Social Media marketing

If wishes were horses, every word has a potential to get VIRAL..

STARTUP MANTRA for day is ”just keep pushing.. you will find your own space”

Twitter Guru Joy put this and had 100000 likes

Raj Mark put it and he has 100 likes

Rahim put and had 0 likes

What makes the difference

Guru has many connects, trusted followers and fans.. and yes at times uses paid service too ūüôā

RajMark has multiple family friends so gets an assured 100 likes

Rahim is a new entrant, not knowing what is best for him, so he just decides to ask Guru to push his page.. he tags along Guru… soon his one liners too get noticed

Rahim ‘Guru.. you can create news out of nothing”

Guru ”yes.. I just made a news item AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY return back again and it has got over 200000 likes

fearing fear

Simple was a cute looking girl who has small fears of life..

Every morning she would feel restless thinking of why a school is needed in first place.. why there cannot be an alternative.

Her mom Mary feels most of drug victims, ADHD folks would be in those alternative schools so encourages Simple to be in the same school..

Suppressed, dejected.. she is now in same class for past 3 years..

Simple ‘Madam..I really do not like this atmosphere… ‘

Madam Louisa ‘dear Simple.. not sure why you got so frightened. I fear you will again get fear for something else..¬† ‘

Simple returns back home..

No one from family talking to her..

Simple is looking at a TV show… where a¬† dear is shown getting scared of lion and as it runs for safety… the lion attacks the dear..

Simple has tears in her eyes

Simple ‘this could happen to me too.. the class headmistress may just hit back.. ‘

Her father Donald is worried however he does not give up…

Donald ‘dear Simple.. a startup for you.. is it possible for you to train disabled kids on games every day’

Simple gets happy…

Donald ‘no studies.. only play games and teach games.. you need to be quick learner’

Simple is joyful…

Simple begins practicing online, outdoor and inhouse games..

soon there are around 10 students who have enrolled in Simple Game and Motion Studies.

Simple is very happy.. she is earning around 100US$ every month..

After 2 months..

Donald ‘simple.. you will need to learn accounts to manage money’

Simple begins learning Quickbook

Donald ‘great… just my lovable daughter’

Simple is now good in entering figures..

Donald ‘I do not know why you use computer for addition/ subtraction/multiplication/division.. suggest you to learn a 3 week basic Arithmetic session’

Simple remembers her primary school days

Simple ‘Dad I did know it..but forgot.. ok willing to learn’

Donald ‘please create a multiplication quiz game ok for a group of 20 students’

Simple ‘wow great’

Simple introduces some dance/drama and organizes the show herself..

Donald ‘Simple 100 students.. all willing to pay 20$ for the event.. how much is the expense’

Simple ‘1000..’

Donald ‘wow 1000 profit’

Simple ‘Daddy, can we give 500 as price’

Donald ‘√≥f course dear’

Simple’s school friends visit the event

One of her friend Anne

Anne ‘please begin learning in school’

Simple smiles ‘I do not mind sponsoring ones who wish to study.. 500 for the needy students from my side’

Donald has drop of tears.. he doesn’t know whether he did right or wrong.. his only objective was to remove fear from his kid for education’



2020 Marriage

Boy’s mother ‘what about the gold you wished to give for your daughter?’

Girl’s mother raises eyebrow

Girl’s mom ‘government restrictions… can only put as much as she can hold.. around 20 grams..’

Boy’s mom ‘she can easily hold 10 Kg.. she looks so good in gold.. no restrictions there’

Girl’s mom ‘let us see’

Boy’s mom ‘what about the flat you were going to book for them’

Girl’s mom ‘it is not possible.. ‘

Boy’s mom ‘it is just a name sake transfer.. you can transfer your family home.. she is your lone daughter’

Girl’s mom ‘I think I will call the PM to ask how all this will get curbed’

Boy’s mom gets annoyed

Boy’s mom ‘why you bring higher ups etc for this.. even I want to see him.. do call him for the marriage.. it should then by logic be in five star hotel right?’

Girl’s mom is by now irritated

Girl’s mom by now is irritated

Girl’s mom ‘am actually going to gift her a cash less startup and you wish to take it.. take’

Boy’s mom ‘only fintech startups.. one with payment gateway interface and all that’

Girl’s mom ‘do you really feel this is what was our PM dream’

Boy’s mom ‘please tell me.. what you plan to do for marriage’

Girl ‘nothing.. am canceling the event’

Boy ‘enough is enough.. we both will run away and get married’

Boy’s mom ‘do not dare to take any credit/debit card, cash wallets / gold wallets whatsoever.. ‘

Boy ‘Mom it is cash less society.. can we at least take our heart and mind with us’

Boy’s mom ‘go to hell.. let me see how you can run your family with those measly credit card / debit card which banks give on your ¬†low BPO CTC’

Boy ‘are you kidding.. am jobless for past 3 months.. living off your credit card’

Mom ‘what…?’

