My mobile

Sweety ‘this is crazy… lost my mobile.. All contacts.. only few I remember’

Jane ‘Didn’t you take backup?’

Sweety ‘No’

Jane ‘Sweet heart.. enjoy these moments. God gave you an opportunity to start afresh’

Sweety ‘Wish some startup solves this problem of ensuring mobiles are not lost’

Jane ‘Put this as contest.. Marry the guy who solves this problem’

Sweety ‘Shutup Jane..  here I have lost everything and you are making fun of me’

Jane ‘Sweety..  you are just 18 and so addicted to mobiles.. even I am.. but ensure I avoid mobile sets of minimum 4 hours during day time’

Sweety ‘how funny…’


So what

So what if he lost..

he lost it because of his heart..

so what if he gave her everything

so what if she married someone else..

he lost her, because he wished to see her happy..

the honor killing would have happened any ways

so what if he lost her…

he attempts a startup to unite couples.

a startup for love marriage couples

to pour their heart out..

so what if he lost out

he just focuses on all couples

and helps them again build

family confidence


2020 Marriage

Boy’s mother ‘what about the gold you wished to give for your daughter?’

Girl’s mother raises eyebrow

Girl’s mom ‘government restrictions… can only put as much as she can hold.. around 20 grams..’

Boy’s mom ‘she can easily hold 10 Kg.. she looks so good in gold.. no restrictions there’

Girl’s mom ‘let us see’

Boy’s mom ‘what about the flat you were going to book for them’

Girl’s mom ‘it is not possible.. ‘

Boy’s mom ‘it is just a name sake transfer.. you can transfer your family home.. she is your lone daughter’

Girl’s mom ‘I think I will call the PM to ask how all this will get curbed’

Boy’s mom gets annoyed

Boy’s mom ‘why you bring higher ups etc for this.. even I want to see him.. do call him for the marriage.. it should then by logic be in five star hotel right?’

Girl’s mom is by now irritated

Girl’s mom by now is irritated

Girl’s mom ‘am actually going to gift her a cash less startup and you wish to take it.. take’

Boy’s mom ‘only fintech startups.. one with payment gateway interface and all that’

Girl’s mom ‘do you really feel this is what was our PM dream’

Boy’s mom ‘please tell me.. what you plan to do for marriage’

Girl ‘nothing.. am canceling the event’

Boy ‘enough is enough.. we both will run away and get married’

Boy’s mom ‘do not dare to take any credit/debit card, cash wallets / gold wallets whatsoever.. ‘

Boy ‘Mom it is cash less society.. can we at least take our heart and mind with us’

Boy’s mom ‘go to hell.. let me see how you can run your family with those measly credit card / debit card which banks give on your  low BPO CTC’

Boy ‘are you kidding.. am jobless for past 3 months.. living off your credit card’

Mom ‘what…?’

Girl’s mom and girl both disappear away from scene.




Defeat of 500 and 1000

A new wave set in…  In west, everyone a few section assumed it is trump of few and defeat of many..

In India too as similar situation came in … and at night 10m in Whatsapp

Rob ‘Shambu… Trump wins.. am jobless for so many days.. I think something positive will happen’

Shambu  ‘Rob. I have always told you.. complete your graduation and it helps you get more opportunities.  Even in India we keep taking of skilled labor, empowerment, startup India and so on.. but then who invests in college dropouts’

Rob ‘but I think something positive may happen.. let us be optimistic’

Shambu ‘I was in a village, when this news hit of 500 and 1000 currency ban.. and at same day there was a marriage… The girl’s father was perplexed.. his hard earn money of Rs50000.. He was supposed to give dowry to the boy’s family.. and now.. they refused to accept 500 and 1000 notes..  The priest too.. all were only used to cash system.. no PAN card.. nothing..  The boy’s family has decided to treat it as payable loan and marriage did happen’

Rob ‘Interesting’

Shambu ‘A country with > 60% rural folks.. some who do not also know to speak English.. ‘

Rob ‘Shambu… what will happen to those 500 and 1000 notes stacked somewhere’

Shambú’gone … it is invalid’

Rob ‘Am wondering what will happen if similar ban imposed in US for US$1000 notes’

Shambu begins laughing

Shambu ‘we can talk anything.. but we are depended on exports.. and now a new stupid message is being sent..  use local whatsapp’

Rob begins laughing

Rob ‘where that message is being sent’

Shambu ‘whatsapp only’

Rob ‘the globe is out for cultural shift… we need to think of a great idea’

Shambu ‘what can it be?’

