Happy friendship day

A friend maybe with you, near you, away from you however can understand you like a person who has mastered your system. The friend, if positive can shape you and if no, can impact you negatively.

The whole friendship day is around celebrating a binding, true or false, still a binding..

If life brings across us multiple strangers, we chose to get attached to only few, sometimes that 1 special friend whom you feel like sharing every thing..

Not necessarily your partner.. nor your foe.. a person whom you tell those honest truth of your life with a hope that friend gives you solution and never ditches you..

a trust built and most important friends should never let the trust go down.. what is the use of hiding something from someone, if you thought you were a friend..

if you hide for a good reason, still remember that friend will still love you, because of genuine care and affection.

celebrate your relation with care, nurture them with love..  everything will be fine..

I return back.. again… after a long gap..

thanks for being friends always… share this message with one and all your friends.



Jose throws a ball in ground and keeps tapping it.. he is ace entrepreneur coach and has a unique style of teaching

His student Alice loves him a lot

Alice ‘Jose.. am waiting for a decision’

Jose taps the ball hard.. it bounces back big and hits Alice

Alice ‘is this your answer?’

Jose ‘Am a coach.. why you disturb me’

Alice ‘will wait for your decision’

Jose ‘do you know an entrepreneur is a like a ball.. It keeps rising and falling… and it is a mentor who needs to keep tapping the ball without making it rise too high in arrogance or pride or ignorance and keep the entrepreneur balance evenly

Alice ‘so it means entrepreneur will always need a mentor?’

Jose ‘yes.. mentor is a philosopher guide, influencer, motivator and pillar.. not necessarily for money’

Alice ‘so be my mentor’

Jose ‘you expect something different.. practice self.. to be a ball first’

Alice ‘you are funny’

Jose ‘you have a demo day ahead.. please perform well’

Alice ‘Jose… I love you a lot.. i only practiced this message for you over 100 times in front of mirror’

Jose ‘Alice.. no wonder I have to make you practice hard.. come let us play a game of catching ball’

Jose throws ball hard at Alice

Alice catches it and throws it back to Jose too fast..

Jose is hurt by ball

Alice ‘ACTION always has REACTIONS.. You reacted to my love to you’

Jose ‘what rubbish’

Alice ‘Jose..testing you out.. how tough of teacher you are.. Am in love with someone else’

Jose smiles

Alice ‘as a mentor you taught me one thing ‘a mentor should not get sentimental about pupil’

Jose ‘yes..’

Alice leaves the game room

Jose looks at sky and throws the ball too high

Jose murmurs ‘she doesn’t even know how to lie… she loves me a lot..but alas am in tough role here.. hope she finds good match for self’

Love Matures

Rose is sulking. Her boy friend Jack has not been seeing her for many days..

Rose is looking at sky lost in her own world.

Jack comes from behind and hugs her..

Jack ‘when I asked you to be close to me, you got bored, when I asked you to be far away from me, you got lost and now.. ‘

Rose looks behind and hugs Jack..

Rose ‘now what.. tell me’

Jack ‘now when I ask you to be in my heart then …’

Rose is blushing red

Jack ‘you have now bloomed’

Rose recollects the turbulent moments she had when she was moved out of her CEO position for falling in love with her colleague Jack… Jack too left the company and both had ups and down in life and one day Rose decided to separate out of Jack as she could not cope up with her professional rise and her boy friend who was junior and was always on a lower pay slab. Jack decided to visit Europe and got into an accelerator and today is having a CTC similar to Rose so returns back…

Jack ‘hey is CTC a factor in love?’

Rose ‘not sure Jack.. but promise me that you will always allow me to stay in your heart’

Rose ‘I love you too much Jack. we have come a long way since we first met 5 years back’

Beloved MOM

Beloved Mom Nancy, wish you a happy mother’s day.. I know you are far away from me and may be I will not be able to convey to you small little secrets..