Girl’s mom and girl both disappear away from scene.




Magic of Formulae

Joy has a penchant for working on various management formulae for success..

He arrives at a formulae


All are surprised at this vague mathematical formulae.. A contradiction.. when he spells out this formulae..

Joy narrates a real incidence..

Joy used to be very detached from everyone.. including his wife.. spiritually inclined.. he feels that succumbing to god is the only way for salvation..

His wife Celine is fedup of him..

Celine ‘am sick and tired.. no romance left in life.. why you even create formulae in first place..¬† science is not about just theories.. it is also about practic√©’

Joy hugs Celine and kisses her cheeks

Joy ‘Celine.. you are the only one whom I experiment with.. and then others’

Celine ‘why but.. why all this.. ‘

Joy¬† ‘what are you pursuing these days’

Celine ‘found a cool boy friend for self and am experimenting with food processing stuffs.. I plan to partner with him and have a manufacturing plant’

Joy ‘cool…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† all the best… do take care of Joseph… he needs you too’

Celine ‘here comes the male aspect of relation.. you too look after him.. why me’

Joy ‘cool.. no problems… ‘

After few months… both are at restaurant

Joy ‘so… how was my identified formulae?’

Celine ‘are you crazy…. we are meeting after months.. and you again on formulae

Joy ‘you separated from me… and then you got focused on your startup and new boy friend’

Celine ‘yes as you never cared for me’

Joy ‘I got separated from my work and got focused being with my kid and ensuring the kid goes to school, eats well’

Celine is silent now

Joy ‘hope you get the message now..¬† Attachment = Detachment plus focus only..

Each attachments has a detachment behind it…

Celine hugs Joy

Celine ‘this is where.. I always love you.. you are unique.. you are different.. and even after being with someone else.. find you still charming, humble and I think.. I will need to again come back to you’

Joy ‘so again detachment from your BF?’

Celine ‘hey… now enough..¬† ‘

The audience is spellbound.. and give a big clap..

PASSION FRAMEWORK is all about discovering the hidden truths out of life which can help an entrepreneur look at each perspective of life in a different way..

All formulae, concepts originated here are original in nature.. and in story format to entertain folks.. An experiment to mix theory with logic and convert same in entertaining format..



Where am I?

Where am I?

In between entrepreneurs and incubators

In between incubators and accelerators

In between angels and term sheets

In between startup and Mentors

Life of me is what PASSION all about..

PASSION begins with a strong zeal to achieve an objective and seek security from the same.

So next time if I am dozing of to sleep, not writing blog, somewhere lost,

realize am somewhere in between

wanting you too be someone there..

and spreading entrepreneur spirit all over.

Personal life too exists and am in between there too… balancing family and self.




full time pass

Mini is struggling to spend time as she is on Sunday..

her husband is busy with his lap top.

Mini is wondering what she needs to do..

she calls up her friend Rose and says ‘let us do time pass’

Rose ‘chill pill.. coming soon and picking you up.. we will visit victoria garden’

10 minutes later Rose reaches Mini’s house

Mini and Rose get to garden.. and keep seeing couples and kids across..

All enjoying

Mini ‘my husband is always busy’

Rose ‘forget them dear.. life is not about thinking only of husbands but what we wish to do to.. ¬†let us go to the amusement park near and enjoy’

Both of them are on merry-go-round wheels enjoying.. nature..

Rains come in… both get drenched.. and come closer..

Rose ‘never realized why we wish to always be so engrossed in family matters.. life is about doing time pass too.. with our dear friends’

Mini kisses Roses’s forehead

Mini ‘do you know what comes in my mind when I see you in merry go round’

Rose ‘what?’

Mini ‘i feel we both are like kids.. we seem to have lost it with focused attention to family.. time to rewind and get our own freedom.. ¬†what about next weekend?’

Rose ‘let us pack and get going.. adventure trip…’

Mini ‘wow.. ‘

Mini returns back home

Her husband is just munching dinner

Husband ‘how was your day?’

Mini hugs him.. and smiles ‘enjoyed.. thorough full time pass’

Husband ‘dear.. i give you all space.. just enjoy.. am with you always.. you know our IT life.. hectic.. madness but show must go on’