Tim ”congratulations for your new job”

Jenny “dear.. I got selected in morning, got news of wrong fit at noon and by evening..I was informed not suitable”

Tim “wish you all the best for your new job”

Jenny “common.. do not irritate me?”

Tim “congratulations on feeling irritated”

Jenny “Why so?”

Tim “because I got the same job last week”

Jenny “why so?”

Tim “I do got chucked out within a day”

Jenny “is their recruitment team crazy”

Tim “they are a large HR company so need to train their trainees employment induction.. so to demonstrate that process to them, they conduct real employment scenarios”

Jenny ‘Interesting.. hey 1 min.. an amount got transfered into my account’

Tim ”yes you have been paid US$200 by them as you contributed to the trainee learning process.. congratulations to earn 200$ for a day”

Jenny ‘Absolute strange ways of life… never realized virtual reality shows exist in corporate work culture too”


Future Peeps

If anyone decided to start a venture to preserve history of locations.. pat came an answer from investors ‘wikipedia is beautifully doing so’

another investor ‘facebook etc too can preserve personal history’

investor Arif ‘what is so special about your venture?’

startup founder Jose ‘it gives you correlation of your past with present and future.. a karmic influencer and through virtual reality takes you into whichever location you chose to and whichever attire you choose too excluding only dialog delivery… so next time you choose to romance your favorite movie star.. you can indeed do that through this tool’

Samuel the investor is shocked with this

Samuel ‘this is innovation for sure.. am willing to invest 5M$ in this immediately’

Jose ‘one minute…

Jose configures Samuel and other investors personality traits and puts locale as ‘Fiji island’

Samuel ‘wow.. we are discussing about your venture now in Fiji’

Jose ‘please continue conversations as it is and keep viewing your actions there’

Samuel ‘I only wonder how come you showed us in those half pants interacting and even showed us having good bodies like film stars’

Jose ‘Sir.. we need 20M$ for this’

All investors agree and project gets funded


love talks

“love is not what is heard and read but what is unheard and unread. feelings is not which is felt and experienced but what is sustained and in memory even after the lover distances away for some time”

She.. kept saying this till she disappeared far away..

John never realized what he missed out.. when he cheated on her and took away all her shares from the startup cofounded by Louisa

John has a gulp of wine and discusses with his friend Mark

John ‘does love really exist in today’s word’

Mark ”not sure… I really do not know.. you are asking to someone who is expert in broken relation’

John ‘she was not bad.. why I did this to her?’

Mark ‘sometimes greed takes over our mental faculties and then… we loose whomsoever or whatsoever you have… I guess you are a victim of greed’

John ‘why it happened.. I was so much in love with her…’

Mark ‘you got attracted to that investor Nancy and there the problem occurred’

John ‘sometimes.. we really stoop so low.. to get things done… tell me what I should do.. she is catching a flight to Austin’

Mark ‘dear.. love talks can happen latter.. go.. hold her.. before it is too late’

John ‘does it not sound clichéd.. familiar.. like some Indian movie’

Mark ‘John… life incidents get depicted in film.. may be dramatic.. but you made your life dramatic.. what else… greed, emotions, ditch.. .all this you got into.. go’

John rushes to airport..

Louisa is just reaching out…to get into the airport

She bumps into a celebrity Khan …

Khan ‘oh.. goodness. you seem like my movie heroine… I too had this particular scene where I had to rush to catch hold of my beloved.. you look so sad’

Louisa smiles…

John rushes to Louisa and hugs her..

Khan smiles at the scene and whispers ‘hold love dear.. I too teach love only.. but in films.. sometimes people find me repetitive but then… love also is repetitive so get used to same love with same people over and again’



Chrisna is a sweet looking 5 year old kid who has just learnt to begin speaking..

In orphanage where multiple kids exist, some named, some nameless, Chrisna too arrived at MASCOT orphanage 4 years back.. wrapped in blanket.. on a winter night..

James ‘We would wish to adopt Chrisna.. such a sweet looking girl..  ‘

Melissa the  Mascot owner smiles…

Melissa ‘Chrisna is a miracle kid… ever since she came in.. our orphanage flourished’

James ‘my wife Nancy cannot conceive.. hence this decision..’

Nancy ‘she is such a sweet doll…’

Both Nancy and James complete formalities and take Chrisna

On their way from Austin to Houston..  it is raining heavily..

Chrisna is crying…

Nancy ‘we need to feed her..let us stop at a road side joint’

James ‘sure…’

Suddenly there is a car which comes at break neck speed and a girl is thrown out…

the car seems to be a very popular operator car…

James ‘hey.. she is bleeding’

Very few rush to see her..

James ‘we need to take her home’

Nancy ‘sure… but Chrisna is hungry.. ‘

James rush to  get some milk and bread and returns back and drives back home’

Nancy ‘am not sure.. whether it is right.. wrong.. but hope we do not land into mess’

the girl is unconscious.. and she is pregnant

James ‘we should take her to hospital and call police’

Nancy ‘yes..’

At hospital..  James completes formalities

Police ‘Sir.. thanks for informing us.. it is become a mess. FBI is the only official approach and these Cab Operators wish a different approach..’

James ‘am really unaware of what you are talking’

Police ‘she has been raped and thrown out’

James is shocked

Nancy is shivering

Chrisna is crying..

Nancy ‘am really not sure.. how this disruptive entrepreneur zeal will lead us where.. As investor never realized the implications’

Hospital Authority ‘we will discharge her.. have informed her family’

Çhrisna murmurs ‘Do not Drink’

All look shocked and look at her..

Nancy ‘what is she saying’

James looks at Chrisna






Story line

Frank as a director keeps thinking how scripts can be made more crisp and engaging audience is most important.. he calls his script writers to think of a story line which is unique and great..