“I loved you more then dad, but didn’t ever understand why you stopped him ever from doing business’

“I didn’t like your interference with my girl friend’s thought process but so many times you proved you were right that i got confused whether I was wrong or I was right till one day you just hugged my girl friend and whispered a secret’

“She told me after many years that my mom had whispered “Men are kids, so pamper them silly but don’t spoil them by making them feel that they own you.. don’t allow him to take you for granted.. you need to have your own identity’

“I smiled at my foolishness to doubt you.. and wondered why you remained strict and dotting on me?”

“I hated when you left me and as you lay there in grave, i wondered whether it was me who needed to cry or was it you who was supposed to laugh as you handed over a legacy in form of your education business.. a network marketing tool which you established so well.. How many of us try to cash on our parent’s contacts.. i too never realized till I opened my face book again and found just before you left for abode, you had informed all to invite me in your group”

“Modern day mom.. you loved twitter, face book, linked in and taught me to socialize and network.. and now you smile and wait for me to put some mud over you.. some flowers.. wreath and then you are gone up”

“Who says mother are sweet and sour.. i say all women do have maternal instinct and all kids have sweet and sour relation with mom but finally the chord.. that chord which united us before i was cut off from you by the doctor to come and evolve in this world independently where you didn’t wish your husband to start some business as you were scared i would not get good education and same mom didn’t mind being an entrepreneur and wanting her son to be one..”

“Times and have changed Mom.. hope god blesses you with loads of peace and happiness”

“Time to say bye” “Happy Mother’s day MOM.. I love you a lot”

Fred has drop of tears in his eyes and leaves from the graveyard,

Compartments of Life

Life is a soul caught in your body as a train in its journey to go in a track you decide and reach back to same place from you originated..

Susan researches on life and is planning to analyze two kids who are born in same day…

Susan ‘Rose and John both are samples of my study’

Susan ‘Rose belongs to a wealthy business man’s family and has all luxuries and John belongs to a peasant’s family’

Roses’s father Doran and John’s mother Mary both are at hospital in different sections.. when Susan introduces both of them to each other..

Susan ‘Dear ones, can you cooperate, i am researching on life and have taken your kids as samples.. Will keep observing them and keep noting everything’

Doran ‘It is like encroaching into private lives’

Susran ”please.. Sir.. for my sake, for humanity sake’

Doran agrees

Susan ‘We are divided into 10 compartments –  crawling, walking, running, jumping, relaxing, restless, struggling, leaning, shrinking, perishing’

Doran ‘common no one stays for 100 years.. journey of life can stop anytime’

Susan ‘precisely.. and here in each of those compartments, environment plays an important role’

Doran ‘have made money for n generations, so obviously rose is lucky.. You have reached out to us after nearly 10 days and look at destiny, both of us waiting in different rooms for you’

Mary ‘ok let us leave now’

5 years latter

Doran ‘my business has lows… rose is becoming stubborn, her mother too has left me for her boyfriend’

Mary ‘some lucks came because of John, I started a venture of canteen, it is is doing well and John is extremely clever’

Doran ‘Rose needs a push.. i think let John begin studying along with Rose and Mary can take care of my home’

Susan looks at Mary…

Susan ‘Mary.. take this opportunity.. no harm’

Mary now lives in same house of Doran

5 years latter

Susan ‘Mary you look gorgeous.. you are too happy’

Doran ‘She is married to me’

Susan looks surprised..

Susan ’40th year.. people jump around and it proves’ and begins giggling

Mary ‘ .. John is extremely clever and he loves sports.. but he loves to be in high class student circle only’

Doran ‘Rose is happy being in orphanages, mingling with kids.. and yes John is possessive of Rose’

5 years latter

Mary is a bit sad

Doran ‘Am thoroughly confused.. am separating out from Mary’

Susan ‘why?? ‘

Mary ;do you know John and Rose got into a physical relation’

Susan ‘oh i see.. so you feel how step parents can accept their kids to be in love with each other’

Mary is silent

Susan ‘Doran you look restless.. it proves my research’

Mary ‘am surprised.. why you took this’

Susan ‘Am relaxed… you too are Mary.. listen to your heart.. what you wish’

Mary ‘i want them to unite but get worried of what society will think’

Susan ‘Mary.. compartments of life, we define it.. no one else.. just come out.. genetically they are different,, some destiny got you all together.. am the culprit’

Doran ‘Susan.. I cannot live without Mary’

Mary ‘check on these kids.. they don’t realize too that they were as good as siblings’

Susan ‘what about your venture?’

