Love can fail you

Mary ‘Am in love with him however he has been ignoring me for many days’

Susan ‘love can fail you anytime, suddenly’

Mary has drops of tears in her eyes

Rocky was a sports man, a hockey player however few games lost, his mood was not in right spirit. Rocky takes a break to re-invent self and Mary is lost in his thoughts..

2 weeks later

Mary hears a knock on door

Mary opens the door

Rocky hugs her…

Mary ‘where were you?’

Rocky ‘Love can fail us anytime, suddenly.. The passion for hockey and somehow I was not getting it right.. and eventually arrived at one conclusion.. Am not giving the passes well. May be selfish to create goal on own’

Mary ‘what? hence you took a break’

Rocky ‘why does love reject you? we need to probe thoroughly.. may be somewhere we are failing the hope for some reason’

love can be dangerous

joy ‘let us get married because we both are madly in love with each other’

louisa hugs joy

There is a big noise..

Louisa and Joy both dead…

Frank was deeply in love with louisa but never expressed and this embrace had shocked him.

Impulsive love can lead to gross mistakes..


Nancy ‘hey guys… just get up now.. drama over.. our startup focuses on 1 minute short films on social causes.. do not get overboard..

Joy, Louisa, Frank all echo ‘Cheers’


Spelling Mistakes

Mary ‘As I get older.. I am forgetting words.. a few years back an investor and today am just about nothing.. No excitement left..  beyond a point.. adding more 0s to bank balances really do not make difference’

Rob ‘Am making a software to correct spelling mistakes’

Mary ‘common.. so many have done it all’

Rob ‘Just a typo mistake ‘It’s all over to  Love you forever’ and creates so many misunderstandings and even breaks not smooth’

Mary ‘oh.. contextual spelling mistakes?’

Rob ‘forget it.. do not wish to bore you with all this..  tell me what you wish from me?’

Mary ‘Can you codify all words with just icons like how emoicons emerged’

Rob ‘sure.. why not.. and we initiate an emoicon school?’

Mary ‘time to move away from alphabets and numbers unless needed really’

Rob ‘why so?’

Mary ‘primary education more then enough.. rest all iconic’

Rob ‘why this story named Spelling Mistakes?’

Mary ‘hey is it a story penned around it? ridiculous?’

Rob ‘we human make notes of all alphabets, words, character’s and icons too but fail to understand human emotions in real form. So cool to put a I love you icon without even meaning it.. so cool to mention ‘ilu or fu or whatsoever.. we distort words as per our convenience and then.. ‘

Mary ‘and then it is better to forget words for ever’


I love you turns

Love is all about telling ‘I love you’ to someone

and if it is miracle chain mail., I believe you will get back same message at some turn..

Which turn? the probability to arrive at this is where statistics comes in

Diana ‘dear Jerry.. I know you are a statisticians but please don’t count kisses and destroy the essence of romance.. I detest to even kiss you because of it’

Jerry hugs Diana and whispers ‘this is my 100th hug to you and if you break from me.. he plants a kiss on lips and this is 100th too

Diana ‘seriously why I fell in love with statistician?”



Love strikes back again

John is a depressed loner as he recently broke from his marriage, his wife Jenny used to be extremely possessive about him. This lead to a particular incident where in his wife taunts a young entrepreneur Rose about how she is just seeking favors from Investor John’. This results to Rose committing suicide and John has been depressed ever since then..

John ‘does possessiveness really harm so one so much?”

Jenny ‘dear John, sure she is not done suicide for this reason’

John ‘do not bug me.. I murmur on my own … so why you stepping into my space’

Jenny murmurs ‘never knew Investors would be in so much love with entrepreneurs’

John moves out to Garden

John finds a small girl looking at him gleefully’

John ‘Whose child…? ‘

Mary shoots out ‘hey.. why you troubling uncle’

John ‘oh Mary.. what a pleasant surprise..  since when you came in our apartment complex’

Mary ‘am on assignment… seriously world is so small’

John ‘remember the roses I used to give .. without fail.. every day’

Mary smiles

Mary ‘yes John.. I remember everything.. including your marriage with that possessive creature’

John ‘Not sure why… I wanted money.. and her father offered me a 50-50 partner in his venture fund’

Mary ‘so how is it going?’

John ‘just an entrepreneur committed suicide recently// she was in love.. not sure… but still.. I feel it is because of Jenny’

Mary ‘hey she was my younger sister.. She committed suicide not for your wife but for you… as you had in anger mentioned ‘die.. but do not tell me a thing about my wife’

John ‘Is it so?… am I still in love with Jenny?’

Mary ‘not sure.. somewhere you are subconsciously loving the possessiveness’

John ‘what about the girl’

Mary ‘my sister had bipolar.. she died as she was not able to cope up with insults etc.. so stop worrying about her’

John ‘should I give rose to Jenny today’

Mary ‘celebrate your marriage anniversary again’

John ‘never imagined.. I would fall in love again with such possessive wife’

Mary ‘all women love their hubby to be focused only to them’

John smiles.. rushes to his wife

Mary smiles and murmurs ‘wish he understood me ever’