Togetherness (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

She may shout, she may howl but she is there for me when I need her most.

He may falter, he may be casual but he is there for me when I need him the most..

Parents need love, kids need love.. a one time lunch or dinner together by a family with no discussions of conflicts, no discussions of issues.. only smiling, watching Doremon cartoons or Disney World and kids love to see their parents together..

Dear Jane, I know you are unhappy because he is always arguing with you, finding faults, but do you know a fact, that he is the only one who never forgets to appreciate you in public and don’t you feel appreciating someone truly means that person respects you?’

Jane reads the letter sent by her best friend Mary and looks at the family photo besides her..

Is EGO beyond human relation and need to be remain inflated? For togetherness can we get flexible?

Jane washes her face and calls up John

Jane ‘Am returning back to be with you’

John ‘Thanks a lot.. Nia is waiting too.. We are struggling to cook noodles.. Should we wait for you?’

Jane ‘This is what I hate about you.. you will make a mess of the kitchen and I need to sort it out. Coming in 30 minutes.. was in my friend’s house for a week..’

John ‘I know.. I too make grumbles.. hope i suppress again.. so welcome back after our 18th split in last 7 years’

Laughing Doll

Mona has a a laughing doll who can switch on to laughing on press of a button.  One day she returns home and presses the button and finds the doll whaling loudly.. She is surprised.. How can this happen.. What is the logic behind this..?

Mona calls up the reputed brand company service desk ‘Why is she whaling?’

Call support person ‘Who?’

Mona ‘The doll’

Support person ‘Oh .. There is this clarification email from company startup founder.. Many complained the same.. it was just to check if people use the doll or not.. So the founder programmed it this way that after 30 days it will whale loudly’

Mona ‘Crazy style of seeking consumer experience’

Support person smiles..

Support person ‘The owner has also offered a cute family doll set to all of you at 40% discount’

Mona ‘So what is your guess?’

Support Person ‘All picked it up.. Only US$50 discounted price.. shipment at home’

Mona ‘Ok order for me too’

Support Person ‘The founder wants to propagate Family Togetherness’

Only for you Sweetheart

Julie never realized what hit her when she saw a smile on her CEO’s face and he whispered ‘Only for you sweetheart’.

She had been gifted a costly mobile phone and was also given an increment..

Julie ‘Sir.. hope it is not indecent proposal’

CEO James begins laughing ‘No.. It is a decent one.. I guess’

Julie ‘Let me be clear.. i don’t like this’

CEO ‘Just call you sweetheart makes you go weak in your knees’

Julie ‘Am engaged’

CEO ‘What if you would have been single’

Julie pauses a bit and doesn’t reply

CEO ‘Not sure, but we seem to have KARMIC relation’

Julie raises her eyebrows..

CEO holds Julie’s hand..

Julie just leaves from the office.

Next day CEO gets an email from his headquarters ‘He has been posed a case of Sexual Harassment’

CEO rushes to Julie…

CEO ‘Julie.. i just called you sweet heart and may be touched your hand’

Julie ‘I had already informed that I am not used to it..’

A few days latter, CEO is terminated from his job..

Julie is on her way to home.. CEO James pops out from a cafe shop and takes her in side

Julie ‘Why you behind me’

James ‘Tell me what is my age?’

Julie ’60’

James ‘Yours?’

Julie ’22’

James ‘Where do your parents stay?’

Julie ‘None of your business’

James again holds her hand..

James ‘For my sake inform me.. I have initiated a start up and was anyways planning to leave that company’

Julie ‘Thanks for information. Not interested’

James ‘How is Sarah’

Julie suddenly has pain in her eyes

Julie ‘How you know her?’

James ‘Am her husband and you are my daughter’

Julie has tears in her eyes

Julie ‘You left mom and never returned’

James ‘I always wished to be with Sarah but she wished a nucleus family and i am more or less a family man.. Didn’t wish to separate from my ailing mother’

Julie ‘What proof you have that indeed you are my father’

James opens his facebook account and shares the album..

Julie is also seen when she was just 3 year old.. She recollects..

Julie hugs James tightly..

James ‘It is strange.. I could never inform to that office only for one reason that I didn’t want your career to be affected and I didn’t wish to interact with Sarah as she tends to be over reactive..’

Julie ‘Can we both visit France where she is staying’

James ‘I know… Let us book the flight’

3 days latter

Julie knocks at door

Sarah opens it and finds James..

Sarah ‘After all these years.. A pleasant surprise’

Julie ‘I got to know whole thing about how i got the job.. My pop was tracking me all along’

Sarah ‘He is a devout family man.. No surprises.. I am so used to being independent since i was in hostel since childhood that I stopped caring for elders, even I neglected you.. Am sorry.. I am not perfect but do wish to attempt a family togetherness again’

Sarah hugs James..

Julie is smiling at this re union.

Reaching Sky

John is a Competition Organizer and one of his competition game is ‘Reaching Sky’ for startup entrepreneurs which is conceived newly.

His game is simple

Only 5 teams allowed to play and only 5 members allowed in each team

Game : All together will try to jump together holding hands and shoulder support..

Whoever reaches them max height together win the game..

Roma, Nancy and Paul begin laughing…

What is all this? A rugby>

John ‘Let us try together’

All clasp their hand, shoulders and jump together

Nancy ‘Your hand is pinching me’

Roma ‘I am getting pressed’

Paul ‘If I reach faster.. you guys will be pulled off from my body’

John corrects ‘Then we will loose game’

Entrepreneurship is all about taking entire team together to victory post.p

It is a good outdoor game..

Nancy ‘Who thought of this?’

John ‘I closely work with PASSION FRAMEWORK :)’

Roma : Why this game?

John ‘Play with your beloved.. It teaches you flexibility, coordination, team spirit, struggle coping, stress buster, moving together’

Roma hugs Paul

Paul is taken aback

Roma ‘Paul.. Wish to be with you forever.. Let us play this game’

Both Nancy and John burst laughing

Nancy ‘Now I understand why you used to patiently wait in confectionary shop to take cookies.. It was for Paul’

Walk the Talk, Talk the Walk

Gene ‘Have asked her to lead by example’

Mike ‘Have asked him to lead by presence’

Gene ‘Why do all need to Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk’

Mike ‘Because if you tell something, you need to show what your said by example’

Gene ‘I get up every day 6am and exercise’

Mike ‘Ok let us meet tomorrow 6am at sea shores’

Mike is jogging and it is 6.30am. He calls Gene and is informed will be late’

Gene arrives at 7am..

Mike ‘The rising sun as I follow it , impressions of my feet left behind.. some washed away by water, some left as it is.. if you just walk in the same path which I did, you will see only part of it.. Had you walked with me together, we would have both been sharing our experiences with our friends..  Enjoyment is in togetherness and not in loneliness’

Gene smiles

Gene ‘Thanks buddy.. let us attempt the walk and talk tomorrow again’