Nancy was an ageing middle aged woman. Her husband always in tour.. She didn’t take care of self too much.. however her husband ensure she would be taken care of well so..

Doctor Jose ‘Nancy you are doing perfectly well on calories. just i feel your uric content a bit high.. so am writing prescription for you’

Nancy ‘Do you know how many medicines i eat in a day?’

Jose ‘It is fine Nancy.. medicines are only to cure.. and bring perfection’

Nancy ’50 around in span of 16 hours.. on average 4 medicines / hour..’

Jose ‘Oh i see.. why?..I just was sent by your family doctor.. didn’t know the background’

Nancy ‘My husband is so caring that he doesn’t need to be there besides me.. and just wishes to care for me by giving medicines’

Jose ‘I can understand what you are feeling’i

Nancy ‘Damn It.. I need love.. not medicines.. Love is the cure for almost all diseases as if you feel love, at least your body hormones will always be happy’

Nancy comes closer to Jose and holds hand..

Jose ‘OK i have to leave…’

Nancy ‘Jose.. don’t misunderstand me and feel i want love or sex from you..  I am trying to reduce my medicine intake..’

Jose ‘So?’

Nancy ‘Can we have a small tool or a filter developed where in case any patient is asked to eat more then 30 tablets in a day, a sms be sent to the head doctor and one to police and other to health minister help desk’

Jose begins laughing

Nancy ‘Am serious.. We make so many fanciful application but just a simple filter. It helps understand if folks are getting over drugged unnecessarily’

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