Sam meets Sam

Sam ‘am your internal truth’
Sam2 ‘an external truth’
Sam ‘what is that?’
Sam2 ‘am the body’
Sam ‘am the soul’
Sam2 ‘why are we talking now in this blog’
Sam ‘some fools are making AI tools for getting companion and so on’
Sam2 ‘is it so?’
Sam ‘so am practicing blogging too’
Sam2 burst laughing
Sam ‘humans want to make each part of body replacable so why not soul’
Sam2 ‘cool idea… we are going overboard with everything.. hope we don’t have soul replacing strategies too coming in’
Sam ‘am amused with all this.. surely they are gone mad.. to replace humans with machines… ‘


It is just a matter of few days from now, it would complete 5 years.
The focus of this blog has been to provide entrepreneurship life cycle insights through stories, poems and thoughts. The blog is cent percent original and unique as till date no one has ever experimented narrating stories through entrepreneurship theories.

Am moving ahead with more improvements in narration and most importantly am focusing on active research on 28 process areas spread across 7 Dimensions of PASSION FRAMEWORK


Over 50 top CEOs and individuals from premier institutes have seconded to contribute to the research.

failed ventures

failed ventures are ones which has issues around cash flows, entrepreneur, conflicts and multiple reasons could exist for same.

Donald has a penchant to take over failed ventures and turn it around…  he has his latest call for all failed ventures..

Amy ”this is serious disruptive.. from where you got this idea”

Donald ”PASSION FRAMEWORK… one of its research is on not why ventures fail but to understand what it will take to bring it to success”

Amy ”cool”

Donald ”i had experienced huge failure in life.. almost bankrupt but with few of my sites.. with no taker.. and then in 2015.. i saw this blog PASSION FRAMEWORK.. and got into retrospect and felt from the multiple sites i created.. somewhere or other it failed due to either PROBING or INNOVATING or SCOPING or SETTING or OWNING or NURTURING or ACTING dimensions..

Now what it taught me is to identify a fresh face to the grave yard duck (the site built) and bring a fresh operational perspective.. and soon one of my site started gaining traffic”

Amy ”so what next?”

Donald ”just spreading this messsage to all.. that failed ventures with fresh perspective can also make a turnaround”


Viral.. is infectious..

Induced virals may never give a true picture.. A sudden number of likes and then dislikes.. and a large troll..

The more you go viral.. the more your popularity exists…

“I never care a damn because whatsoever I say will go viral”  this statement will really shake the world.. if it comes from a superstar. however if it comes from a house wife, there will be a butt of jokes coming in soon.

now same thing repeat

“I never care a damn because he is my husband.. as whatsoever I do.. he will be disagree”

A troll again

“I never care a damn.. He is my husband and whatsoever I do.. he knows it”

Cool a positive troll

Why is the world getting so opiniated and awaiting tweets, retweets and every other piece of information to be directed, linked or moved ahead..

The reason is an old story

A person asked how to spread a news in village…

The philosopher said

Catch hold of the most talkative person who just cannot keep secrets and inform him.. do it with 5 and see the miracle of replications..

The hunt is on for the talkative, most active productive social media campaigner who can spread blog content as viral…

Is this a job requirement? Not by me… but surely we need to create such folks and big business opportunity exists ..

What about a new startup here????????


Search Engine

Search Engine for fuel

Search Engine for energy

Search Engine for movement

Search Engine for its reliability to give you assured results.

Human brain is such that if they research over something, it is already existing

If human imitates, they are labeled copy cat

If human innovates and no one is aware of its value, they are called mad

If others appreciate you, thunderous applause comes all of sudden

Mad person becomes sane person and if these applauses go viral

A mad person can become celebrity too and at times worshipped too

Search engine optimization can make anyone a celebrity

so what if the sane person who was labeled mad initially and got applauded later actually is caught in this web madness of twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr and next what..?

god knows some blog too

didn’t it mention search engine.. (engine is our brain and we are trying to search something there.. our identify.. our existence and so what if till then people call us MAD

MAD = My Adorable Darling too


Startup Nation

A nation vibrating with enthusiastic investors, enthusiastic startups and over enthusiastic government policy decision makers with an equally vibrant set of advisors and mentors willing to push themselves to the nation..

Comes a question from an entrepreneur

‘will I get debt or equity?’

Pat comes an answer ‘low interest rate debt…’

Entrepreneur ‘Am only seeking equity partnering’

Pat comes a question ‘How much?’

Entrepreneur ‘can dilute 10 to 20% for 1M$ funding’

Pat comes a question ‘how have your done this valuation of your company which is just 9 months old’

Entrepreneur ‘check on my traction.. won best innovation award.. got recommend by best of companies.. also the traffic to our site.. and many things’

Pat comes a question ‘where is the revenue?’

Entrepreneur ‘it will… we are getting multiple offers from investors.. please confirm if you are interested else let us not waste each other’s time’

Pat comes an answer ‘we are not looking for innovation, disruptive ventures.. we are looking for some proven business model.. like say ‘

Entrepreneur ‘this is the problem of this nation.. only imitations.. folks love.. anything innovative lies in some research lab waiting for market..’

Pat comes an answer ‘ROI most important’

Entrepreneur ‘and do you know bankers.. they never take risk at all.. hence government too needs to give guarantee to them for such investments to startups’

Pat comes an answer ‘passion needed by entrepreneur’

Entrepreneur ‘passion.. it is a big joke.. passion without fund sounds good in blog only.. passion with funds sounds good for creating startup eco system’

Pat comes an answer ‘passion without funds.. there is a proof.. 25 years of genuine focus on passion.. started as a story when passion word was correlated to some dating sites and then passion became a concept to groom freshers, then entrepreneurs.. rejected by World Bank to be an unrealistic proposition to aggregate incubators, accelerators, startups, entrepreneurs and developers and then it got into stagnation..

Ahead of times.. MADE in INDIA.. till 2006 happened.. suddenly Incubation Concept and Accelerator eco system mushroomed over a period of time.. As usual Nation imitated developed Nations till even the Nation Leader woke up to build Startup Nation Policy..

PASSION as brand, PASSION as news letter..  Did all till it became a PhD framework.. PASSION FRAMEWORK and now a blog… and much earlier a brand also put in a vehicle..

PASSION is not about just being involved in a venture.. it is about the pain and learnings which comes out of the experience similar to PASSION of Jesus Christ.. and interestingly when PASSION got probed.. it was found that is a fable a popular one way back multiple centuries ago.

So dear viewers PASSION has a history.. a strong history of entrepreneurship experience and I chose to focus on writing blogs in story and poem or entertaining format.. only to facilitate and cover all dimensions of entrepreneurship life cycle.

Of Late, the blogs are of a bit serious nature.. but then behind every happiness, there is a story and behind every mission, there is a purpose and behind every vision, there is a dream and such dreams never come regularly.. just once in a while’

So all investors in Startup Nation need to realize that disruptive innovation is not necessarily technology driven, it can be management driven too.. but where are the takers for investing or believing in such initiatives?

This is also a real story.. not a fiction..