my best friend

my best friend.. my lappy

i keep pressing its keys left right and center

sometimes up, sometimes down

at blogs or in linked in or in face book

it keeps being used only with few breaks

much as i wished to understand someone replace it

I feel, the whole world is there just on key press

when everything is available so easily in my lappy

and then my smart phone, what I then need still

Dear all, my best friends are ones who understand me and my lappy and who still care for me always… what I wish is just meet them in person too, feeding them.. and if nothing else , offer tea

we as human need to protect ourselves from lappy/smart phone/media addictions



A dark tunnel

A dark tunnel is one where in you get into the same knowingly or unknowingly, trying to figure out when will the tunnel end. If you choose to go backward,  you are stuck to the same old environment and if you go ahead, you will make mistakes, have accidents and you will try to seek help of other individuals who too are in same path trying to figure out the light which is supposed to eventually emerge.

To your surprise, when you come to light, you will not feel so comfortable holding hands of the ones whom you comfortably held hand with, when in tunnel and then slowly and surely, you begin avoiding them, leaving them to their own destiny and move on..

If you chose to hold hands of the same folks, chances are that they are your friends for life or somewhere they have stuck your heart..

and what about others? no harm still being compassionate with them, you did seek support at some point of time from them.


Departed Expressions

Life is such that when someone departs away from you far away,

you realize that some interactions could have happened all along

as life did give you chance to interact..

Love is such, how much ever you ignore… you are connected

Ego is such.. how much ever you try.. it keep’s increasing

The walls of silence, which a couple brings in.. all of sudden.. all along

Life is such that when some departs, just a drop of tear or a sudden pause

Is life so bad, that an ego can make a relation come to stand still…

Wake up tomorrow, reach out to your dear one..

As life is such.. that you still have an opportunity to begin interaction

else what..

Departed Expressions just a smile.. I was always there dear for you..

you didn’t feel I was there for you.. so it is your problem.. not mine..

(A message to all the lovers, couples, friends, neighbors, citizens.. just begin mingling with ones whom you nurture grouse with.. as may be life will give you pleasent surprise too)


fearing fear

Simple was a cute looking girl who has small fears of life..

Every morning she would feel restless thinking of why a school is needed in first place.. why there cannot be an alternative.

Her mom Mary feels most of drug victims, ADHD folks would be in those alternative schools so encourages Simple to be in the same school..

Suppressed, dejected.. she is now in same class for past 3 years..

Simple ‘Madam..I really do not like this atmosphere… ‘

Madam Louisa ‘dear Simple.. not sure why you got so frightened. I fear you will again get fear for something else..  ‘

Simple returns back home..

No one from family talking to her..

Simple is looking at a TV show… where a  dear is shown getting scared of lion and as it runs for safety… the lion attacks the dear..

Simple has tears in her eyes

Simple ‘this could happen to me too.. the class headmistress may just hit back.. ‘

Her father Donald is worried however he does not give up…

Donald ‘dear Simple.. a startup for you.. is it possible for you to train disabled kids on games every day’

Simple gets happy…

Donald ‘no studies.. only play games and teach games.. you need to be quick learner’

Simple is joyful…

Simple begins practicing online, outdoor and inhouse games..

soon there are around 10 students who have enrolled in Simple Game and Motion Studies.

Simple is very happy.. she is earning around 100US$ every month..

After 2 months..

Donald ‘simple.. you will need to learn accounts to manage money’

Simple begins learning Quickbook

Donald ‘great… just my lovable daughter’

Simple is now good in entering figures..

Donald ‘I do not know why you use computer for addition/ subtraction/multiplication/division.. suggest you to learn a 3 week basic Arithmetic session’

Simple remembers her primary school days

Simple ‘Dad I did know it..but forgot.. ok willing to learn’

Donald ‘please create a multiplication quiz game ok for a group of 20 students’

Simple ‘wow great’

Simple introduces some dance/drama and organizes the show herself..

Donald ‘Simple 100 students.. all willing to pay 20$ for the event.. how much is the expense’

Simple ‘1000..’

Donald ‘wow 1000 profit’

Simple ‘Daddy, can we give 500 as price’

Donald ‘óf course dear’

Simple’s school friends visit the event

One of her friend Anne

Anne ‘please begin learning in school’

Simple smiles ‘I do not mind sponsoring ones who wish to study.. 500 for the needy students from my side’

Donald has drop of tears.. he doesn’t know whether he did right or wrong.. his only objective was to remove fear from his kid for education’



Monkey Love Story

Falling in love is easy.

Staying in love difficult

Separating from Love most difficult

So a monkey who loved a girl, decided to become only a true friend as love remained same.. No questions of separation and no heat breaks as the monkey would be part and parcel of that girl in each wake of life…

So whenever she formed a new relation, the monkey greeted them with smile and warmth.

One day the monkey turned human.. and his heart began to beat for the girl…

The girl was in 2 minds.. how she expresses this new twist to her existing beloved..

She pleaded with monkey to only be friends…

The monkey had tears in his eyes and chose to again become a monkey.

The girl was very happy as she had the monkey again in her life

The monkey wondered.. does love really lead to heart breaks.. and he realized it indeed does.. so again he smiles and began laughing and hugged the girl with ease..

She too responded with a big kiss on his lips and her boy friend was smiling and clapping and even clicked a photo..

The monkey winked at the camera and the boy friend again clicked the camera..

the monkey wished to say ‘boy.. I am in her heart.. you are just physically with her’


Fragile Mind

Louis ‘even after being in college for so many years.. I get confused at times in class.. teaching to bunch of intelligent students’

Mark ‘class preparation most important for teaching’

Louis ‘why do we tend to get confused?’

Mark ‘as a psychology teacher.. I can inform you..  what we wish in our mind and heart.. we only follow that..  no mater who pursues you in your decision making process.. it is your mind and heart which took decision.. so do not hold some one else responsible for your mistakes’

Louis ‘you are getting serious Mark.. agreed we split 2 years back.. but it was because you were confused with life’

Mark ‘do you know the embarrassment of calling it quits in same college.. bunch of common group friends… ..  you just walked away because you felt I was seeing Julie.. the teacher who left college way back’

Louis ‘enough.. next session class begins.. am going to class

After Louis goes..

Mark murmurs ‘is there any solution for a person who has fragile mind ?’

Lord Buddha is smiling peacefully.. in one of beautiful frame..

Louis returns back from her session

Louis ‘let us both do meditation.. I guess that is the only solution’

Mark ‘you are mad.. hence I split from you’

Louis ‘you are weird.. hence I split from you’

Both are meditating awaiting some strength to their fragile mind.