Laughing Doll

Mona has a a laughing doll who can switch on to laughing on press of a button.  One day she returns home and presses the button and finds the doll whaling loudly.. She is surprised.. How can this happen.. What is the logic behind this..?

Mona calls up the reputed brand company service desk ‘Why is she whaling?’

Call support person ‘Who?’

Mona ‘The doll’

Support person ‘Oh .. There is this clarification email from company startup founder.. Many complained the same.. it was just to check if people use the doll or not.. So the founder programmed it this way that after 30 days it will whale loudly’

Mona ‘Crazy style of seeking consumer experience’

Support person smiles..

Support person ‘The owner has also offered a cute family doll set to all of you at 40% discount’

Mona ‘So what is your guess?’

Support Person ‘All picked it up.. Only US$50 discounted price.. shipment at home’

Mona ‘Ok order for me too’

Support Person ‘The founder wants to propagate Family Togetherness’


Mr. Sugar  was sweet by name and by nature. He ensured that he would get feedback for improvements from his family members, his colleagues and now even in business from his customers.

He had a toy manufacturing unit and loved to design various games for kids.

Slowly and Surely he started finding repeat in patterns of testimony. To check if indeed it is genuine, he started providing different type of games away from what was raised in PO to the retail outlet units. Some of them were defective too. To his surprise again he found the same appreciation. He wondered why is this happening…

He reached out to a shop and observed the sales..

A family of 4 rushed to the shop and the kid was happy seeing that game. It was SUGAR BRAND and then another manufacturer had coined a similar game and there was a price margin.. The other brand had given neat work instructions on how to play the game. SUGAR BRAND had a good wrapping but the game had lesser instructions as it was assumed the kids would pick the games quickly.

The family made a choice “SUGAR BRAND taken at home”

Mr. Sugar tracked the family to understand whether they really played games..

At home in the family

Father “Hey I really don’t know what the hell this game is all about? It does look sleek and nice though”

Son “Father.. you are gone old. Wait let me play”

Son struggles and the game breaks..

Son “Papa am sorry.. the game was so sleek. I guess I am too young for it”

Next day father donates the game to a NGO..

Mr. Sugar reaches the NGO and finds the game picked up by the NGO Head who demonstrates the games to poor kids..

NGO Head “I repaired the game and now it is fine” to his subordinates.

Mr Sugar returns back to his office and sends a mass email to all his customers “Only Genuine Feedback accepted. To please me and my products, you write nice things and you never even understand our product. All this help desk services are of no use if we cannot actually build a need based product or understand user experiences to develop the product. Please support me”

To his surprise again the testimonials don’t reach out..

The NGO Head visits Mr. Sugar and says “Sir, I have a good idea. Let me begin a training center where in I give free training to the kids. It will be me and my team and we will put these games in Shopping Malls..”

Mr Sugar agrees and the NGO Head begins taking daily feedbacks..

Mr. Sugar is happy that he is getting true testimonials and not fake praises..

His products begin to improve in user interfaces and usability.

Moral: “Just don’t go by face-value, reach to the masses and check what they really want. Test run your product before an aggressive launch”