Love for a cause

Love for a cause is not because the cause has reason. It is because the cause is your passion to serve the cause.

The cause emerges out of some incident which shakes you up in life and you become determined to solve that pain point. You wake up to realities that it is still unresolved, half finished, may be monetized but doesn’t add real value to society still. You shake up self and become more determined to work for the cause with more determination.

You seek funds, you gather individuals, build ecosystem and still not able to really come to a concrete solution while creating dots..

What next? The puzzle of the cause makes you more determined and you begin working both horizontally and vertically to see which dots are missing.

The cause wakes us up with learning each and every possible solution which was successful, failure and you soon find yourself getting some dots further connected.

The story continues further with same determination, perseverance and patience to identify individuals who work for a cause could it be technology or people or any objective problem within theories of multiple knowledge disciplines.

Happy friendship day

A friend maybe with you, near you, away from you however can understand you like a person who has mastered your system. The friend, if positive can shape you and if no, can impact you negatively.

The whole friendship day is around celebrating a binding, true or false, still a binding..

If life brings across us multiple strangers, we chose to get attached to only few, sometimes that 1 special friend whom you feel like sharing every thing..

Not necessarily your partner.. nor your foe.. a person whom you tell those honest truth of your life with a hope that friend gives you solution and never ditches you..

a trust built and most important friends should never let the trust go down.. what is the use of hiding something from someone, if you thought you were a friend..

if you hide for a good reason, still remember that friend will still love you, because of genuine care and affection.

celebrate your relation with care, nurture them with love..  everything will be fine..

I return back.. again… after a long gap..

thanks for being friends always… share this message with one and all your friends.


Love whispers

Rose ‘beloved what is it that keeps us connected’

Tim ‘whatsapp?’

Rose ‘common.. it is our soul dear’

Tim ‘but I didn’t see an icon for it yet in whatsapp? where is it?’

Rose ‘don’t you feel my soul?’

Tim ‘no.. I don’t think those expressions exist.. where are they?’

Rose ‘Tom… I think we overused social media for our communication’

Rose hugs Tom and kisses his forehead

Rose ‘Tom.. I promise we both will meet together every two days from now on’

Tom hugs Rose and whispers ‘love is being together physically too at times’