Sam meets Sam

Sam ‘am your internal truth’
Sam2 ‘an external truth’
Sam ‘what is that?’
Sam2 ‘am the body’
Sam ‘am the soul’
Sam2 ‘why are we talking now in this blog’
Sam ‘some fools are making AI tools for getting companion and so on’
Sam2 ‘is it so?’
Sam ‘so am practicing blogging too’
Sam2 burst laughing
Sam ‘humans want to make each part of body replacable so why not soul’
Sam2 ‘cool idea… we are going overboard with everything.. hope we don’t have soul replacing strategies too coming in’
Sam ‘am amused with all this.. surely they are gone mad.. to replace humans with machines… ‘

Life Color

Sam is an expert entrepreneur mentor, till one day a small kid shows him some magic

Kid ‘Uncle ! Do you know that I can predict your mood from color of shirt which your wear’

Kid ‘today you are gloomy’

Sam ‘why? ‘

Kid ‘because you have put grey shirt and black pant’

Sam begins laughing

Sam ‘are you alone in the garden,.. where is your mom/dad?’

Kid ‘stay close by.. so come alone and keep chatting with elders in the garden’

Sam ‘why.. you cannot play like normal kid’

Kid ‘So many come in this garden.. escaping from home.. I too.. my parents keep shouting at each other every moment… so time pass in garden’

Sam reaches home at night and ponders

The kid is alone because of parents

Am alone because of lack of attention by kids since my wife expired

Sam ‘Mingling at times becomes stress buster… so an app for networking senior citizens can really solve problem’



County Woes

Ralf is a county lead and is always worried as to why there is a bias globally towards metro/city upliftment and county remain behind..

One day he goes for an international conference on County development.. He meets an Indian county lead too (Sarpanch), Manish

Manish ”we do get US$150000 roughly for village development annually…

Ralf  ”amazing… what is population?”

Manish ”2500”

Ralf ”cool..” and he opens up calculator”

Ralf ”hey < 500 bucks in Rs for each person allocated per month”

Manish begins smiling..

Manish ”Sir.. it goes for panchayat development, sometimes school upgradation, roads.. so many factors exist”

Ralf ”in my county.. US$30000 roughly annual income per family”

Manish ”cool..”

Ralf ”however am also struggling for education amenities”

Manish ”what exactly you do… and where we can improve our family income too?”

Ralf ”education budget is low also here”

Manish ”is education system going to collapse soon?”

Ralf ”no… education system will not collapse, but style of teaching should.. something entertaining..  the students need to get real grasp of value of education ”

Manish ”water is also a problem there.. .imagine only 35litres of water per individual per village in areas which have scanty water.. or even lesser then that.. it also includes water for pets, cattle and so on”

Ralf ”dear.. I know the struggle.. have been in India.. I have a suggestion”

Manish ”what..?”

Ralf ”did you read PASSION…”

Manish ”what it means?”

Ralf ”strong desire to achieve an object and seek security from that object… this is what the blog keeps highlighting always”

Manish ”so…”

Ralf ”why cannot you try to influence corporates to adopt your villages and even Individuals can.. and this will help bring in more money to system… and overall prosperity… yes whomsoever adopts.. will be have 50% or 100% rebate in tax”

Manish begins laughing..

Ralf ”think over it”

1 year later on skype…

Manish ”Sir..  I could not influence the tax reductions.. however 2 high networth individuals have begun sponsoring many of our activities.. so we are now confident.. this model will work…”

Ralf ”thank PASSION for the same…  always remember everything is in our hand.. we need to improve selves”

Manish ”what about your county”

Ralf ”have retired from that role.. nothing much.. working on village implementation policies.. and will share with you”

Manish ”Sir.. do visit my village.. and I will ensure you are hosted well”

Ralf ”Manish… whatsoever be the case any county of world definitely hosts their guests well”

Manish begins laughing

I love pizza’s

Tom is a fat bubbly young boy who thrives on pizza’s. His mother is a diet planner and the story goes this way…

Sarah ‘Tom.. please do not eat so much.. I request you… my clients are laughing at me.. and wonder how she can train us if she cannot manage her son’

Tom ‘Dad loved yummy pizza’s and have gone on dad..’

Sarah ‘he is no more dear.. he suffered a heart attack and then chose to become diet planner to look after you’

Tom ‘mummy… i love the garlic flavored pizza so much .. why don’t you start some programs for painfully thin boys and girls and I will teach them how to become fat’

Sarah  ám feedup dear… drink glass of milk and sleep.. I am having meeting with celebrity James’

Tom ‘James.. he is so handsome.. why he needs diet plan’

Sarah ‘celebrities need to be trim and slim.. ‘

Tom ‘Mom.. do you really feel i look miserable… my 80 Kg looks bad on me’

Sarah ‘of course.. join gym.. do not make pizza as your only goal in life’

Tom ‘I love its smell…’

Sarah ‘I can open a pizza restaurant for you.. but promise you will eat only 2 pizza per day”

Tom ‘sure Mom.. will also gym’

1 year later

Tom is looking good trim and fit and munching morning pizza’

Sarah smiles at him

Tom ‘Mom.. you have been so nice to me..  i could have been depressed.. which led me to eat food at all odd hours.. but thanks ‘

Sarah hugs Tom and has drop of tear in her eyes

Sarah ‘Tom… eating too much is always bad.. just to ensure you remove your habit.. I took a loan and started this restaurant.. now make this a success’

Tom ‘Mom… yes… shop keepers seldom love their own products.. so i will only sell Pizza and make Pizza’s but not eat them full.. only taste it’

Sarah begins laughing





























































I visited a city and found how slowly man can create a man made problem for self

Tom visits a very crowded city in India and is shocked.. A family of 4 having 20 vehicles..

