Mind confusion

Nancy ‘never ever think that I am gone’

Moses ‘but you are already dead’

Nancy ‘it is because you have buried me, you assume so..  my soul remains alive’

Moses ‘Nancy… liberate self…  You were suffering from acute depression because of business loss… you had failed and then you committed suicide’

Nancy ‘Moses..  you as my co founder will need to make my venture a success’

Moses ‘I will… but please liberate self from world’

Nancy disappears

Moses suddenly wakes up only to find Nancy his dear wife standing in front of him with a coffee glass

Moses ‘Nancy.. you still alive?’

Nancy ‘are you mad… you keep watching horror movies and then… ‘

Moses ‘how is your business doing… ‘

Nancy ‘as a husband… I never seen you ask this question ever…. it is great… now am going to office… cook food and keep for me.. will reach home late in evening’


Happy World Entrepreneurship Day !

Happy World Entrepreneurship Day !

A day to celebrate the game of entrepreneurship. The pains of signing of cheques, the pain of seeing funds shrinking, the joy of acquiring new deals, the first client acquisition, the struggle of retaining resources, the fear of loosing talent, the confidence of getting funded and the despair of loosing business. The game needs to be played sportingly.

The investors bet on the horses and few win, few loose, however it is the jockey which also matters along with horse…  It could be a founder, adviser, CEO, mentor, director or any trust worthy aide who has helped the startup grow so far…

Entrepreneurship is all about also valuing the team who has helped you move ahead in life.

Towards Goal

Manuel ‘am still trying to see when I can retire’

Jenny ‘so retirement is your goal’

Manuel ‘yes.. want to spend rest of my life without hard work’

Jenny ‘seriously how you can think of it..  there are 2 daughters yet to be married, 1 young son, aged mom who is mostly in hospital…   who will bear those expenses.. I too am not working’

Manuel ‘dear wife… hence it is a goal..  I can always dream right?’

Manuel hugs Jenny

Manuel ‘women really do not like men not working..’


Love for a cause

Love for a cause is not because the cause has reason. It is because the cause is your passion to serve the cause.

The cause emerges out of some incident which shakes you up in life and you become determined to solve that pain point. You wake up to realities that it is still unresolved, half finished, may be monetized but doesn’t add real value to society still. You shake up self and become more determined to work for the cause with more determination.

You seek funds, you gather individuals, build ecosystem and still not able to really come to a concrete solution while creating dots..

What next? The puzzle of the cause makes you more determined and you begin working both horizontally and vertically to see which dots are missing.

The cause wakes us up with learning each and every possible solution which was successful, failure and you soon find yourself getting some dots further connected.

The story continues further with same determination, perseverance and patience to identify individuals who work for a cause could it be technology or people or any objective problem within theories of multiple knowledge disciplines.

Startup Collaborative Innovation Centers

As I get deeper into entrepreneur research, here is the journey of my pivots… am launching SCIC’s soon and hope to hear/get projects from all here or at least can discuss it.

A large public limited company

Way back in early 1990’s, when technology was still picking up, I ended up understanding an entire process of shares department who would spend huge effort on data entry, compilation only to create more issues. Vigorously doing data entry too, I realized that everything is solvable if we put proper logic to it..

Understood the process and created a small tool which helped perform 50% of tasks being done by team of 8

All cornered me and asked me, what was my intent? am I replacing jobs?

I mentioned, I just wanted to be a good programmer… nothing beyond it..

One of the Director was of course pleasantly shocked and mentioned, he liked my style of working..


Where the above case study fits in Startup Collaborative Innovation Center?

I left the job as there was no point breaking heads with the CIO’s on technology debates or trying to create unrest within a team with threat of loosing opportunities, however may be that was the trigger point for me to realize that I am an entrepreneur in spirit and heart from age 9, when am trying to sell my own skills to my fellow students and take tutions.

Does the case fit in Startup Collaborative Innovation Center?

The answer is Yes as like me, there would whole lot of young blood trying to identify problems in process, getting irritated with day-to-day routine well laid out process, one who wishes to bring a small change, to make a big difference in cycle time…


Independence day

Independence day – a day of breaking away from shackles of everything perceivable and real slavery.  It is a goal and a reminder to contribute and serve nation and humanity with right doses of patriotism, knowledge, compassion and passion to serve mankind for good causes and society welfare.