Mary ‘it did too well.. it has so many branches.. but then am sad.. i never knew life would get so complex’

Susan ‘I suggest let them lead their lives, and you too.. Both are young.. they will find their own lives as they are now running’

Mary ‘why these complications came in’

Susan ‘because life is a journey, finally each person has to go through some challenges, nothing is honeymoon period.. so accept this challenge and live your life’

Doran ‘When John kisses Rose, i really do not know which way to look’

Mary has drop of tears ‘both madly in love with each other’

Susan ‘partnering, partnership all these can change anytime.. we need to accept that life has compartments and we need to cope with those’

Susan ‘ok Mary, leaving for Europe.. again return back after 5 years

5 years latter

Mary is happy..but a struggle on face

Doran too is leaning.. old

Mary ‘finally both decided to be a couple, and we could not stop that.. and do you know what.. 3 years latter they split and each have different partners’

Susan ‘complexity resolved.. cheers’

Doran smiles ‘never knew your research would change my life so much’

To Be Part of You (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

To be part of you

I did everything and anything..

The heart of yours

is so chocked..

chocked with all others..

so i remained just out of you

caring for you, loving you

To be part of you

I gave everything and anything

self less, ego less, with love

The heart of yours

is so full

full with all others

so I remained out of you

One side love affairs never give results to the lover..

One sided family love never give results to anyone

Hence begin loving self as your heart can accommodate you first and then others..

Elegant Love (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Ronald ‘I hate this style of love. You bite me. you hit me and then declare you are madly in love with me’

Rosy ‘It is passionate love.. Here unless you don’t feel my hurt.. how will you ever know’

Ronald ‘Rosy.. I have always found you too aggressive in love. It is like you don’t have patience.. to hear other side of story and before even some one realizes you have left that person. You have broken from 4 affairs and am your fifth stable one’

Rosy ‘Ronald .. do you wish to continue or break too..’

Ronald smiles and hugs Rosy ‘Am getting adjusted after my first elegant love with my first love Piu

Rosy ‘who is Piu?’

Ronald ‘She was a sweet Vietnam girl who loved to believe if ever anyone loves anyone do it elegantly’

Rosy ‘like’

Ronald holds Rosy in arms and looks at her eyes..

Rosy ‘Ronald please don’t look at me this way’

Ronald ‘Rosy ..she didn’t wish to disturb me in my studies so would just spend quality 30 minutes with me’

Rosy ‘how?’

Ronald ‘She would just massage my head, relax my shoulders, gently kiss me on lips and give me warm

food which would be tastefully done by her.. ‘

Rose ‘I don’t know to cook too’

Ronald ‘She would then ensure  that I have a 5 minute dance with her.. where she would tightly hug me

while dancing and …’

Ronald ‘One day.. she just left a letter and went away’

Rose ‘where?’

Ronald ‘In Vietnam.. she feels there is lot of below the poverty line people who can be helped. She has

initiated micro finance unit’

Rose ‘wow.. bold lady.. why she left you?’

Ronald is silent

Rose ‘why she left you?’

Ronald ‘i got infatuated by you and one day when you forcefully hugged and kissed me in the restaurant

she saw us both.. and then..  she decided to focus on social work as she wanted to come out of

possessiveness  feeling’

Rose ‘strange.. elegant lover but possessive too’

Ronald ‘Not sure.. where i faltered till date’

Rose ‘Do you love me or not?’

Ronald ‘not sure.. hope we work on our relation and make it better’

Rose ‘Am opposite of her.. very demanding’

Ronald ‘i know.. but promise don’t keep biting me like a dog’

Rose bursts out laughing

Rose ‘sure.. will try.. will try to be less intense’

Ronald ‘Rose.. in our life when love resurfaces again.. we never realize.. so if we ever loose love, we

should keep trying.. ‘

Rose ‘you got my spirit now.. after multiple broken affairs still I am hopelessly romantic’