Sarah wakes up one fine day to find her old house getting demolished.. This is one of most shocking bitter experiences of her life.. Staying for over 50 years and now this news

The albums, the photos, the old memories.. all being wiped out in just few days from now..

Sarah ‘life is such that it can crumble any time’

Moses ‘Sarah.. you strived for that entire community… revamped it… and then what you finally got’

Sarah ‘I only hope they keep a small little space for my memories there’

Moses ‘Sarah.. what happened to your kids.. why they didn’t keep you?’

Sarah ‘they did.. but I was hope and against hope pining for being in same property life long’

Moses ‘always realize that in our life we carry so many bagages of past.. and load ourselves with too much.. just demolish them and you are again reborn to pursue whatsoever again’

Sarah ‘this is what I guide in my entrepreneurship classes but never can do it for self.. alas.. let me try though’


Gangster Entrepreneur

Charming Chilly meets Deadly Silly at a pub….and instantly take liking for each other..

Deadly Silly ‘Am a gangster’

Charming Chilly ‘Am an entrepreneur’

Silly ‘what is that?’

Chilly ‘one who starts own business and evolves a business model over period of time and creates employment opportunities’

Silly ‘I too do it.. Need over 20 team leads, 5 validation experts and 4 researchers’

Chilly is silent

Silly ‘can we dance?’

Both Chilly and Silly are dancing…

Silly ‘what is your business?’

Chilly ‘am evolving one.. trying to raise funds.. It is for a social cause to teach humans humanity’

Silly begins laughing

Silly ‘no one will fund you’

Chilly ‘why you feel so?’

Silly ‘who will get returns out of that’

Chilly ‘ethics is important in any business. you are a gangster but you need ethical team leads’

Silly ‘yes’

Chilly ‘so my focus is on ethic management’

Silly ‘train my gang of 200 spread out in US, UK, Dubai and Russia.. I pay you 1000$ for each resource’

Chilly looks surprised…

Chilly ‘why this generosity’

Silly ‘i am attracted to you.. so now…’

Chilly ‘dear silly.. you are too fast.. to teach ethical management too some boundaries need to be defined’

Silly ‘this is our problem.. when we give opportunity to civilians to groom us, educate us, think of our kids no one does and then if my kid in future will be a gangster then community cribs’

Chilly is silent

Silly ‘Chilly will you marry me?’

Till then Chilly walks away from Pub

at home she pens a thought

“Is love a 2 minute instant food or a long term event?  Why did I get attracted to him too and even knowing he is a gangster, continued to dance with him’

Pat comes a thought

“He was open about his status. Never hid that fact from you’

Chilly smiles and looks at mirror and sleeps


James has been a highly successful detective and his agency too is doing well.. At a conference, he is questioned about his success secret

James ‘Am successful as I resolved many tricky cases and even survived various attacks’

James ‘Am successful because I have success stories.. but do you know I am a failure’

Conference Compere Liu ‘Can you tell us about your failure stories’

James ‘Am not married. Have 10 broken relation in span of 15 years.. Am considered arrogant, egoistic and tantrum maker in my girl friends talk.. None liked me for my personal reasons.. All loved me for my profession’

All are silent..

Liu ‘So how you plan to overcome such perceptions?’

James ‘I guess am a workaholic and this is a bad habit.. Just want to change that’

Liu ‘You need a break.. Sir.. all of us love you for contribution to the society’

James smiles and accepts the award through rousing claps

At night

James writes a saying

‘We at times tend to forget our personal lives and begin fusing the professional life with personal.. We assume that professional life gives us huge growth but realize after some years that our contributors for it, our near and dear ones.. they are the one’s who contributed to that growth too through their love, care and affection.. Our perceptions of singular celebration can be moved to community celebration if we learn to award communities too some day. I just shot the only resource who was linked to under world, terrorists and high profile international ambassador Ron.. and reasons for it…

The team wanted to spread communal disharmony in various pockets of world..

Perception – Some say X is the only way of life and masses believe it’

James dozes of in chair…

What is in Name?

Norris is a brand builder who is of firm opinion that any name can become a brand through continuous advertisements.

His fiancé Nancy feels brand gets built slowly and surely through quality deliverables.. She names Mcdonald and Target as examples..

Norris ‘If I wish I can even make Norris a brand name’

Nancy ‘Do it then’

Norris ‘It needs to be tagged to a cause, a goal, a purpose’

Nancy ‘I agree hence I said you need to also provide quality and deliverable’

Norris and  Nancy meets an individual who is passionate about books.. The individual wants to launch a large library…

Both feel the Individual’s name would itself be a big hit..


Soon enough Reader pumps in huge amount in advertisement and coupled with community based library set up at strategic restaurants all over US.. It is huge hit..  Only US5 read any books.. Restaurant business shoot up. Typically senior citizens love this concept

Reader is now renowned for his innovative technique and gets awarded..