Rob ‘Do’s and Dont’s’

Shambu ‘what it can be?’

Rob ‘Each individual can update their own moral view on Do’s and Don’ts”

Shambu ‘Excellent’

Rob ‘we can then do any analysis on various aspects of individual moral / social /professional behavior trend and can evolve Ethic cookbook ‘

Shambu ‘cool.. one of its kind.. let’s do it’

Rob ‘The cook book name

‘Victory of People’





Marriage with Many?

Marriage with 1
Relation with Many..
Hurts 1
Confuses Many

Marriage with 2
Relation with 2
Spaces Many

Marriage with 4
Relation with none
Hurts 1 who marries 4

Moral of the story
More you are eager to marry more
you are loosing part of you all the more
and one day you will loose your mind and heart both

So decide if you wish to be one of harassed husband or wife
in a circus of multiple genders vying attention of only one…

As John wakes up, he realizes he has already made up a mind to be single or if not single, be devoted to only 1 as he feels handling l is enough.. .. I guess he feels he can love many.. but from distance.. but handling 1 is only safe from near.

So dear Entrepreneur.. understand dynamics of entrepreneurship very well.. you are getting into multiple marriages. but be a hard negotiator to choose your spouse.. and if you do not have that privilege too.. you are heading for a disaster..

jump to conclusions

Anand is a great business man but with a weakness.. he tends to jump to conclusions..

At home his wife Sheryl is harassed soul.. She got married to him in US and never knew that she would get entangled with a suspicious,  conservative partner..

Sheryl ‘enough is seem to feel.. I sleep around with my boss or anyone around’

Anand ‘I suggest you work for me.. why a different company’

Sheryl ‘why not a different company? . I need space’

Anand ‘I have never objected your late work hours.. but still I feel you have stopped loving me.. Are you having an affair?’

Sheryl ‘I knew nagging wives out there.. never knew nagging husband’s too’

Anand ‘I know it is a cultural shift.. but I regret’

Sheryl ‘leave me.. separate out.. divorce me’

Anand ‘so that you can sue me’

Sheryl ‘there you are.. again jumping to conclusion.. I pity your staff..  how they tolerate you.. your parents..  your sisters.. your friends…’

Anand ‘they love me.. am loyal… devoted to you and them’

Sheryl bursts to laughing..

Sheryl ‘did you ask them.? again jumped to conclusions.. do you know Tom in your group.. he is the one who builds your business.. take care of him’

Anand ‘Now I get it.. why you wish Tom to grow.. so that both of you can..’

Sheryl ‘I pity what you wish.. am separating out’

Anand ‘you will need to sign a legal agreement.. that you will not sue me’

Sheryl ‘that is your punishment.. keep guessing..

Sheryl slams the door and moves to a different room and calls her friend Nancy

Sheryl ‘good ridden of bad rubbish.. want to start over again’

Anand calls his friend Neeraj

Anand ‘I regret…I should have listened to my mom and got married in India’

Neeraj ‘you are stupid.. India is incredible..  Sometimes few create bad image of our country and it sets a problem for others…’

Anand ‘yes.. I know you wish to marry a US citizen to get citizen sponsorship’

Neeraj ‘you need a break.. you have gone psycho.. Next you will tell am going to marry Sheryl’

Anand ‘Dare you marry her..’

Neeraj shuts phone down

Neeraj ‘all are not like him..  I hope all suspicious lovers understand what they loose.. something beautiful.. a relation carefully built.. all lost in just few days or months’