sudden shower of success.

As she is driving from London to a near by city, she see’s a cosmic divine center..


She has always been fascinated with this whole aspect so asks her mom Diana

Kaira ‘Mom.. want to know why this success / failure happens.. something to do with previous life’

Diana ‘you have worked hard dear.. just come out of that whole thing.. let us go and attend party’

Kaira ‘No.. want to get into past..and see what I am ‘

Diana and Kaira visit the office

An old lady is sitting and greats them with a smile

Kaira ‘can you tell me what I was in past?’

The old lady closes her eyes.. and she sees a very ugly looking lady sweeping the London Airport

Old lady opens her eyes and says ‘you were an ugly looking lady.. who was a sweeper’

Kaira ‘please.. tell me more’

Old lady closes her eyes..

‘The ugly lady is admiring self, decorating self with flowers and and praying ‘Make me beautiful and I promise I will make the world beautiful’

The ugly lady would dutifully serve the orphans in an orphanage.. make food for them and and further the old lady finds… that individual is also teaching the kids

Old lady opens her eyes and says ‘you seemed to be a good human in last life’

Kaira ‘please.. what else’

Old lady closes her eyes and she finds the ugly looking lady having strong desire to be on stage.. so she has started a play school.. and many students learning from her’

and then the old lady suddenly finds an arrogant actress slamming a notice and closing the play school..

Old lady opens her eyes… and says ‘you committed suicide in your previous life’

Kaira is shocked..

Old lady ‘my fee’

Kaira ‘how much?’

Old lady ‘500000US$’

Kaira is shocked.. and gets into an argument

Kaira ‘Ridiculous are you sure this is your fee’

Old lady ‘yes..’

Kaira writes a cheque of US$100 and hands it over to old lady and walks off

After 2 days Kaira is returning back and on way finds there is no such shop seen..

Kaira ‘Mom where is that divine encounter..something shop’

Diana ‘forget it.. who cares..’

Kaira ‘No Mom.. I think it is a lesson by god..  that do not get into karmic cycles and keep taking birth for repaying debt.. Life is all about clearing all debts.. and I think somewhere I too got arrogant.. so..’

Diana ‘do not teach me philosophy.. you have better things to do.. just focus on that’

Kaira has a drop of tear in her eyes.. and feels she is again caught in the Karmic Cycle



fight to finish

fight to finish what you have in hand.. before you start next

the more you have too many things to do..

the initial one will remain incomplete.

Farah tried to have too many hands in everything.

Wanted to be best daughter

Wanted to be best mother

Wanted to be best professional

Wanted to be best looking

and in this quest continued to strive towards perfection..

she fell in love with Samuel and there her life changed

Samuel ‘choose me or family?’

Farah had tears.. she was failing as a daughter

Samuel and Farah wanted to educate their daughter in boarding school

Daughter Tina felt neglected

Tine ‘you are not good mom.. just for your selfish interest that I should get best, you deprived me from my parents itself.. am not connected with you’

Farah was doing well in her profession but one incident shook her up

Boss Frank ‘why did you befriend James.. he knows our company details more then even my other employees’

Farah had met James and as Farah had hidden desire to also pursue modeling..

James ‘Farah.. my sister will make you a model.. why you wish to be in that company.. both of us can start something’

James and Farah got close and then one day

Samuel ‘if you wish to fight to finish whatsoever you have and loose everything.. who will stop you from going down drains.. you are not also a good wife’

Farah has drop of tears in her eyes

Is ambition usually disastrous..? why cannot an individual at times do what they feel happy about.. but not force someone else to do so..

Farah realized her mistakes and whispers to James

Farah ‘I may not love you as I love Samuel.. but without any expectations.. just want to say.. I think I will pursue modeling for few days now and then focus on work”


My little puppy

My little puppy.. keeps moving hear and there..

at corners, it tries to pee

and then I clean it up..

My little puppy… wags its tail to happily..

just a few years back..

her mom chirpy had met with a nasty accident..

she was just trying to cross the road.. to save her kid

my little puppy.. smiling all the way

it feels happy as there is someone to care for it…

My little puppy teaches me a lesson

‘care if possible to whomsoever around you.

smile is the best gift the cared person will return’


Cherry Pie

Tom  had his strong desire to have chain of bakeries.

His wife Nancy would help him in dough making…

One day his daughter Frieda who is graduated recently comes up with an idea

Frieda ‘we need to brand it but have a unique dish.. which will attract people’

Tom ‘I am an expert in Cherry Pie..’

Frieda ‘Brand it… Cherry Pie.. and we will package it well’

Nancy ‘all these years I never asked you.. who taught you Cherry Pie’

Tom suddenly gets to his old memories

Tom was deeply in love with Jane and she had a passion to have her own chain of bakeries.

Jane  ‘I will teach you dough making and my favorite cherry pie’

Tom and Jane get married but it does not last wrong. as one day..

