Innovative Product

James is an ace product designer who believes a good product design is one which is simple but holds value.

Back home, his journalist wife Lisa is chaotic, imperfect and believes that whatsoever you do in life, it has to be done straight from heart…

Both are enjoying their dinner when James suddenly realizes that he is getting ache….

James ‘this is the problem with bad furniture designs’

Lisa ‘common.. now just because you are getting a ache, don’t blame furniture. You have visited for 1st time’

James ‘this type of furniture can imbalance the spinal chord..and may put slight tension.. look at the incorrect curve angles’

Lisa ‘dear James, sleep on floor and get relaxed when you go home.. It is designed well’

James ‘you are not from this profession… let us not get into argument…’

Back home James and Lisa are watching TV

Lisa ‘you are a perfect designer and an not-so-perfect boy friend’

James ‘why?’

Lisa ‘we completed 2 years of our close friendship today’

James ‘am still thinking about that design.. oh am sorry.. I realized it.. ‘ and gives Lisa a hug

James ‘Am designing a backrest which can be aligned to a) your back structure to make you relaxed b) if a person wishes to improve back posture, the backrest will get aligned to right back posture and person sits for 15 minutes daily to improve same’

Lisa ‘wow. i know you are a genius but when?’

James ‘6 months down the line’

Lisa ‘I love you a lot because of your knowledge’

James ‘i love you because you too teach me imperfection’

both begin laughing.

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