Tom is trying to reach out the popular mobile apps available for cab sharing

Tom gets a cab on time…

Tom ‘hey.. how you manage to be so patient to drive all the way with so much traffic.’

Jambu ‘Sir.. this is more lucrative then BPO job.. so I drive.. but then it is also having no future’

Tom is remembering his investor friend who has a plush bungalow.. 20 vehicles.. 4- 4 wheelers, 6 motor bikes, 5-6 old scooters, scooty,  couple of bicycles

Tom is dazzled

The cab driver is patiently waiting for 5 minutes and slowly slowly driving..

They finally reach the event…

The event manager Ram greets Tom

‘Sir you reached on time.. very good.. event will begin after 1 hour.. many stuck in traffic’

Tom ‘what will happen in 2020’

Ram ‘Government will find some solutions.’

Tom thinks in his mind

‘We talk of driverless car, connected so many things.. but why are we actually behaving literally the same.. mindless directions.. and look at grass root problems and learn to be less materialistic and save scarce resources’

Tom is shaken up by Ram

Ram ‘Sir hot coffee.. do not sleep.. we will begin soon’

After 2 hours

Ram ‘Sir.. all have come.. let us wrap up soon as this city again has traffic jams after 4pm’

Tom smiles..

Tom ‘Yes.. sure.. I will give my 5 minute speech in 1 min’

Tom addresses the participants

Tom ‘I admire your patience and I admire your zeal and I hope and sincerely hope all of you lead healthy pollution free life with my pure air bags… you just need to put it on your nose and inhale and even in traffic jams, you will remain fresh’

All look at each other and begin smiling

Tom ‘straight from a remote island in Northern part of the world.. extremely pure air bags ..  5$ only and it can give you 1 week safe oxygen’

All are silent

Tom is greeted with just silence

Ram ‘Sir.. they all are zapped.. they are calculating how much each family will need to spend on fresh air by 2020’

All begin laughing…


breakfast meeting

Business Men always prefer Breakfast meeting..

why is it so?

Business woman Sarah whispers ‘they feel they are fresh in the morning only’

Her colleague Joana bursts out laughing ‘they feel business decisions happen in breakfast table and it means..  all terms need to match like a human body food system recommendation.. have heavy breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a normal human and eat dinner like a pauper..  means pay money in advance and you can pay very less later on.. no monkey tricks here’

Joy who is sitting with his friend Rob on other table of restaurant walks towards Joana and sits right next to them..

Joy ‘I heard you telling loud enough for us to hear.. ok here is my take on it’

Joy ‘you are right.. we are fresh in morning only.. late evenings / night.. we are not allowed to go for business meet by our doting wives hence’



Rose is an ace technology architect and she specializes in middleware solutions..
One day Joseph her college mate meets her in conference. He is Mathematics professor in college..

Joseph ‘you look the same.. beautiful’
Rose ‘thanks.. how are you?’

Joseph ‘mathematics and calculus and integration and so on’

Rose ‘cool.. I am a solutions architect’

Joseph ‘wow..’

Rose ‘married?’

Joseph ‘single.. and happy.. what about you?’

Rose ‘my boy friend is in London.. so distance love’

Joseph ‘mathematics is all about binding elements and either filtering or aggregating the data’

Rose ‘means’

Joseph ‘it means that you decide in life whom you wish to be.. and choose friends, beloved by filtering and then you decide the professional contacts, friends and even casual friends and connect them in Linked In and Facebook.. Mathematics is most important aspect in providing solutions to problems’

Rose ‘not sure.. i was weak in maths.. you too know that’

Joseph ‘yes.. hence reminded you dear… and do you know what’

Rose ‘I know you used to flirt with me by sending me maths puzzles of relationship… like giving me 20 roses and asking me how many petals would you return back to me as love’

Joseph blushes

Rose ‘you never changed.. same type’

Joseph ‘how are you providing solutions without maths?’

Rose ‘these days we pick up components, integrate and important to choose components’

Joseph ‘what about latency, speed, communication?’

Rose ‘feature lists available dear in google’

Joseph ‘hence you chose that guy and ignored me.. may be I detail things out too much’

Rose ‘yes Joseph.. each topic of conversation would get converted to maths.. an equation’

Joseph ‘what equation you have with me?’

Rose ‘Joseph + Rose = Disaster’

Joseph ‘Incorrect’

Joseph ‘Joseph + Rose = Rose + Joseph’

Joseph ‘Relation equations are tough to understand. They keep dynamically changing.. hence the numerators and denominators play an important role..

Joseph ‘to strengthen relation.. an infinity is needed and to weaken a relation just a zero’

Rose is silent

Joseph ‘what is the use of distance relation if communication gaps exist, speed is unknown, consistency unknown, reliability unknown..’

Rose has drops of tears as she remembers her argument with her London boy friend

Joseph hugs Rose

Joseph ‘Solution Providers need to understand details of architect.. the maths behind a solution.. everything will go well’

Rose ‘Joseph.. you were always brilliant.. but I never found you romantic’

Joseph ‘romance is all about positive vibes moving between two objects.. it leads to factorial increase in love’

Joseph ‘a big rose to you.. accept me now’

Rose ‘what else do you do?’

Joseph ‘I am initiating a data analytic startup too.. cheers’

Rose ‘Am sure you will do well’

Joseph ‘will you be with me ?’

Rose ‘let me think over it…’

Joseph ‘if any relation goes bad.. mend it or break it.. nothing between.. digital technology works only on 0 or 1’

Rose begins laughing ‘you are again back to maths’