Jane ‘why do you not be able to perfect the bakery items.. always we need to depend on our subordinates’

Tom ‘am tired.. for love, I learnt bakery stuff but still you want me to be an expert’

Jane ‘I taught you everything.. because of me .. you are where you are’

Tom ‘you seem to be getting arrogant..’

Jane ‘perfection is not arrogance’

Tom ‘I also learnt and put in hard work’

slowly the relation cracked.. and one day

Janes ‘I have got an assignment in Europe.. am leaving you.. hope you do not mind this separation.. I feel you can fend for self.. get remarried and settled..’

Tom suddenly moves into present

Tom ’till date I never knew why she left me’

Nancy ‘who?’

Tom ‘my first wife’

Nancy is shocked.. Frieda too

Frieda ‘Dad.. past memories need to be forgotten.. live in present.. she may be doing well for herself. I can search her in Linked In or face book if you wish’

Tom ‘is it really possible?’

Frieda ‘of course’

Frieda finds Jane’s linked in ID

Jane is now having a chain of bakeries and is doing very well for self in Europe.

Frieda sends her a message

‘Dear Mam, your husband’s daughter.. we want to start Cherry Pie chain of bakeries.. need investors’

2 days later a response comes

‘Goodness.. is he still continuing with bakery stuffs.. never realized I could teach him so well

Frieda ‘Mam.. he learnt it so well from you.. but never knew why you left him’

Jane sends her Skype ID

Frieda  calls up in Skype

Jane ‘He had to learn to become independent.. I love him even now.. but found him to suddenly feel he has learnt everything.. somewhere male ego crops up.. and I had loved him unconditionally.. so just left him to fend for self..’

Frieda ‘but he does love you’

Jane ‘no.. for him.. he ideally needs a person who can listen to him, pamper his ego a bit.. am not right fit for him’

Nancy smiles ..and even she is on skype

Nancy ‘Jane.. seriously you assessed him right.. luckily I am adjustable so managed him’

Jane ‘will invest in his venture.. tell him to smile again’






What I wish?

What I wish?

A big bountiful nature lovingly looking at me and sun smiling all over me and making me feel the warmth of its love and affection

The spring water splashing all over me wanting me to get wet with all its emotions..

What I wish is just being in nature as much as possible in this fast life of catching metro’s, moving to office day in and day out.. hanging out in buses and trains.. munching burger..

Is this life?

What I wish? is being in greenery at least once a week
so hope to see as many as possible here, visiting garden on this weekend

and if nothing else, if you see some green leaves, remember..  only notes need not be green..  my love for you too is in form of some petal there.. somewhere fallen… somewhere in some tree.. just experience that love when you see some green leaf tomorrow.



Star Worship

if you find life is going too bad.. go and watch your favorite star movie.

if you find you are depressed, go and watch your celebrity photo..

why some photos make u happy?

why some do not?

an intelligent star worship startup launched by DIE HARD FAN

pop alerts of your favorite food, favorite star, favorite book writings whenever an Internet of thing device feels you are stressed out.


Tweet War

There is a war of tweets between 2 startups


@whatsoever comes up will come down


@when it comes down, will bounce back too


@only if you realize you need a help


@if you are getting right help, god bless you. we will soon finish you


@our product rocks..


@our team rocks


@our product will finish you


@surprises.. next month… your product manager is putting down paper


@to get secrets from you 🙂


@do not jump to conclusions.. check what next we plan to do


@what next?

No response..

2 months later

B has taken over A and last heard, the one who was tweeting on behalf of A has submitted resignation


Think Global Act Local

Sam ‘one of the MANTRA’s I always tell is think global.. act Local’

Sam ‘reasons for this is .. my successful love story. As a teenage was so carried away with international movies, and for while I was enamored by those beautiful women out there.. and till Siya came in my life’

Sam ‘Siya.. the local neighbor who cared for me like no one.. she was always there.. but I never saw any meaning in seeing her… ‘

Sam ‘many things which we wish to have.. is all out there near by.. just get going’

The college audience begins laughing..

One of the student

Student ‘Sir.. but our college do not allow love affairs.. very strict.. hence we are caught up with face book and whatsapp affairs’

Sam ‘no worries dear…  do not go overboard.. be cautious in your relation.. all will be fine..  and who knows you may just be chatting with your neighbor..’ and bursts out laughing

All burst out laughing

Sam ‘so take away for you is to think globally.. have vision.. try to get the best of desired wish list.. and may be you may have the nearest match locally’

Sam ‘Siya always thought locally and acted globally.. and guess what?’

All ‘what?’

Sam ‘she created meetups for lovers.. and it is flourishing.. her startup unites lovers’

All clap their hands loudly..

Siya steps in

Siya ‘all who are heartbroken.. just reach out to us.. we help you always.. and are with you always’