what’s in name?

sam ”what’s in name. dear’

rosina ‘common.. everything.. literal hard work.. so many things I did.. surely  cannot let go everything in one go’

sam ”rosina..  names are just labels.. outside the company.. you are again unlabeled.. stop focusing on that. and just see even as nameless person, how people value and respect you.. finally if they love you for what you are.. no one can replace you.. stop being insecure dear’


Festival of Lights

Happy festival of lights

the light of logic and wisdom

the light of fairness and openness

the light of curiosity and transperancy

the light of humbleness and compassion

the light of love and clarity

be given in abundance to all

with loads of prosperity, wealth and happiness

with the light of endurance and affection

to make a human be healthy and smiling

for right reasons to spread and share

the abundance with all.


an ungifted gift

love is something which when given, is loved and when not given, is hated

or if given forcefully, still hated.


Joy ”Lisa.. I am gifting you a fund of US$10000 for your venture”

Lisa ”common.. no need from you.. please … I do not love you’

Joy ”common it is not for the same reason”

Lisa ”Where is Mike?”

Joy ”He is just going to be in NY anytime next week”

After a week

Lisa sees Mike giving a beautiful necklace to her best friend Jaquline

Lisa pulls Mike round the corner

Lisa ”Common.. not a single gift to me…”

Lisa plants a forceful kiss on Mike’s lips..

Mike ”Common.. I just do not love you.. stay away from me”

Lisa has drops of tears

Joy comes in…to the restaurent where the party is on

Joy hugs Lisa

Joy ”Lisa… seriously.. no expectations.. just get going and do something of your own”

Lisa hugs Joy and keeps sobbing.



Neutral Debate

Sam ”why is this person trying to prove the other person’s love was to a fictious entity and not the real”

Manuel ‘because she wished to prove it is for real’

Sam ”but he is not real’

Manuel ‘she feels he is for real’

Sam ”we always feel god exists and we are in love with god”

Manuel ”but this is a living god”

Sam ”had these two individuals just sat and discussed and arrived at conclusions in a very transparent manner things would have been crystal clear to both of them”

Manuel ”Real intelligence lies in just believing in self and its truth and not worry about what others speak or tell or behave, and just speak the truth. If both tell the truth, so be it..   the debate ends automatically..

Sam ”so it is a defeated debate”

Manuel ”if any conflict in people or sect or society or country exists, it is only because two different entities both feel their stance is the only truth, so rather then trying to defeat each other, why cannot the conflict just be forgotten and just be indifferent.

Sam ”what if there is a bone of content.. something for which two parties fighting”

Manuel ”leave that bone of content to its own.. all will be fine”


love knocks

love can be a real lesson to someone who has never fallen in love ever..

Siya ‘I never knew what hit me when I had a first brush of crush for my teacher Hamid’

Siya ”I got pained when he got married a few months later’

Heartbroke… 1 yeat later

Siya ”this guy used to keep following me.. in college.. buses, trains and one day I stopped to ask him .. why so?’

Jai just smiled and said ”I love you”

Siya ”I could not cope.. and said stop following me.. else will call the police”

Siya ”Next day onwards he just disappeared.. To come to think of it,, he seemed from good family.. but”

and then 4 years later

Siya ”I was here on my startup mission ..in accelerator program giving pitch and one of my cofounder planted a kiss on my cheeks.. ghosh.. I didnt like it at all”

Jack ”hey Siya what is wrong.. have just joined you to make you feel comfortable.. am exploring a long term relation with you”

Siya ”common.. these investors.. the revenue and returns.. sorry not now”

2 weeks later Jack resigned and am left all alone

Siya ‘is there something wrong in me.. commitment phobic.. or am I not getting right partner.. love knocks and that is it…

As Siya is pouring her heart to her best friend Michael

Michael ”Siya.. you need a break.. no strings attachment.. will it work for you.. I and you can go to Bali”

Siya ”common… not again…”