Nancy ‘I admit advertisement budget do help revive any brand. Creates maximum impact but I got surprised by Reader’s style of execution. ‘

Norris ‘I agree he is superb.. See how well he penetrated the market’


Roy was a freedom fighter who is in ripe old age.. His son Robert is a dean of college and Robert’s wife Jennifer is an entrepreneur. Robert’s daughter Melissa is learning architect and his son Andrew is a software engineer.

On Martin Luther King’s day Robert organizes a big bash. Back in India his friend Jawahar mentions that after a week India has Republic day…and he plans to organize a similar bash through Skye.

On Skype

Jawahar ‘I want to see Roy Uncle’

Robert ‘Sure’

Jawahar ‘I want to begin a sensitive topic for discussion.. and invite large community view point’

Roy ‘What is it about?’

Jawahar ‘Freedom’

Roy begins smiling proudly..

Roy ‘We fought for our country to get free’

Jawahar ‘Are you feeling we got freedom’

Roy ‘Yes for expression of speech however at individual levels we still remain caught in web of life’

Melissa ‘Grand pa.. i love my space.. I don’t like someone entering my space’

Andrew ‘For me freedom is liberty to work on any time zone, be flexible, have work from home routine and if nothing else we can become entrepreneur these days’

Jennifer ‘I want to free from shackles of materialism and move to path of spiritualism’

Robert ‘Freedom is a kingdom where King is replaced by Free and it means you can do anything and everything you like with no one questioning you.  Get to an unknown island and just freak out without getting worried about diseases, viruses, germs and eat what you like.. For 10 years Jennifer controls my diet ..  I hate it.. So what if i have high blood sugar’

Jawahar ‘Here in India, we still struggle to get free from each other.. We love to create more states.. More power struggles, More investments needed.. We also aspire to be free from debt..’

Roy ‘Dear all. We fought for a country and got classified as freedom fighters and I see all of my young family members struggle too. to be free from some or other shackles.. but at individual level.. so all of us are freedom fighters

Melissa begins laughing..

All begin laughing..

Robert ‘Hence my pop am proud of you.. You fought to save lives of a large community. We fight to save life of our own self’

Roy ‘Life remains same.. Only perception of freedom fighter has changed with time’


Successful vs Non Successful Personality Traits


Confidence oozing out

A brash of arrogance

A thirst for more

In demand always

Noticeable Communicator


Moving backward always

Unsure as always

A pain in eyes

In frustration always

Noticeable Cribber

Why do unsuccessful people crib?

Because Life never gives them what they wished..  There are instances where highly talented individuals never get their god father or mother and keep waiting for a turn around but no one to hear out.. Even in work shops or seminars the good communicators get attention and the weak ones are struggling to catch attention

Importance of Communication plays a vital role in personality traits hence you and me need to keep improving our blogging capabilities all the more..   Should I say it for self? I am sure all here.. as our community wants us to be expressive, communicative and we need to act.. Action plays an important role.. It is critical element of PASSION FRAMEWORK..  It includes Social Responsibility, Delivery and Support.

If we fail to act… All ideas will only be story.. and may be narrated in Pitch Sessions but of no use, if it cannot be implemented..

Successful personalities can translate idea to execution.. That is where their success lies.

Loving Loveable Lora

Lora is a sweet girl who is caring, affectionate but crippled by polio. Her motto in life is to ensure all new born kids don’t become a polio victim..

One day as she is browsing through a social site, she begins a casual interaction with Ronrow from Russia

Ronrow ‘What is your age?’

Lora ’20’

Ronrow ‘You look very beautiful’

Lora ‘Thanks.. Wish someone loved me’

Ronrow looks surprised

Lora ‘What is your age?’

Ronrow ’34.. Am married..’

Lora ‘:(‘

Ronrwo ‘Why you look sad’

Lora ‘Am crippled.. ‘

Ronrow ‘Oh I see.. how?’

Lora ‘Polio.. I wish to do something for this community and ensure kids are vaccinated in time

2 months latter

Ronrow ‘Want to show you an apps’

Lora ‘Which?’

Ronrow through Skype shows a demo of  an application which tracks birth of kid through linking hospitals and may be any one can register a new born.. and it shows baby care functions, vaccination schedule and it can send reminders to parent about due date.. and you can log baby health statistic and monitor it compared to WHO standards.

Lora is shocked and surprised..

Lora ‘What?’

Ronrow ‘Gift to Loving Loveable Lora..  you will be the founder of this company and I will support you’

Lora ‘Who are you?’

Ronrow ‘Am just a technology geek so thought of contributing to society.. You know am married so may be I can give you platonic love.. ‘

Lora ‘I understand.. Thanks for all the support’