Stop gap arragement

Fred ‘this is just a stop gap arrangement. I will ensure you stay with me in my own home’

Louisa ‘am hearing this for last 5 years. 11 months renewal.. every year.. rental houses.. am fedup’

Fred ‘ well know I cannot.. I have my wife who is cofounder ..and also an investor’

Louisa ‘this whole business of money.. and where is genuine emotion for anyone’

Fred ‘Louisa.. my wife wants to exit from this venture and also me.. she too has a stop gap arrangement… she is already hooked to a big time investor’

Louisa begins laughing..  ‘strange couple.. nothing seems right. everything for you both is stop gap arrangement’


Love Soul

Life is a journey where body undergoes transformation. Soul  in us is ageless, a supreme power to guide, motivate and influence you. So if someone loves your soul and guides you, be blessed.

Angels are meant to bless individuals and move them ahead in life.  All angel investors here hopefully love the soul of the startups in which they invest, and keep the body alive for meaningful work to build strong foundation companies.


My mobile

Sweety ‘this is crazy… lost my mobile.. All contacts.. only few I remember’

Jane ‘Didn’t you take backup?’

Sweety ‘No’

Jane ‘Sweet heart.. enjoy these moments. God gave you an opportunity to start afresh’

Sweety ‘Wish some startup solves this problem of ensuring mobiles are not lost’

Jane ‘Put this as contest.. Marry the guy who solves this problem’

Sweety ‘Shutup Jane..  here I have lost everything and you are making fun of me’

Jane ‘Sweety..  you are just 18 and so addicted to mobiles.. even I am.. but ensure I avoid mobile sets of minimum 4 hours during day time’

Sweety ‘how funny…’


Micro startup

Jane is a lazy girl who prefers being more  on bed sleeping, playing games.. till 1 day..

Jane’s parent decide to put her in hostel..

At hostel, she has to handle everything on her own…

Jane ‘it is really crazy… everything we need to do’

Melissa ‘Jane.. I have a concept MICRO’

Jane ‘what is it all about?’


Jane ‘on what?’

Melissa ‘Boredom?’

Jane ‘common?’

Melissa ‘Health?’

Jane ‘tell me what it all about?’

Melissa ‘Games?’

Jane ‘not again’

Melissa ‘Sex?’

Jane ‘I will hit you.. what is it all about?’

Melissa ‘whoever will google and get useful information beyond paid ones… they will be rewarded US$100 per satisfactory innovation’

Jane ‘how is it possible.. why should we pay someone.. what is the overall gist.. am confused’

Melissa ‘begin searching by new techniques from today’

2 days later

Jane ‘I tried in so many ways to hover over LOVE and finally arrived at one conclusion’

Melissa ‘what?’

Jane ‘Love cannot be purchased on a cart…

Melissa ‘wow.. what a pain point’

Jane ‘so what next…’

Melissa ‘did your sleep / bed time reduce?’

Jane ‘I was so engrossed hovering.. so yes.. I guess I feel more energetic’



Joy ”for one.. i never knew difference between mouse and stick”

Melinda ‘common.. digital literacy is most important pre-requsite in today’s world”

till then she gets a whatsapp message ”it is all over”

Melinda smiles…

Melinda ”a mouse is used to for moving across screen and in real world.. we have mouses who are moving all around us and escape when they get scared..’

Joy ”you murmuring something”

Melinda ‘messages in whatsapp ”thanks for your message’

Joy ‘for?”

Melinda ”the biggest success of computer world is it ability to make us engaged even if we are all alone… ”

Joy ”any problem?”

Melinda ”these days breakups can happen in whatsapp too”


Stories of life

Nancy ”Stories of life is a beginning of expressing self freely…  multiple websites allow such expressions, however the unique point is”

Joy ”it is all about confessing what mistakes we committed in life and lessons learnt from it”

Fred the investor ”what is the revenue model?”

Joy ”each person makes a mistake in life..  a 0.001 cent for each lesson learnt”

Investor ”why you feel… a reader will be interested in getting into this site”

Fred ”only because… these mistakes will be expressed by very senior big wigs”

Investor ”not convinced yet.. but do begin with this idea.. and reach out to me after 1 month”

After a month

Investor ”so how many logged in”

Fred ”100”

Investo çan I see?

Fred puts it on projector

Investor is shocked

Fred ”your wife felt she made a mistake marrying you as you stopped caring for her way back.. and lessons learnt was to never marry in haste”

Investor ”common.. why you reached to my wife?

Nancy ”Sir.. no better way then to explain the impact to you”

Investor pauses and says ”still am not funding you”

In evening..

Investor reaches home and takes his wife for dinner

Investor ”do you really feel you married in haste”

Wife ýes..”

Investor hugs his wife

Wife ”why this sudden flush of love?”

Investor ”I realized that stories of life if read back, can bring in new changes to our own thought process”