Frank ‘lost and found, crime drama. chase humor, slapstick comedy, horror, revenge, love story.. have had enough of all that.. think of something new’

Jane ‘a 5 aged girl’s journey across globe and how she helps uniting all nations?’

Frank ‘are you crazy.. is this a plot?’

Jane ‘why not.. a web serial..  150 odd countries.. each country around 10 episodes.. why not 1500 episode serials..   it may continue for years”

Frank ‘why not 0 year, 1 year.. 2 year kid??’

Jane ‘because by age 5.. kid begins understanding characters’

Frank ‘it will be a very expensive serial’

Jane ‘why not… Hollywood can afford it’

Frank ‘common… it is expensive for them too’

Jane ‘we always make movies on problems,. dramatize it.. show results.. but have we ever made movies on solutions.. not many right’

Frank is silent

Jane ‘so do think over it.. else…’

Frank ‘what…’

Jane ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK will begin this… ‘

Frank ‘blogging is different.. writing story for entrepreneurship is different.. why will he wish to change focus’

Jane ‘may be if time permits.. story begins… may be there will be a mix of entrepreneurship and love.. may be some thing..  not sure’

Frank ‘let us see what happens next’


Troubled Soul

Troubled Soul can strike any time..

Mary never realized what hit her when her best friend who expired suddenly.. one day decides to come back in her life

Mary ‘you.. please.. why you back?’

Nancy ‘you need to give me your body for 2 weeks’

Mary ‘why?’

Nancy ‘he just made me sign off the term sheet.. cheated me emotionally, physically and mentally and all I believed it was love and.. then that night..’

Mary ‘what happened?’

Nancy ‘he just gave me some drink.. after I signed of the last cheque in his name and …’

Mary ‘will I not get troubled?’

Nancy ‘for my sake dear.. just 2 weeks’

Mary suddenly finds herself loaded

Mary drives to Robert’s house

Robert ‘Mary.. long time back.. how come you are here’

Mary smiles..

Mary ‘Nancy.. she sent me here’

Robert ‘oh her’s was a sad story.. she believed I cheated her and gulped poison and before I could safe her.. she was dead.. her mind was disturbed.. she could not face defeat.. she didn’t wish her equity to get diluted.. now how can i inform that startups usually need to let go money’

Mary’s face changes red

Robert is shocked

Robert ‘who is it?’

Before he realizes

Robert is killed

Nancy comes out to Mary

Nancy ‘Mary.. he could be right.. but then.. I never understood that ecosystem.. entrepreneurs ask money for doing something.. the investors want more.. they keep searching mote investors.. inflate valuation and then the hardworking entrepreneurs are left with nothing… it is sad…’

Mary ‘but why you killed him?’

Nancy ‘the soul got restless dear.. I was in love with him.. he was too.. but then how can he stay back and am gone.. so’

Before Mary could recover.. Nancy is gone..



Drop out

Rani dropped out of her higher studies as she could not cope with pressure.

One day she meets Jenny on net and begins chatting

Rani ‘which class you are in?’

Jenny ‘school drop out.. could not afford fees’

Rani ‘me too.. but pressures.. my head would reel when maths numbers would keep coming here and there’

Jenny begins giggling

Rani ‘why is it that parents pressurize kids to study a subject.. never understood.. so many awareness training programs but… they do not mind paying donations too assuming kid will fulfil dream..  if father wished to be an engineer, and didn’t why is he forcing his son or daughter to be one..

Jenny ‘and goodness the doctor syndrome.. ?? 🙂 every one wants some family member to be doctor.. here my mom wants me to be actress .. am at texas how the hell will go to LA.. will I need to solicit?’

Rani ‘what is that?’

Jenny ‘forget it..  seriously speaking if I had the way.. I would have just been painting for my life.. all along.. but no money for paints too’

Rani ‘hey will teach you paint brush.. and you can make paintings.. I know some website development.. we can begin selling some stuff there’

Jenny ‘cool man… sorry.. gender issue.. cool girl’

Rani ‘you are funny’

Jenny ‘you too…’

3 months later, they develop a site.. which is able to sell paintings.. and awaiting investors

Jenny’s parents are tired of her..

Jenny’s mom

‘Í have led a life of a nomad.. why you too wish to be.. you look so beautiful.. become a model’

Jenny ‘just shut up ok… I am not here to listen to your advices.. I want to be an artist.. so will be’

4 months latter

they get invested by an ART Company.. Rani has managed to get seed funded..

Jenny ‘ok.. visiting India.. take care mom and dad.. ‘

The moment she lands.. there are folks gazing at her..

Jenny ‘this is madness.. why they do so…’

Rani ‘you look so beautiful.. here it is like you can become a model’

Jenny ‘common not again..’

Rani ‘I have my father who is a film producer.. will you act?’

Jenny ‘what.. are you crazy.. and seriously I never knew you belonged to a rich family’

Rani ‘sorry dear.. you are going to stay with me so..’

4 months latter Jenny has signed a film contract

Rani ‘this is a strange world dear.. when money exists.. everything exists… when money doesn’t.. all get frustrated’

Jenny ‘what about my main goal of painting’

Rani ‘only work in 1 movie per year and focus on painting for rest of time’

Jenny ‘this is not a bad idea at all’

1 month later

Jenny writes an email to her mom

‘courtesy your endless prayers to god.. I became an actress.. most invited to India.. please come there and spend time’

Rani ‘you seem unhappy somewhere’

Jenny ‘really not sure.. I am clueless.. I am a dropout can beggars be choosers’

Rani ‘hey.. why you feel dejected’

Jenny ‘wanted to study a lot dear.. and I have money today.. but still….’